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March 2014




Personal skin

     Cannonwalker is the first and only Minecraft account of Nults McKagan, who began playing in March 2014 during Minecraft 1.7.5. He's frequented many servers, the most prominent of which was the Civcraft 2.0 server, although the server was taken down sometime in mid-late January in preparation for Civcraft: Worlds.


Cannonwalker's current skin is a caucasian man with black hair in a blue mask. He wears a white shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Underneath the blue mask is a mask that is half wither skeleton and half normal skeleton.

Most of the older skins he's used for the duration of his play-time are edited versions of his first skin, which is intended to represent his character in the former Disney MMO "Pirates of the Caribbean Online."



The first server Cannonwalker played on was a place named GabeWorld. GabeWorld was ruled by a man known as OMG_GABRIEL (although his friends referred to him as "Hooky"), along with his personally-selected administrators to see over the lands when he couldn't. Cannonwalker met many new people when he arrived: BaronVonShush, Rocket_93, Captain_Naughty, DAVESDAVY, AwesomeA321, AlReyesSpark, Funnyguy651 and Dirty_Mallace. He felt content in GabeWorld and decided to begin construction on a ship.

Cannonwalker immediately gathered wood around a coastal area in order to begin construction on a ship. One of Gabe's administrators, known as "Kazuma," saw that Cannonwalker was struggling to construct the ship entirely by himself. Kazuma decided to lend Cannonwalker a helping hand, which allowed for the ship to be completed in much less time. Cannonwalker then went on and christened his new vessel "The Black Warrior."

Coincidentally, Cannonwalker's ship was built off of the coast of a small town. This town was inhabited by Rocket_93, BaronVonShush, Captain_Naughty, and Squirto19. After showing interest in joining the town, Cannonwalker was admitted and given the job of dock watcher. Rocket_93 explained that the town worked on a parliamentary system in which the meetings took place in a particular room built on the second level of the town. All bills would be submitted into a chest located in the room and all proposals would be discussed as quickly as possible. One of said proposals ended up naming the town "Savica."

As Cannonwalker became more involved with Savica, he began forming a bond with BaronVonShush. BaronVonShush, much to the knowledge of Cannonwalker and everybody else, was one of the richest men in GabeWorld. Cannonwalker was curious as to why this was, so Baron showed him his secret; a nether wart farm located in the Nether. Baron said that nether warts were very valuable and that one could make a lot of money harvesting and selling them.

Cannonwalker showed interest in starting a nether wart farm of his own. Following Baron's advice, Cannonwalker placed soul sand in the hull of his ship. Baron supplied Cannonwalker with a few nether warts to begin his farm which eventually evolved into a large operation, gaining about sixteen stacks (0r $300,000) per harvest. By the time GabeWorld was destroyed, Cannonwalker had nearly $3,000,000 from the nether wart business.

One night on GabeWorld, Cannonwalker and AwesomeA321 were feeling particularly bored. Cannonwalker decided to change his skin to a skin of Marshal Bowdrie, one of the two Bowdrie Brothers, that he had found earlier that day. Awesome, knowing what the skin was of, decided to change his skin to a skin of Chip Bowdrie. The two would spend the rest of the night roleplaying as Chip and Marshal.

Partway through the roleplaying, Cannonwalker and Awesome decided that they should build a home of some kind and perhaps continue the roleplaying at some other time. The building was originally intended to be a small house, but slowly changed. Although the two never roleplayed as Chip and Marshal again for extended periods of time, the tower remained and was added to every so often. By the end of GabeWorld's lifetime, the tower soared just above the clouds and was still under construction.

After Cannonwalker had settled with the nether wart business and his position in Savica, he decided that it may be an interesting enterprise to try and see how far he could get in dominating GabeWorld's economy (knowing full well that he couldn't even get close). Cannonwalker teamed up with his friend, AwesomeA321, to form "Team Piston." Their sea headquarters was the Black Warrior (more specifically, the captain's quarters). However they would later build a land headquarters underneath Savica (actually powered by pistons, unlike the ship), much to the ignorance of Rocket_93. BaronVonShush and Captain_Naughty would also eventually join Team Piston. In the end, however, Team Piston would never realize their goal of economic domination due to the properties of GabeWorld economics.

Due to issues out of his control, Cannonwalker was forced away from GabeWorld for about ten days. When he returned, he was informed by his friends that GabeWorld had been shut down. This began Cannonwalker's quest for a new server.

During the afternoon of September 27, Cannonwalker logged onto the newly-revived GabeWorld. This wasn't the first time he had, as he had known about the server before, but he decided it was time to begin the construction of the server's first society. He went out into the wilderness, getting any goods he could all while trying to find a good area to set up this society. Eventually, he found an area on the border of forest/swamp biomes and build a temporary house.

After a long period of inactivity on GabeWorld II, Cannonwalker discovered in early October that the server had closed down once more.


After the destruction of GabeWorld, Cannonwalker and his friends were faced with the challenge of finding a new home. Cannonwalker searched for many days, trying to find a new server, until he stumbled across a vanilla survival server. This place was called "Minedlands." Cannonwalker, Captain_Naughty, Rocket_93 and Squirto19 all went out into the forest biome together from Minedlands' spawn point.

After searching for an uninhabited area for about a day, Cannonwalker and Naughty came across a small abandoned room built into the side of a mountain right next to the ocean. With AwesomeA321, who tagged along sometime after, and Squirto19 by their side, they temporarily settled into this place. However, when they had gathered enough supplies to continue the journey across the ocean the group went on their way. 

The group decided to split up while traversing the ocean and notify each other of any interesting land plots they could settle on. Cannonwalker ended up finding a small archipellago of three islands, on which the group settled. Baron, Rocket, and The_Goldtimbers joined the group shortly afterwards, helping them connect the archipellago with dirt in order to make one large island. However, after the group began constructing on the island Cannonwalker decided he no longer wanted to be a part of the project.

One night while Cannonwalker was still a part of the Island, he killed a zombie trying to invade from the water and received a pair of golden armor pants from it. Cannonwalker decided that when he migrated elsewhere, the golden pants would be revered in this new home as a symbol (of what, nobody else knows). AwesomeA321 showed interest in joining Cannonwalker, which is how The Brotherhood of the Golden Pants was originally formed.

Cannonwalker sailed away from the island until eventually he found a very small island. He burrowed down below the surface and began making an area for his society underneath the island, then covering the island itself with trees. Eventually Captain_Naughty joined up with Awesome and Cannonwalker in their Brotherhood society, which resulted in the discovery of an abandoned mineshaft directly below the area and general success for the Brotherhood.

Some time after Cannonwalker's initial migration away from the Island, Captain_Naughty himself migrated away to make a new settlement (although he always kept a home point on the Island). Naughty told Cannonwalker of his intentions to make a Nordic-themed village far from the Island. After completing the first building, Naughty invited Cannonwalker to come see his progress. Cannonwalker travelled for a long time by sea until eventually he reached the area; an elevated grass area surrounded by mountains, taiga, and woodlands. Naughty and Cannonwalker decided to call the village "Windforth," and continued on its construction.

On the evening of June 30, sometime after the destruction of the Templars on Elitecraft, Cannonwalker returned to Minedlands, bringing with him BaronVonShush and Ned_Edgewalker. He found that the Brotherhood of the Golden Pants base was in as good of condition as ever and invited Baron and Ned to become members of the Brotherhood. Cannonwalker then began harvesting the overgrown trees on the island for wood and replanting. Baron arrived to the island in relatively short time, while Ned took until the next day to find his way there.

A day or so after re-arriving, Cannonwalker and Baron went to the mainland not far from the island in search of coal. The two mined many stacks of coal, while Cannonwalker also collected flowers to put around the outside of the base. Additionally, Baron said the Brotherhood should begin farming sugar cane, so he planted sugar cane around the outside edges of the island. Later on, Baron farmed in the jungle for jungle tree saplings. Cannonwalker and Baron made an artifical island not far from the original to house a jungle wood farm, this way they could plant cocoa beans to make cookies. However, activity in the Brotherhood's base began to drop and Cannonwalker eventually stopped coming on.


While still showing interest in Minedlands, Cannonwalker was informed that a server called "Elitecraft" where a faction named the Templars existed. Cannonwalker, at first content with his life in Minedlands, decided to join after Minedlands had lost his favor.

Once Cannonwalker got there, he first noticed that many of his friends from GabeWorld and Minedlands were also members: Captain_Naughty, Dirty_Mallace, The_Goldtimbers, AwesomeA321, BaronVonShush, and DAVESDAVY (and AlReyesSpark later on). Cannonwalker also saw a face he hadn't seen before: ViceroyRobert. The group was welcoming upon his arrival and, since they had an abundance of supplies, provided him with diamond armor and a diamond sword.

Cannonwalker was witness to many aspects of the Templars that made them possibly the strongest faction in Elitecraft. Their extremely tall tower made it difficult for enemies to get in and their experienced members made the Templars a feared foe in combat. The Templars constantly raided enemy factions' land and stole their possessions. By June 12, the amount of Elitecraft factions the Templars had raided stood at six: Rackcity, Renegade, Homies, NFL, DeathWolf, and SteelWing. However, there was a foe in Elitecraft that stood as a challenge for the Templars.

On June 12, an Elitecraft faction known only as "Entendre" built a TNT cannon outside of the Templars Tower. Cannonwalker was told that Entendre had done something like this before, but the damage wasn't too bad. Legenzeryfuries, a member of Entendre, led the charge. At first the Templars didn't think Entendre's attack was anything that couldn't be fixed, but their minds were quickly changed.

Entendre began bombarding the Templars Tower with their TNT cannons, and this time they were actually able to infiltrate the tower. ViceroyRobert began gathering up the supplies in the base, saying that Entendre had set homepoints inside of the base and that there was no way to fix their problem. However, Captain_Naughty was determined to stay in the base; Cannonwalker supported Naughty's position. DAVESDAVY stated that he would stay in the tower as long as he could, but he wanted to move supplies elsewhere. 

After over an hour, the Templars were getting weary. They constantly had to plug up holes in the tower walls from the TNT cannon, each one putting them in jeopardy of being breached. However, one particular hole happened to slip their attention for a few second, which was enough time for Legenzeryfuries to slip into the base. Legenzeryfuries ran around in the base attacking all of the people on the floor. One of the Templars with an invisibility potion and a diamond sword, combined with the efforts of Cannonwalker and the other Templars, made Legen exit through the hole he entered and swim away.

As the tides started to turn and the Templars seemed to be getting the upper hand over the invaders, Elitecraft had to shut down for maintenace due to issues with the system. However, when it came back to "working order" the factions system was broken. Cannonwalker and the other Templars couldn't open the chests in their base or even edit the terrain, causing them to have to search for other places to play on.

On the eve of June 14, Captain_Naughty notified Cannonwalker and the other Templars that Elitecraft's faction issues had been resolved; the Templars were free to resume building. Due to the leaders of factions needing to be re-assigned, Captain_Naughty re-assumed control over the Templars from ViceroyRobert. Naughty, BaronVonShush, and Cannonwalker got onto Elitecraft and began working to make the base invasion-proof; this way, Entendre and any other faction couldn't get in like they had on the 12th.

Naughty and Baron put a roof on the base and covered the tower with water. ViceroyRobert built a small obsidian bunker on top of the tower that could be exited but not entered. Cannonwalker and the others set homes in the obsidian bunker, which was then also covered in water. Cannonwalker worked on patching the holes Entendre had put in their base and was later assisted by Naughty. By the morning of June 15, the base was in better shape than ever before. As of now the Templars are digging down to bedrock to fortify the tower from underground as well; this way enemy factions, such as Entendre, can't get up through the bottom.

On the evening of June 17 (circa 7:30 PM) Cannonwalker, Dirty_Mallace, BaronVonShush and Funnyguy651 invaded the base of the Looters. The Looters was a newer faction with only two members: MicroWazzle and EZenner. Mallace originally discovered the base and called upon the Templars to help him dismantle it; Cannonwalker was the first to answer the call.

The four Templars started by repeatedly killing MicroWazzle and EZenner. Wazzle was scrambling to get all of the things in the base's chests out but the Templars proved to be too strong; Cannonwalker was able to get in one kill to each. After the base had been cleared of the two faction members Cannonwalker guarded their obsidian-covered chest room while Mallace went back to the Templars base to put things away. When Mallace returned, Cannonwalker went back to the base to do the same. The Looters then disbanded and reformed quickly, leaving the entirely base under no claim.

When Cannonwalker returned, Mallace ordered the group to begin mining in the chest room so they could take the obsidian back home. After a few minutes, when all of the obsidian was mined, Mallace ordered Baron, Cannonwalker and Funnyguy to take all of the torches from the wall as well; this way, if the Looters were to return they'd come back to a surprise fight with enemy mobs. As the group was taking down the torches, Mallace stood still in shock as he discovered a surprising twist; signs around a doorway saying "Entendre." This hinted at the probability of the Looters' base originally belonging to Entendre, which meant the Templars were getting closer to their revenge. Cannonalker went back to their base excited at this new discovery, knowing all the well that the Templars may soon be knocking at Entendre's front doors.

On June 18, Cannonwalker was in the Elitecraft server shop. He was looking at the prices of certain items when he came across a particular type of item; nether warts. He saw that nether warts sold for $50 for every 16 warts. He told Baron about this and suggested that the two revive their own nether wart harvesting business from GabeWorld; Baron was on board with the idea. Since the Templars tower already had an extensive nether wart farm, the two had no problem getting their start. Cannonwalker made about $6,000 on his first day and has since made over $40,000 more.

On June 22, the Templars raided the base of a faction named SLitThroat. One of the Templars' spies was sent into the SLitThroat faction, allowing them to set a home. The spy then allowed the Templars to silently teleport in. By the time Cannonwalker arrived the fighting had already begun. Dirty_Mallace, DAVESDAVY and ViceroyRobert had a SLitThroat member (seemingly the only one online) named MrCombatWaters trapped. Cannonwalker would allow Ned_Edgewalker and Funnyguy651 to teleport while the Templars repeatedly killed MrCombatWaters over and over again. Cannonwalker was able to get one kill in throughout the entire commotion while also getting himself trapped in one of SLitThroat's rooms, much like Ned_Edgewalker did as well.

On June 26, Cannonwalker and ViceroyRobert devised a plan to bomb DAVESDAVY's cabin. Davy left the Templars just a few days before, taking Templar items with him. Cannonwalker provided Robert with Obsidian and TNT and, as they were nearing time to blow up the cabin, Cannonwalker decided he didn't want to do it (at least not right then). Robert and Cannonwalker walled off the cabin with cobblestone and Cannonwalker logged off. However, this was all a part of Robert's plan.

When Cannonwalker got back on Captain_Naughty and Squirto19 told him that Davy blew up his cabin, obliterating the lower levels of the tower which required extensive repair. Naughty and Squirto also told him that they had stolen important materials and moved base, including obsidian to help construct a new base. Naughty filled in where the cabin used to be and the Templars began questioning what to do, conflicted with this issue.

On June 30, Funnyguy651 betrayed the Templars. He allowed ViceroyRobert to teleport into the base with TNT, blowing up large chunks of the base in the process and stealing/destroying all of the Templars' possessions. Cannonwalker, along with BaronVonShush and Ned_Edgewalker at first wanted to repair the base. The three, however, became disillusioned with Templar life. Cannonwalker decided to go back to his peaceful life in Minedlands, introducing Ned to the land as well.

The Creatures Server

On the evening of July 27, 2014, Cannonwalker and four other members of Elitecraft's Templars went to a server known as the "Creatures Server." These members were Dirty_Mallace, BaronVonShush, Ned_Edgewalker and ViceroyRobert. ViceroyRobert founded a faction known then as "TheWikians," although he soon changed it to "Catalysis." Robert then left to make his own ally sister faction known as "Reagent." He left Cannonwalker in charge of Catalysis.

Cannonwalker, Ned and Baron set out from spawn to find a place to set up. However, they almost immediately encountered another player's castle. The castle looked like it had been attacked by enemies, and they saw an opportunity to loot. They stole various crops, mushrooms, cobblestone, redstone, coal, and various other things from the place. They then pressed onwards.

Baron, Ned and Cannonwalker climbed up and crossed a wooden platform, which led them to a mountain. It was night time and they were beginning to get hungry, so Baron planted what little carrots they had left in a nearby pond and Cannonwalker began construction on a house. When morning was reached, Cannonwalker constructed a more permanent settlement. In the day to come, Rocket_93 would also join the faction.

In the afternoon of July 28, Rocket began hoarding the New Brood's supplies in a nearby ravine. When he got everything he wanted, he left the faction and fled. Cannonwalker and Baron attempted to chase him down, but to no avail. Cannonwalker, distraught that yet another faction he was in was weakened by a traitor, gave leadership of the faction to Ned_Edgewalker and left. However, Ned convinced Cannonwalker to return. Ned, Cannonwalker and Squirto19 then decided to rename the faction "POTCO," as "TheNewBrood" was only meant to be a temporary name. However, Cannonwalker would soon lose interest and leave.


On August 12, ViceroyRobert notified Cannonwalker of the existence of a server known as "2b2t." Robert claimed it to be the oldest known anarchy server in Minecraft. After various failed attempts at surviving on the server, Cannonwalker initially decided to give up. However, Robert captured an underground base and gave Cannonwalker the coordinates, making Cannonwalker decide to come back onto the server. By the early morning hours of August 13, Cannonwalker reached the underground base.

In the later afternoon of August 13, Robert told Cannonwalker that after such a short time, their underground base was no longer safe. They grabbed anything of value, killed all of the livestock and left. They traveled in hopes of meeting up with DAVESDAVY. After traveling thousands of blocks, Cannonwalker and Robert met up with Davy near a fortified community. The three tore apart the community's wheat farm and, while Robert and Davy used the community's Nether Portal and went into the Nether, Cannonwalker remained in the over world.

When Robert and Davy returned, it was starting to become dark. Cannonwalker built a temporary wooden base not far from the forted community to stay in, which Robert and Davy also used. By dawn, the base was surrounded with enemies. Cannonwalker fled, while Robert and Davy died. Robert was able to retrieve his things when he respawned, but the three were split up. Cannonwalker then continued his travels away from the temporary base, setting up another with only himself when the next night arrived. During the afternoon of August 14, Cannonwalker attempted to continue his journey. However, there were multiple Endermen very close outside of his wooden bunker, so he decided to stay put for the time being.

By the evening of August 15, Robert had arrived to get Cannonwalker so their journey could proceed. Robert tore down a hole in the bunker while Cannonwalker wasn't paying attention, and Cannonwalker was ambushed by a zombie and killed. Cannonwalker respawned in the center of the former wheat field back at the fortified community and took shelter in a nearby underground storage area, as dozens of burning zombies enclosed him. However, as things seemed hopeless, Robert returned and made the area safe again. The two then decided to stay in the forted community for the night. At daybreak, Cannonwalker began a mixed wheat and watermelon farm on the site where he and Rob previously destroyed a farm, and Rob made the stone fence around it taller to prevent enemy mobs from entering. Cannonwalker, however, would quickly lose interest and leave.

On July 17, 2015, nearly a year later, Cannonwalker decided he wanted to experience vanilla anarchy again, and logged back into 2b2t. Logging back in at the abandoned fort Rob and him had commandeered nearly a year prior, Cannonwalker planted what seeds he had, hoping to grow wheat and have enough bread to begin his journey since almost all of the food he had beforehand was gone. After growing about nine stacks worth of bread total, Cannonwalker ventured out to the nearby wilderness, only to be instantly blown up by a creeper. From here, he was sent back to spawn.

Luckily for Cannonwalker, ChadDX, a person he had met on another vanilla anarchy server, dropchested him some food, leather armor and other supplies on one of his road systems. Chad also gave him the coordinates to a carrot farm. Cannonwalker grabbed the supplies and went to the carrot farm, setting up a temporary dirt hut to farm the carrots from. In the early hours of July 20, after Cannonwalker had a sufficient amount of carrots, he was gifted more gear by Chad. Later in the day, Cannonwalker began his journey out; to where, he had no idea.

After halting his travels for a while to pursue other interests, Cannonwalker returned on January 1 of the next year to continue his journey. He travelled across vast biomes, narrowly avoiding death at every turn, before reaching a spot he decided would be a suitable home. Here, he set up his base and made carrot and tree farms. After the farms were set up, Cannonwalker began only coming on to ensure that his base wasn't raided.


On September 26, after a few weeks of sparce activity in the world of Minecraft, Cannonwalker was invited to join a faction on the MythCraft server by Ned_Edgewalker. This faction, named TheWikians, also included BaronVonShush, Dirty_Mallace and drlithium_. Cannonwalker was promoted immediately to the rank of Moderator. He then went on to make a room for himself, putting some of his valuables into a chest, setting down a bed and making a small wheat farm.

In the early hours of September 27, TheWikians base was attacked. A TNT cannon was built outside of the base and fired, destroying most of Ned's room and creating an opening in the bottom level. However, the perpetrator did not appear to take much. Later on in the morning, Cannonwalker got onto MythCraft, tore down the TNT cannon and repaired any damages done by it.

Later that evening, Cannonwalker went out into the wilderness with Ned and Mallace. The three stumbled upon an obsidian base, belonging to a faction known as Lommel. The base happened to have an opening where the three snuck in. The three quickly took everything and anything of value and silently went off into the night, undetected by Lommel.

In the early hours of September 28, TheWikians base was attacked for a third time. However, this time there was a large hole where Lithium's room used to be. In the explosion, a chest full of strong armor was destroyed, leading Ned to make the decision to move the group. Cannonwalker and Ned sailed out to find a new base, while the others moved items of value out of the base.

After traveling by sea for some time, Cannonwalker stumbled across an abandoned fort in the middle of the ocean. This base had a large area where TNT had seemingly exploded, but Cannonwalker figured this could be fixed with some renovation. Cannonwalker had Ned and the others teleport, beginning their residence on this new base.

Chests, crafting tables, anvils and brewing stations were placed, along with a wheat farm. Cannonwalker and Ned then began renovating the base; Cannonwalker put a floor down where the floor had blown up, and Ned and Cannonwalker stopped the flooding occuring in the large hole the explosion caused. During renovation, however, activity in the faction began to dwindle until nobody came on anymore.

Civcraft 2.0

On the evening of September 27, ViceroyRobert notified various people about the existence of a server called Civcraft. He said the people on the server weren't particularly fond of PVP, and that the server could be easily conquered. Cannonwalker and Funnyguy651 were the only ones interested in this at the time. Funnyguy got on and immediately found a town. Cannonwalker got on soon after and traveled thousands of blocks to the town. 

Upon arriving, Cannonwalker noticed that the town was in ruins. After reading signs around the town, Cannonwalker discovered that the town had been griefed by (or on behalf of) somebody named Lio. Lio had also supposedly been griefed prior, which is what motivated them to grief in return.

Not long after, ViceroyRobert found his way to the town. He stated that the trio would not stay in the town for long. After hearing this, Funnyguy and Cannonwalker harvested the town's large wheat field and Cannonwalker left the town by boat, while Funnyguy traversed the land.

After Cannonwalker and Funnyguy had gone their separate ways, Cannonwalker travelled thousands more blocks away from the abandoned town he was in before. He travelled through forest, jungle, and snow biomes, harvesting resources along the way. Eventually, he found an open field on top of a mountain and decided this was an adequate place to begin the construction of his society. He originally decided to name this society Vachira, then Padres Del Fuego, and finally settled on Astendaven. AlReyesSpark, Captain_Naughty and Dirty_Mallace joined soon thereafter.

After a day or so, however, Captain_Naughty was killed by an enderman and spawned far away from the town, leading him to quit the server temporarily. Afterwards, after some questioning by the three remaining members, they decided it would be best to go along the rails and try to find an abandoned town to call their own. Mallace and Cannon grabbed any valuables and necessities and traveled by foot up to Titan, where Albert already was. Mallace and Cannon then took the railway up north to Carbon, which was nearly a 9,000-block travel. From there, the two decided to travel west to an abandoned city Mallace had discovered before arriving at Astendaven called Holy Tree; that travel was about 3,000 blocks. 

After arriving at Holy Tree, Mallace and Cannon placed a bed and surveyed the land; although it was nice, they figured they should keep moving to keep their options open. They went north to Aurora, which was about 3,000 blocks away, and then from there a few hundred blocks down south to another abandoned city named Kyrapolis. However, since this city was extremely unimpressive, Cannonwalker pitched the idea to travel back down south to Holy Tree and then east to Stoneburrow.

The two went to Stoneburrow, which was about a 1,000 block travel, but did not want to stay due to many of the chests and doors being locked (a characteristic many abandoned towns, including Holy Tree, shared). Cannonwalker bunkered down in Stoneburrow for the night, while Mallace traveled off on his own. In the morning, Cannonwalker traveled west to New Danzilona by himself; a near-2,000 block travel. Although the people seemed nice, Cannonwalker continued his travel west to Breslau, a Prussian city about 3,000 blocks from New Danzilona. After exploring the area outside the train station, Cannonwalker continued his travels; this time, northwest on another railway system.

After beginning his travels, Cannonwalker immediately noticed something about the railway; it wasn't nearly as well-lit as most of the previous ones he had used. He traveled in constant fear of being attacked by spiders or skeletons, which wasn't helped by the nearly-constant spider hissing coming from the ground above him. After traveling for a while on the railway hesitantly, Cannonwalker eventually encountered a spider and skeleton along the track. In a panicked state, Cannonwalker lost his cart and was shot at instantly by the skeleton. Cannonwalker took out his stone axe and swung at it. Cannonwalker managed to trap the Skeleton in a corner, hitting him repeatedly without the usual break between blowbacks. The skeleton died, and the spider retreated into the night.

Cannonwalker got back on his rail cart and continued forward, even more hesitant than before. Along the way, he encountered two zombies, but instead of getting off his cart to fight them he continued at full speed, taking minimal damage from them as he passed. Not long after, Cannonwalker reached a train station near the center of the map. He exited and explored his surroundings, noting that the landscape was covered in snow and that there was a large cobble bridge above him. He went on the cobble bridge and headed towards the center of the map, quickly coming across a town named Kappi. After arriving here, he went back to the train station and decided he would take a short break from traveling.

After a short break, Cannonwalker resumed his travels. He took a cart from Kappi to Vale, which was about 1,500 blocks. However, shortly after he arrived a Vale, a group of diamond-clad men on carts went by him. From the things they said, it was assumed by Cannonwalker that these men were headede to Carson, which was also his next destination. Cannonwalker headed to Carson shortly afterwards, trying to put some space between he and the diamond-clad individuals. When he arrived, Cannonwalker gave one of them (named Jeromin8or) one of his spare minecarts. After some time had passed, Dirty_Mallace showed up and the two explored the city together. Cannonwalker suggested they go to Orion, where Mallace came from, but Mallace said he wanted to go to Goodsprings to visit some friends he had met during his travels. However, Mallace told him he needed to see Orion, so Cannonwalker took to the rails.

Cannonwalker then traveled around 6,000 blocks to Orion, making only one stop at Aytos along the way. As Cannonwalker exited the train station, he found himself in a shopping mall; this was because the two shared a building. Cannonwalker soon exited the joint train/shopping mall building and began adventuring around Orion. He discovered a bridge, named "The Hunter's Bridge" which joined two sections of Orion together. Cannonwalker, regardless of seeing this bridge, swam across to the other. He then explored what this side had to offer, eventually getting lost. However, he received instructions on the way back from a friendly local and continued his journey.

Cannonwalker then traveled to Senntisten, about 1,000 blocks northeast of Orion, and then to Sandy Shores about 500 blocks northeast of that. However, when Cannonwalker exited the train station, he noticed a group of witches outside and quickly retreated to the inside once more. While inside, Squirto19, after many hours of travel, finally managed to meet up with Cannonwalker. The two, realizing the witches had dispersed, went to the surface. They immediately began putting torches in the areas that were dark, hoping to inhabit this abandoned city. However, they would soon discover their efforts were in vain as all of the doors and chests they came across were locked. Cannonwalker then devised a plan to go to the wilderness separating Aurora and Holy Tree and building a completely new society there as he had done with Astendaven, only this time with railway accessibility.

Cannonwalker traveled south from Sandy Shores back to Senntisten without much effort. However, his trip from Senntisten to Orion wouldn't be so easy. Cannonwalker, along the railway, encountered an Enderman. In a panicked move, Cannonwalker lost his rail cart. He quickly pulled out a second one and resumed his journey, leaving the first behind with the enderman. He safely arrived at Orion not too much later, then traveling from Aytos to Carson and then to Carbon, where he met up with his friend ObsidianVader. He gave Vader one of his spare carts and the two traveled west. Vader decided to stay in Mount Augusta for the night, while Cannonwalker went further back to Holy Tree. Cannonwalker retrieved the bed he had left there the afternoon before, collected some nearby birch wood and birch saplings, and decided to rest the night in the Holy Tree Grand Central Station.

The next morning, October 5, Cannonwalker began his journey into the wilderness. However, due to disagreements with Dirty_Mallace and AlReyesSpark the evening before about how the town should be run, Cannonwalker decided he would set up his new civilization alone. He ventured into the snowy wilderness between Holy Tree and Aurora and set up a home. From there, he planted birch saplings nearby (which he assumed wouldn't grow anyways) and set up a wheat and carrot farm on the coastal area from which he originally came. However, this would not last; the cold climate made growing anything impossible, whether it was food or trees.

Cannonwalker packed up anything important or necessary and moved north to Aurora, where he rested in their train station to contemplate his next move. Cannonwalker decided to travel by rail back down to Holy Tree. When he got there, Cannonwalker decided perhaps he could find a farm and live his days in the abandoned city of Holy Tree. He started searching for the roof-top farm he had found some time ago in order to make this a reality. Luckily, he reunited with his friend, Dirty_Mallace, very shortly after and Mallace helped him find the farm, stating that he also made his home the city. Cannonwalker placed his bed where it had once been in Holy Tree. Mallace then said he was traveling to Commonwealth, leaving Cannonwalker alone in Holy Tree.

During the early afternoon of October 6, a bounty of thirty diamonds was placed on Funnyguy651 by NotCheshire. Soon thereafter, a man by the name of Spada81 pearled Funnyguy and imprisoned him in the End, intending to receive the thirty diamonds. Funnyguy soon notified Cannonwalker and Dirty_Mallace that he was imprisoned and gave them the coords to the chest Spada was storing him in, which was located somewhere in the Principality of Loveshack. Mallace and Cannonwalker then devised a plan to liberate Funnyguy and were soon off to Loveshack.

Mallace and Cannonwalker took the rail from Holy Tree and entered Loveshack through the Mount Augusta train station. They played out to be casual travellers to anybody who questioned them, and quickly located Spada's house. Mallace and Cannonwalker tried many entrances and exits, spending a very long time acting suspicious outside of Spada's house. However, they eventually found a way into his basement where Funnyguy was being held (but not before Cannonwalker dying once).

Mallace and Cannonwalker saw many chests in the basement, but one seemed relatively peculiar to them; this was because the chest was surrounded by obsidian. Cannonwalker retrieved his enchanted diamond pickaxe and made quick work of the obsidian, allowing Mallace to chop away at the chest with his iron axe. Soon, four ender pearls and a stack of coal were on the floor. Cannonwalker picked these up and, noticing one of the pearls was Funnyguy, set him free. Cannonwalker gave two other pearls to Mallace, which contained, respectively, Alan_aardvark and JoshTheGreat2002; the one Cannonwalker held onto contained jekanniethangen.

After freeing Funnyguy, the trio hastily escaped. Mallace and Funnyguy got to the rail station in one piece. However, since Cannonwalker forgot the way, he had to look on the map, during which he was blown up by a creeper. At Cannonwalker's request, Funnyguy went back and retrieved his things. However, when Funnyguy met up with Cannonwalker at the Holy Tree train station, the pearl was nowhere to be seen. Cannonwalker, hoping the pearl being left on the ground would automatically free jekanniethangen, went back to his home in Holy Tree and went to sleep for the night.

The next morning, Cannonwalker discovered that not only had his actions been noticed by Spada, but he had had a bounty of twenty diamonds placed on him. Although Spada was unaware Cannonwalker perpetrated this act, Cannonwalker still became cautious, realizing that he could be caught and charged as any other criminal. Later in the day, drlithium_ arrived at Holy Tree and decided to temporarily bunk with Cannonwalker. During his visit, a man by the name of TheTacoMaster770 arrived at Holy Tree, unsure of where he was. The man told Cannonwalker he needed food and directions to Olympia, a city northwest of Holy Tree. Cannonwalker gave him bread and guided him to the train station, which he was very grateful for. As a token of appreciation, the man gave him a poppy flower, which Cannonwalker stored in his chest as a reminder of this good deed. On the evening of October 8, Dirty_Mallace told Cannonwalker that a person by the name of AMBeaudry529 near Mt. Augusta hired him to get a double chest of sand in exchange for six diamonds. Mallace said it wasn't much but that it was something, which Cannonwalker agreed to helping him with. Cannonwalker and Mallace went to a sandy area on the outskirts of Mt. Augusta and mined a large portion of the sand, receiving diamond shovels from AMB part way through the operation. Cannonwalker also met up with Squirto19 during the operation, who would later on be pearled after Cannonwalker's departure.

After Cannonwalker's inventory was filled with sand, he went to the coordinates designated to him by Mallace where AMB would be to pick up the sand. However, when Cannonwalker arrived, a person by the name of Hyzonko told him to leave immediately, giving him to the count of three to leave. Cannonwalker, realizing Hyzonko had a chailmail chestplate and would most likely defeat him in battle, scrambled for the exit, barely avoiding a gruesome fate. He met AMB outside of the city and exchanged his inventory of sand, receiving three diamonds in return. Cannonwalker then went back to Holy Tree as fast as he could and stored his newfound goods. Later in the day, during his travels, DAVESDAVY arrived at Holy Tree. Cannonwalker told Davy he could stay, and Davy offered, in exchange, to serve as "local defense" while he bunked in Holy Tree. Cannonwalker agreed to these terms, and Davy bunked.

On the evening of October 12, Dirty_Mallace invited Cannonwalker to come live with him. Cannonwalker packed all of his valuables, some food and other things, saying goodbye to Holy Tree and taking the railway back over to Mt. Augusta. Mallace met Cannonwalker at the railway station, guiding him up the stairs and to his house of nether brick. Cannonwalker slept in the bed and stored his goods in the basement, although Mallace then said this was only a temporary house and that his real house was elsewhere. Mallace and Cannonwalker ran about a minute along the road from which they came, skipping through the wilderness, eventually reaching a fence. Mallace said this fence was a boundry between two nations.

After crossing this fence, Mallace and Cannonwalker had officially arrived in New Detroit, the capital of the Kingdom of Gensoyko. Mallace showed Cannonwalker his real house. Cannonwalker, eager to begin on the farm, was showed a small plot of land next to the house where he could farm. Larry_Black, a friendly local pirate, gave Mallace some iron to make a bucket. Cannonwalker used this to gather up water from a nearby river and made a variety farm with potatoes, carrots and wheat (although he wanted a potato-exclusive one). Mallace then left to the other house to begin migrating items to the new one.

The next afternoon, Captain_Naughty returned to Civcraft and traveled to where Cannonwalker was staying. Larry_Black soon thereafter gave them the jobs of deforesting an area and digging the same area so that he could make a pond. They were given twenty iron each, after which Larry suggested that Cannonwalker build a house. Although Cannonwalker said he didn't have a plot and insisted he was content on living with Mallace, Larry told him he could find him a plot. Larry then burned down an area of forest so Cannonwalker could build a house, much to the dismay of a few of the other citizens.

Cannonwalker, building next to Captain_Naughty's plot, build a large house out of oak wood. Cannonwalker then created a small farm area, where he said he would begin growing potatoes soon. After the house itself was completed, Cannonwalker migrated his items from Mallace's house to his own, accidentally losing two diamonds in the process due to confusion concerning the citadel mod. Afterwards, at Captain_Naughty's request, he agreed to share his farm with Captain_Naughty before taking a break. Later in the day, after Funnyguy651 was freed, he traveled from Holy Tree to New Detroit to live with Mallace, giving Cannonwalker carrots and potatoes when he arrived.

On the evening of October 17, Cannonwalker, realizing he missed his life of relative solitude in Holy Tree, packed his things and moved back. AwesomeA321 messaged him during his journey and said he'd arrive as soon as he could. Shortly thereafter, AwesomeA arrived and Cannonwalker gave him a tour of the area. They decided to explore an underground area that Cannonwalker had not before due to a lack of lighting. Cannonwalker lit the area before subsequently falling out of a hole in the wall down to a lower area near the water. After swimming to shore, with AwesomeA watching him from above, Cannonwalker was quickly confronted by a spider, to which he panicked and logged off. After this, Cannonwalker became disinterested in Civcraft. He'd spend the next few months (going into 2015) logging on occasionally, only to tend his rooftop farm.

On January 29, 2015, Cannonwalker had thoughts about rejoining Civcraft and making a small farming community. He logged on and began using his farm to stock up on carrots. Dirty_Mallace got on and travelled to Holy Tree to deliver some carrots. Cannonwalker and Mallace planted some on the rooftop farm and decided Cannonwalker would need some iron before making a farming town. The next day, Cannonwalker revisited New Detroit and discovered he had left a bucket behind when he left. Cannonwalker then used the /ctb command to take the diamonds out of his diamond-protected items, retrieving two diamonds in the process, before saying his final goodbyes to Mallace and going to the Mt. Augusta railway.

After debating where to settle and traveling for a couple of days, on February 1, Cannonwalker finally discovered an area seemingly abandoned by whoever inhabited it beforehand. By investigating the surrounding areas, he discovered an abandoned house previously inhabited by a griefer; this house contained a ladder down to an abandoned mineshaft. Cannonwalker also discovered, by looking at the server map, this new island of his was near two small cities. Cannonwalker began constructing a house and placed all of his goods in chests inside the house. Cannonwalker decided he would name this new farming community of his "Wellington."

The next day, Cannonwalker explored the two cities around him; one was simply a giant replica of the Parthenon, while the other was a typical abandoned city. Cannonwalker replanted carrots in an abandoned carrot farm there and later discovered (due to signs outside the front entrance) that Screenname, the Queen of Gensokyo (the nation New Detroit is situated in), was supposedly planning on reviving the city. As Cannonwalker went back home to begin working on his carrot farm, Ned_Edgewalker messaged him saying that he'd try to get to Wellington. Later in the day, Cannonwalker would tear down a protected wooden structure a couple hundred blocks from Wellington, unearthing a staircase mine.

On February 6, AwesomeA321 arrived at Wellington and immediately began building a dirt tower, along with a small fountain. ObsidianVader would come a couple hours into the next day and begin building his own home. Cannonwalker would build a town hall later on, and AlReyesSpark would come over a week later and begin building his own home, followed on February 20 by Rocket_93 who began doing the same. Four days later, when Ned_Edgewalker finally arrived, Cannonwalker began laying out a plan for the city and building a major road system. As others would begin to flock to the city, the city began to be noticed by the neighboring Zomia, with whom the city established good relations.

As Wellington was renamed to Corvus on March 1 and Cannonwalker officially declared the King, Cannonwalker went to Zomia to help them harvest birch wood in exchange for diamonds. Cannonwalker came back about a week later with thirty diamonds and began drafting a constitution for Corvus. Cannonwalker also talked to the Lord Mayor of Mt. Augusta, who had claims over the island of Corvus, and was told when he decided to make Corvus public, Mt. Augusta would recognize their sovereignty; things were looking good for Corvus. 

On March 10, Corvus was attacked by an unknown arsonist; almost every building was griefed in some way, along with much of the Corvus road system. The arsonist, who was later confirmed to be josefurnace, struck again. Now brandishing powerful diamond and iron armor/weaponry, he killed Ned_Edgewalker and took what was left of Corvus hostage. The next day, after asking the server for help, Folters showed up in Corvus to help capture josefurnace. Jose fled to Zomia and continued his arson spree, where drlithium_ promptly killed him. As jose stated that their encounter was not over, Folters rushed up to him using a speed potion and promptly pearled him, taking him back home. A trial for jose would begin later that day, which resulted in him receiving a life sentence in the End with a chance of parole after one month and after reparations were paid.

On March 19, after secretly moving his items to a hidden jungle home, Cannonwalker dissolved the Corvus government. He did this due to the stress of being King making him not want to continue and a general disinterest from the Corvan public in forming a new government should he leave. Cannonwalker couldn't complete his move until later in the day, after almost everybody else left, due to having to watch over the pearl of Franko552 (a murderer who entered town a day or so before) until Folters could pick it up for him.

After Franko's pearl was picked up, Cannonwalker completed his move to the wilderness, bringing the last of his supplies with him. The area had been inhabited long before his arrival and had since been abandoned; however, the former owner(s) had leveled out the land for farming. Cannonwalker used this to his advantage by creating farms for carrots, potatoes, wheat, and sugar cane, as well as creating a building to house sheep.

After Cannonwalker's private home in the wilderness was complete, he traveled to the Mt. Augusta region on March 31 to trade some sheep eggs. He would then take this opportunity to build another smaller home in Zomia the next day, which would serve as a resting point for Cannonwalker during his voyages to the cities from his wilderness home.

Soon after establishing a home in Zomia, Maxopoly showed Cannonwalker the mining spot he used, and allowed Cannon to use it himself; this caused Cannon to almost instantly double his wealth, allowing him to buy his own silk touch pick (as opposed to borrowing Max's) and go mining more.

Eventually, Cannonwalker decided he wanted to stop homesteading on land that had already been used (albeit the land was abandoned). Cannonwalker packed all of his things and built a new home not far from the old one, finishing his move on May 6. He soon after began working on farms similar to semi-automatic ones as a replacement for his old flat ones. He finished all three (carrots, potatoes and wheat) by May 8. By the end of the next day, he also had an inn and a few basic roads completed.

On May 10, Cannonwalker used his three cow spawner eggs to make a cow farm behind his house. He also dug out a man-made pond and put some benches and trees around it, similar to the one he and DAVESDAVY wanted to make in Corvus. He then gathered some supplies to drop off to drlithium_, who was making a town of his own on another part of the map. Cannonwalker was particularly interested in visiting due to Lithium saying he discovered a book at the location he found titled "The Senate," which detailed the town of the same name in the area.

When arriving at Lithium's town the next day, Cannonwalker noticed, as Lithium had said, that there was a town on a nearby plains island named by the previous inhabitants as "The Senate." The Senate was made primarily of Sandstone and had left its chests unlocked for whoever came by to claim them (as "The Senate" book by Karnon stated). Lithium also showed him what he referred to on three separate occasions as "the Spire," the "Eye of Sauron," and "Dragonspyre," which was located on the Nether island.

Cannonwalker soon-after inquired about "The Senate," a book written by the former leader of the town, Kornon, about its abandonment. Lithium admitted that he had lost it somewhere on the Nether island, and that he'd been searching before and couldn't find it. The two searched for the book for a while in the Nether island, with no results. Lithium eventually left a copy of "The Frayed Father," a book of his own, on top of the Dragonspyre for Cannonwalker, which he picked up. Cannonwalker eventually took a break from searching later in the evening, only for Lithium to find "The Senate" himself.

Lithium used book and quills Cannonwalker brought to make copies of each, so they would each get one. Cannonwalker then traveled back to his home in the deep plus plus, far from Lithium's empire. He made a stop along the way in New Detroit to pick up a couple Bane of Arthropod axes from Dirty_Mallace for his farm. Cannonwalker would begin renovations on his house when he arrived home, with plans to work on a chicken farm later.

As Cannonwalker was working on his house, DAVESDAVY told him of his intent to visit. Cannonwalker gave him the coords and was greeted by Davy not long after, who left soon after. After Davy's departure, Cannonwalker discovered four pigs near his man-made pond area, luring them into a makeshift pig pen with carrots and eventually making the pig pen more permanent. A few days later, after the server's conversion to 1.8, Cannonwalker made a sheep pen; it was only temporary, however, since the conversion to 1.8 created a glitch that resulted in stone bricks being uncraftable; this was quickly resolved, however.

On May 21, after a couple days of travel, Cannonwalker reached the future site of a 60-by-60 bedrock hole Folters hired him and Mallace to dig. However, Cannonwalker would leave just a couple days later, with Folters giving him a beacon as payment for the work he did while he was there. After dropping his goods off at home on May 25, Cannonwalker grabbed two stacks of coal ore to smelt in Mt. Augusta and almost thirty books and quills to copy books from the Augusta Library. On this way there, however, he fell into a pit and died. His bed was obstructed, so for the next half an hour or so, he killed himself repeatedly in hopes of spawning near his home.

Eventually, Cannonwalker spawned near Nipplerock. He decided he'd never spawn home, so he went to Nipplerock and got food and a minecart from a citizen there. From there, he went to New Danzilona and took the rail home. He found his things exactly where they were when he died over an hour after the death, made sure his bed was unobstructed this time, and began his journey to Mt. Augusta. He would copy a single chest worth of books from the library before going back home.

On June 12, after returning home from a logging trip in the jungle, Cannonwalker found wild horses a few hundred blocks from his home. He modified his incomplete chicken pen into a normal pen to store horses, then proceeded to nudge them individually until they were blocked into the pen.

After a long period of inactivity, on August 22, Cannonwalker decided he would begin playing yet again. He had taken a few weeks off from Minecraft and discovered that Civcraft's lag issues were almost entirely gone, inspiring him to play once again. When he got back on, Cannonwalker renovated his home and began cutting down the trees grown around his settlement, believing them to be the cause of his low fps count. In the early hours of August 25, Cannonwalker made a tree farm, and later that day he made a stone quarry, hoping to gather enough logs and stone to make factories. Cannonwalker then tore down his house and built a new one in his place, which almost exactly mimicked the houses he had built on Neddehcraft not long before.

On September 14, Cannonwalker found and game food to a traveler by the name of modmouse1324. He gave food to the traveler and, after being visited in his home by modmouse and his friends, discovered they had a town about a thousand blocks away from Cannonwalker's. While this was going on, Captain_Naughty, at the invitation of Cannonwalker, arrived at his home. He built a home and an automatic chicken egg farm (at Cannonwalker's request), prompting Cannonwalker to officially begin calling his home a town. He named it "Pyxis" and began inviting others to come along. The next day, Ned_Edgewalker arrived and built a home, and Beastdudez arrived short after. By September 19, the town had built a Charcoal Burner and a Stone Smelter, as well as changed its name to "Sidon."

By October 3, the town would undergo a large-scale change; first, the automatic farm design was removed and replaced with a regular farm, since the previous design was believed to be ugly by Cannonwalker and the others. Then, the two-wide cobble roads were replaced with three-wide roads with stone bricks on the edge and stone slabs in the middle. After the roads were completed, Captain_Naughty built a lighthouse known as "the Sidon Light." By early November, Cannonwalker's interest in the server began to dwindle to the point where he only came on to check snitches and repair the factories.

In January of the next year, Cannonwalker browsed the Civcraft subreddit and discovered that the end of Civcraft 2.0 had been announced. On January 16, ttk2 announced that his "end of the world" speech would take place the next day. On that day, Cannonwalker, along with everybody else on the server, was teleported to the Breslau theatre. Cannonwalker saw various people here, ranging from Corvus arsonist josefurnace to notorious Civcraft PvPer zerorussia. Despite there being an in-game gathering, ttk2's actual speech took place on Civcraft's mumble channel.

After the speech, Cannonwalker decided to roam the city of Breslau along with everyone else. However, Cannonwalker unexplicably died during a lag spike and was sent back to his home in Sidon. When sent here, he made plans with DAVESDAVY to visit Blackcrown, since it may have been their own opportunity to do so without being attacked. They were both in Blackcrown, but weren't able to meet up.

Cannonwalker came on after Mallace told him that everyone was in creative. Cannonwalker used this opportunity to visit the site of some of Civcraft's most notorious fights; River's End. Cannonwalker discovered that the fortress had been flooded up to the brim, and then decided to revisit his first town on Civcraft; Astendaven. Astendaven had been griefed significantly, but the town still stood. Cannonwalker admired his past creation for a bit before moving on to visit other things, such as Duck City and his second Civcraft town, Corvus.

The server officially closed sometime on the weekend of January 22, as Cannonwalker, the other players and admins alike prepared for the creation of a new server: Civcraft 3.0.


In the afternoon of October 18, after many months of planning, Cannonwalker finally decided to embark on a Pixelmon journey. After testing many servers to find the best one (some being bad, and others not working at all), Cannonwalker discovered a small Pixelmon server named Mediocraft. This server claimed to have the most accurate map of Kanto from the original games, and the small size only made Cannonwalker want to play it even more than before.

Cannonwalker logged on Mediocraft relatively late in the afternoon. When he was given the option to choose a starter, which only allowed for the five Kanto starters (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu and Eevee), Cannonwalker chose Bulbasaur due to the sentimental value it held to him. Cannonwalker then proceeded to train his Bulbasaur in the area in and surrounding Pallet Town, which was filled with proportionately-leveled Ratattas and Pidgeys (unlike a few other Pixelmon servers).

Cannonwalker soon traveled to Viridian City, the next city over. There, Cannonwalker caught his second Pokemon: a lv4 Pidgey. In Viridian, Cannonwalker persistently trained his Bulbasaur and his Pidgey until they evolved into Ivysaur (lv16) and Pidgeotto (lv18), respectively. Afterwards, Cannonwalker went north to Pewter City to challenge the first gym leader, Brock. When Cannonwalker arrived, he trained a bit more before challenging Brock; however, Brock's lv24 Kabutops easily wiped both of his Pokemon. Cannonwalker challenged him again shortly after, all with the same result. Cannonwalker, using up his allowed challenging privileges for the day, decided to move on towards Route 4 for more training.

When Cannonwalker arrived on Route 4, he immediately noticed that there were multiple Sandshrew in the area. Cannonwalker, realizing a ground/rock Pokemon would do wonders for his team, captured a lv10 Sandshrew. He then trained it, along with his other Pokemon, beyond lv20, after which Sandshrew evolved into Sandslash. Cannonwalker, shortly after, went back to Pewter, through Diglett Cave (in which he evolved his Ivysaur into a Venusaur at lv32), and from Vermilion City at the end to Lavender Town.

During this all, Cannonwalker met a player by the name of zanlickbackpak. Zanlick had a lv11 Pikachu that he appeared to be discontent with, to which Cannonwalker offered to catch a lv19 Gastly and trade it to him for Pikachu. However, after Cannonwalker caught two Gastlys, zanlick mentioned that Pikachu was his starter. Cannonwalker stored a lv13 Gastly that he captured in the PC and kept the lv19 Gastly for himself. He leveled up the Gastly until it was lv25, at which it evolved into a Haunter. Shortly after, Cannonwalker traded it back and forth with a German player by the name of DJsinus (because Haunter evolves into Gengar via trade), after which he also traded back and forth a few of DJsinus's trade-evolution Pokemon.

After this, zanlickbackpak challenged Cannonwalker to a match. The two battled near Pewter City, in which zanlickbackpak used a lv36 Pidgeot, lv36 Tangela, lv25 Krabby and lv11 Pikachu. Although the battle was very close, Cannonwalker came out as the victor. The two would also have two later battles, one at Spawn and one at Fuchsia City, in which Cannonwalker and zanlick dominated the other, respectively.

After winning his battle against zanlick, Cannonwalker trained his team a bit more (evolving his Pidgeotto into a Pidgeot sometime in between) before deciding to traverse Mt. Moon. After much confusion and frustration, running around and not knowing where he was going, Cannonwalker finally made it to the other side and to Cerulean City. From there, Cannonwalker went south to Saffron City. He explored the area before going east to Lavender Town, and then south to Fuchsia City. While here, Cannonwalker captured an array of Pokemon inside and outside of the Safari Zone, including Abra (which he leveled up to lv16 to become Kadabra), Scyther, Tauros and Chansey.

After this, Cannonwalker took the bicycle path (without a bicycle) back up north and to Celadon City, where he went to the department store and bought various evolution stones. After this, he encountered zanlickbackpak once more in the city. Zanlick agreed to trade Cannonwalker's Kadabra back and forth so it would evolve into an Alakazam. After this, Cannonwalker leveled it a few times before calling it a night and logging off.

Early the next afternoon, Cannonwalker resumed training his team. He decided to finally add a sixth Pokemon to his team, so he captured a Machop from Rock Tunnel, which he later trained in Diglett Cave to become a Machoke and then traded it back and forth to make it a Machamp, officially completing his team.

Still unable to challenge Brock, Cannonwalker decided he would skip Brock's gym and come back to fight later. He traversed through Mt. Moon and went to Cerulean City, where he defeated Misty, a water-type gym leader, for the Cascade Badge. From there, Cannonwalker went southeast to Vermilion City and defeated Lt. Surge, an electric-type gym leader, for the Thunder Badge. From Vermilion, Cannonwalker went west to Celadon City and defeated Erika, a grass-type gym leader, for the Rainbow Badge. From Celadon, Cannonwalker went south down the Bicycling Road to Fuchsia City and defeated Koga, a poison-type gym leader. However, after traveling back northeast to Saffron City and challenging Sabrina, a psychic-type gym leader, Cannonwalker was defeated.

After this defeat, Cannonwalker traveled around the map, eventually reaching Fuchsia City once more. He traveled from the coast of Fuchsia City to Cinnabar Island, where he challenged the fire-type gym leader Blaine; he was defeated without much of a contest. After his defeat, Cannonwalker went back up north to Pallet Town, then to Viridian City, eventually making his way back to Pewter City in hopes of challenging Brock once more; however, he could not.

The next afternoon, after not being able to challenge Brock again (due to a glitch with the NPC rematch timer), Cannonwalker decided to travel to Celadon. He had heard some time before that the Department Store there sold Pokedexes and Running Shoes, the former of which Cannonwalker was hoping to acquire and fill. After traveling to Celadon and acquiring the Pokedex and Running Shoes, Cannonwalker proceeded to add various pokemon from around the area into the Pokedex, including Raticate, Victrebell, and Dodrio. 

Shortly after this, a player by the name of isaacg110 approached Cannonwalker in Celadon and asked for a duel. The two had three battles (one actually took place at Fuchsia City), with isaac using Pokemon such as Raichu, Arcanine, Pidgeot, and Staravia. However, Cannonwalker won each of the three battles in a fairly decisive match. After the second match, Cannonwalker helped isaac evolve his Abra into a Kadabra, and finally into an Alakazam, which he taught Hyper Beam and used to battle in the third match (which he decisively lost due to being only lv17). Later in the night, Cannonwalker met Squirto19, who was new to the server, at spawn and gave him a thunderstone to evolve his Pikachu. During the next afternoon, Squirto and Cannonwalker met once again in Pewter City. Squirto, telling Cannonwalker that he caught a Jigglypuff, was given a moon stone by Cannonwalker and soon thereafter evolved his Jigglypuff into a Wigglytuff. After this, Cannonwalker went to Route 23, east of Viridian City, to train his team. After a while of training, Cannonwalker finally went to challenge the Pewter City Gym (which he finally could) and wiped Brock's team entirely with his Venusaur. Feeling confident, Cannonwalker decided to challenge Sabrina in Saffron City once more; he lost, but was much closer to victory than last time. After this loss, Cannonwalker, spirit undeterred, went back to Route 23 and continued his training.

Later in the evening, Cannonwalker decided he would challenge Giovanni's Gym in Viridian City. Cannonwalker, only intending to see how he would match up to Giovanni at that time and think of ways to improve for next battle, ended up defeating Giovanni's level 80 Pokemon with his level 60-ish Pokemon, which was made possible entirely due to the type advantages his Pokemon had over Giovanni's. This victory of Cannonwalker's over Giovanni meant Cannonwalker was only missing badges from Sabrina in Saffron City and Blaine on Cinnabar Island.

Shortly after his victory in the Viridian City Gym, Cannonwalker once again encountered isaacg110 outside of the Viridian Gym. Isaac challenged Cannonwalker to a match, in which Cannonwalker won, just as he had with the other ones. Cannonwalker and isaac then decided to go to Route 23 to train together, where isaac caught a level 37 Primape. After a while of training, the two went back to Viridian City, healed their Pokemon, and had another battle; Cannonwalker won (however, Alakazam had somehow gained a health regeneration glitch). Isaac immediately demanded a rematch, and (after Alakazam's health glitch was fixed), lost again.

The next afternoon, Cannonwalker, determined to finally defeat all eight gyms, ventured to Saffron City and finally defeated Sabrina. Afterwards, Cannonwalker met isaacg110 on Route 23 once more and challenged him to a battle; he won once again. Not long after, Cannonwalker made his way to Cinnabar Island in hopes of challenging Blaine and receiving his final badge. However, he clicked the "challenge gym" button while isaacg110 was challenging Blaine, which created a series of glitches; isaac received two badges, Cannonwalker glitched back into the regular level of the gym after isaac left, and all of Blaine's Pokemon were defeated one by one without even being sent out. Cannonwalker, disgruntled that he couldn't re-enter and challenge Blaine again (or trade in the block he received from the fight to actually get a gym badge), was generously gifted isaac's spare Volcano Badge, completing his gym badge collection for Kanto. After this, Cannonwalker boarded the boat from Cinnabar Island to go to the Sevii Islands. He first landed on Knot Island, almost immediately capturing a Snorlax, a Hitmonchan, and a Magikarp, none of which could be obtained back in Kanto. Cannonwalker then explored the other eight islands; Boon, Kin, Floe, Chrono, Fortune, Quest, Birth, and Navel Rock. While exploring, he caught a few other Pokemon, including Ponyta, Pikachu (soon thereafter evolved into a Raichu), Meowth and Farfetch'd. 

Later in the evening, Cannonwalker encountered perhaps the most valuable Pokemon he had encountered thus far on Knot Island; a lv14 Charmander. He captured it, intending to make it a permanent member of his team, and quickly raised it to become a lv50 Charizard, training it both on the Sevii Islands and back in Kanto around Routes 21 and 23. Cannonwalker, realizing his quest to get all three of the starters was incomplete, looked to get the third and final one; Squirtle.

The next afternoon, Cannonwalker once again encountered isaacg110, his friend from a couple of days before. The two had a battle inside of the Pokemon Center on Knot Island, with Cannonwalker showcasing his Charizard (now level 60) in a PvP battle for the first time; Cannonwalker ultimately won the battle, but just barely, with his Venusaur hanging on with about 50 HP. Afterwards, Cannonwalker and isaac traveled back to Kanto, where isaac reminded Cannonwalker of the existence of the Cerulean Cave. Cannonwalker, due to the fact that he had all eight Kanto gym badges (the requirements for entering Cerulean Cave), went exploring with isaac. Although Cannonwalker caught a Ditto while in the cave, the two ultimate decided there wasn't much to explore and left, briefly exploring the Power Plant to the east before isaac left, where Cannonwalker captured an Electabuzz and a Magnemite.

On the afternoon of October 24, Cannonwalker decided he would continue working on the completion of his Kanto Pokedex. He spent the entire afternoon training his lower-level unevolved Pokemon (and catching a few others), eventually adding over a dozen new entries into his Pokedex. One of these, Rhydon (which was evolved from his Safari Zone Rhyhorn at lv42), Cannonwalker decided that it would be best to train Rhydon to be comparable in strength with the rest of the Pokemon in his party.

On the evening of November 6, Ned_Edgewalker first played Mediocraft. He chose Squirtle as his starter, but quickly traded it to Cannonwalker for one of the various Charmanders he had captured on Knot Island. Cannonwalker quickly leveled this Squirtle, evolving him into a Wartortle and then into a Blastoise rapidly. Cannonwalker had finally realized his goal of having a team with all three of the original Kanto starters' evolved forms in it; Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise. However, Cannonwalker's hard work would soon be for nought.

In the early morning on November 8, when Cannonwalker tried to log onto Mediocraft, he was met with a message stating he was not on the whitelist. Trying to figure out what was going on, Cannonwalker went to the Mediocraft website and saw a message by the owner stating that the whitelist would be up for a week or two and, while the version of Pixelmon the server was running on and other features would be changed, everybody's Pokemon and badges would be reset. Cannonwalker, sour over the loss of all his progress, decided not to play the server anymore. However, on November 26, he would get over the loss and rejoin the server.

On November 26, Cannonwalker decided he would give Mediocraft another try, even though his progress had been wiped. Cannonwalker chose Bulbasaur as his starter again and quickly evolved it into an Ivysaur (and later on a Venusaur), all while capturing a Pidgey in Pewter City and evolving it into a Pidgeotto. Soon after, Cannonwalker went outside of Mt. Moon and captured a lv12 Sandshrew in the same place he had captured one the last time. Cannonwalker also captured a Gastly in Lavender Town (which he evolved into an Gengar), a Growlithe just outside of Lavender Town (which he evolved into an Arcanine), a Magikarp inside of the Cerulean City gym (which he later evolved into a Gyarados and used instead of his Pidgeotto), and a Pikachu inside of the Power Plant (which he evolved into a Raichu).

The next morning, Cannonwalker quickly defeated Brock's gym in Pewter City, Misty's gym in Cerulean City, Lt. Surge's gym in Vermillion City, (although a glitch resulted in Cannonwalker not receiving a badge), Erika's gym in Celadon City, Sabrina's gym in Saffron City, Blaine's gym on Cinnabar Island, and Giovanni's gym in Viridian City. However, Cannonwalker realized soon after the fact that his Gengar, Arcanine and Raichu all had problems that prevented them from learning good moves; this led Cannonwalker to replacing those three Pokemon with other Pokemon of the exact same variety (albeit with better moves).

The next day, Cannonwalker would also finally be able to defeat Lt. Surge's gym and Koga's gym in Fuchsia City, receiving the eight badges required to challenge the Elite Four at the Indigo Plateau and go to the Sevii Islands. Cannonwalker challenged the Elite Four later that day, easily being able to defeat Lorelei and Bruno before being defeated by Agatha. Cannonwalker, a tad frustrated by his loss, went on to fight Lance and Blue, losing to both.

Later on, after deciding to take some time for training before challenging the Elite Four again, Cannonwalker captured a Charmander in the Sevii Islands. He quickly evolved this Charmander into a Charmeleon, and finally a Charizard, which effectively replaced the Arcanine on his team. Later on, during training in the Seafoam Islands, Cannonwalker received an Orb from a boss Seel, which could be used to fight any one of the three Legendary Birds (Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos). Cannonwalker decided he would work to fight Zapdos one day.

On the 30th, Cannonwalker re-challenged the Elite Four at the Indigo Plateau after training up his team and his new Charizard. The team quite easily defeated the first two of the Elite Four, Lorelei and Bruno, once again, and then defeated Agatha and Lance, the two final members of the Elite Four that Cannonwalker had lost to not long before. Then, after a much easier-than-before battle, Cannonwalker defeated the Indigo League Champion, Blue.

Shortly after defeating Blue, Cannonwalker, both somewhat bored with Pixelmon and feeling that he had nothing left to do on Mediocraft, stopped playing it entirely.


After hearing about the Mediocraft reset, Cannonwalker, not wanting to have to redo all of his progress, left the server and joined one called Obercraft. While Mediocraft's world was merely an imitation map of Kanto, Obercraft's world was much like a regular randomly-generated Minecraft world; it even had factions. Cannonwalker began playing on the evening of November 9 and, through some glitch, didn't receive a starter. Cannonwalker originally thought this was by design and simply captured a Spinarak and Hoothoot with the starter Pokeballs he received. He then captured a Mareep, which would temporarily become the strongest member of his team after evolving into Flaaffy.

While training in the forest, Cannonwalker encountered an Eevee and immediately captured it, using a pokeball and an ultra ball before being able to get it. He was soon thereafter encountered by a player named Dman820, who offered to trade their Squirtle for Cannonwalker's Eevee. Cannonwalker accepted and received the Squirtle, soon training it up to become a Wartortle. Cannonwalker decided to see about capturing other new Pokemon, so he warped to the Mesa biome and began looking. Immediately, he found a Bagon, which he wanted dearly. Cannonwalker initiated a battle with the Bagon and, using his last ultra ball, failed to capture it. He then went on a hunt for iron and bauxite ore in hopes of being able to craft more.

After much unsuccessful hunting for bauxite and iron, Cannonwalker finally began finding the two ores. After finding what he deemed to be a sufficient amount, Cannonwalker made a faction named "TeamPiston" and built a very small house, claiming it and the areas around it. Cannonwalker then planted apricorns, a key ingredient to crafting Pokeballs of various kinds, behind the house, and built an anvil for crafting Pokeball discs. After much smelting, crafting, and hammering discs on the anvil, Cannonwalker would ultimately produce four ultra balls.

Cannonwalker would also participate in a server-wide "drop party," where every player was placed in a room and random items were dropped on them. In the end, he walked away with nine Pokeballs and two Premier Balls. Cannonwalker would use some of these to capture Aron, Machop, and Bagon (a Pokemon he had been hoping to get for some time), the latter of which was evolved into Shelgon. Cannonwalker also evolved his Hoothoot into a Noctowl and his Wartortle into Blastoise. Cannonwalker would later capture a Gastly and evolve it into a Haunter, and then a Gengar.

The next day, Cannonwalker would continue his training and evolve his Flaaffy into an Ampharos, and his Aron into a Lairon. Additionally, Cannonwalker would capture a wild Ivysaur outside of his home and evolve it into a Venusaur. Later on in the day, he would evolve his Lairon into an Aggron and his Shelgon into a Salamence (which he flew around on and captured other Pokemon with).

During the afternoon of November 12, Cannonwalker decided that he would act upon his long-time desire of opening a Pixelmon Gym. The entire server was teleported to the End after the defeat of the Ender Dragon, enabling Cannonwalker to collect four stacks of end stone. Cannonwalker then took the end stone to an abandoned Pokemon Center he found in the Savanna biome and replaced the floors with end stone. He then hollowed out a small area underground for his chests, apricorn farm, and other necessities. He then claimed the area around it and began his training so that he would become strong enough to lead the gym.

The next afternoon, Cannonwalker was approached by a player named TourzProject. Tourz told Cannonwalker that this day would be his last in Obercraft, and offered him his lv100 Infernape, along with his Zoroark and many valuable items, perhaps the most noteworthy of these being the Orb of Frozen Souls used to summon Articuno. Cannonwalker, of course, accepted the items and wished him fair winds. Cannonwalker then spent some time digging underground, where he found a fossil for the Pokemon Tirtouga; he later bought fossils from the_blue_warrior for other Pokemon.

Later on in the evening, when server admin Corbinfisher01 was offering to battle players, Cannonwalker put all his Pokemon in the PC and fought with only his new lv100 Infernape. Cannonwalker defeat two of Corbin's lv100 Pokemon and nearly the third before being defeated himself, which Corbin applauded. Corbin then rewarded Cannonwalker with a Shiny Ponyta for his ability. 

A few afternoons later, on November 16, Cannonwalker had decided he would finally catch a valuable Pokemon that had eluded his grasps since joining the server; Beldum. However, Cannonwalker would be fighting an uphill battle; Beldum had a capture rate of 3, which is the same as any legendary Pokemon. Cannonwalker used Noctowl, one of his first Pokemon, to weaken the Beldum. He then switched out to Gengar to use hypnosis, and then threw ultra balls until capture. Cannonwalker then stored his Aggron in the PC (with the intention of making Beldum a permanent team member) and trained Beldum until lv45, when it evolved into a Metagross. However, Cannonwalker would eventually become uninterested in the server and move on.


On the evening of December 3, after a few days of searching for a new Minecraft server, Ned_Edgewalker happened to stumble across a survival server named "Potatocraft." Cannonwalker, not expecting much of anything due to the name, was pleasantly surprised when the server ended up being to his liking.

Cannonwalker traveled from the Zone One warp across the ocean, collecting coal, wood and other necessities during his travels. After a few night and day cycles, Cannonwalker found a small plain on either side of different forest area, plentiful with wild animals, and decided he would settle there. He began constructing a house and, after much construction, destruction, and re-construction, Cannonwalker had finally built a satisfactory home. After the construction of the home was completed, Cannonwalker then dug underneath it and made an underground wheat farm right below it.

The next evening, Cannonwalker would discover a ravine near his house. Being able to see iron ore from within, Cannonwalker went in and was able to successfully retrieve nearly half a stack of iron ore before taking his leave. However, due to a lack of interest from others, Cannonwalker decided to abandon the server.

MC Empires

On November 6, Cannonwalker had received the Kingdom of Spain during nation bidding for the-then non-existent MCEmpires server. When it opened in December, however, he wasn't particularly eager to begin building; this would change. On December 24, Cannonwalker ventured out into the wilderness to find a place to build Madrid, Spain's capital.

After a lot of flower-collecting and getting little work done, in the late evening of Christmas day, ObsidianVader, the Spanish Viceroy of Catalonia, brought Cannonwalker's attention to a valley quite a distance from the spawn area. Cannonwalker thought that this would be a good area to build Madrid, so he built a house in the valley and stored what items he had there. Afterwards, Cannonwalker and Rios made an underground farm and began trading with allied nations.

On December 28, the Holy Roman Empire, one of Spain's allies, issued an ultimatum to Sweden, saying that they either had to surrender Stockholm or continue to be embargoed and have new embargoes placed upon them. This ultimatum was supported by many of Spain's allies, including Austria, Russia, and Padania. Cannonwalker issued a statement saying that this ultimatum was unjustified, which briefly lead to discord between Spain and the Holy Roman Empire. However, later in the evening, a meeting was held in St. Petersburg between these nations and others. Emperor Waglington of the Holy Roman Empire agreed to rescind the ultimatum if Spain would join their side, to which Cannonwalker agreed.

Around midnight bordering the next day, Cannonwalker decided to set up a second city; he would decide this one should be named Lisbon. He traveled far, bringing ObsidianVader with him. After about two hours of travel, Cannonwalker and Vader found a good place to set up their new city; the area where three biomes meet, with an ample supply of lumber and livestock. The two began their city endeavor by trapping a zombie villager and curing him, after which Cannonwalker decided to go to sleep for the night.

Later in the evening, Morocco, one of Spain's allies, bombed the Holy Roman Empire's base. As a result, the Holy Roman Empire and Padania governments were dissolved and the lands were unified under a new monarch, effectively ending the alliance Spain had with these nations. However, this would not be the end of this issue.

On December 30, former Emperor Waglington of the Holy Roman Empire, regretting his decision to vacate his lands, formed a rebel group in hopes of taking back the Holy Roman Empire. Although Cannonwalker and Waglington were allies, this created tension; Cannonwalker believed the new Empress of the Holy Roman Empire didn't deserve to be subjected to Waglington's rebellion. A second world meeting was held about this, although nothing was achieved. Waglington decided later in the day to quell his own rebellion and, instead, bid for the vacant Ottoman Empire (a bid which he later redacted in order to join the MCEmpires administration).

A few days after the fact, very early in the morning of January 2, Cannonwalker and ObsidianVader had decided on how to begin building Lisbon and began clearing an area for the Capitol Building. By the very late evening of the same day, ObsidianVader reported to Cannonwalker that the building had been completed, albeit with minor changes to the original design idea.

In the very early hours of January 18, Cannonwalker ceded much of Spain's new world territory to the United States, led by Dirty_Mallace, and vacated the rest, effectively disbanding the Spanish Empire (at least for the time being).


On the evening of January 11, after several days of preparations, Ned_Edgewalker opened up a server of his own; Neddehcraft. The server was a creative server where everybody could do whatever they wanted, provided they follow a few guidelines set out by Ned himself. Cannonwalker decided he would build a tavern similar to those from PotCO, as he figured it may bring back some tingly nostalgic feelings for him and others upon being in it.

After making a model in singleplayer to base it off of, Cannonwalker, with the help of TheNextMaster2, began leveling out a plains biome to build on. Soon after, Next left to work on his own projects. Cannonwalker then worked on the tavern himself for a long period of time, finding that he had issues concerning the measurements of the tavern. After finally being able to complete his creation, at Ned's suggestion, he named it the "Rumrunners Tavern." He had Ned make a warp to it so all could enjoy his creation.

Later in the evening, however, Ned would make an important announcement. Ned said that the server players would only be in creative for another week, and then the server would become a normal factions server. Cannonwalker realized this meant the Rumrunners Tavern would be useless. Cannonwalker decided to sell the tavern to Ned to use as a shop for $5000 and begin construction on an obsidian tower. However, Ned would later not only announce that he was shortening the creative length to three days, but he would wipe the map due to lag. Later in the evening, Ned would worldedit in a new cobblestone and obsidian tower for Cannonwalker to compensate for the work he had lost.

The next day, January 13, at someone's recommendation, Ned abruptly ended the creative period and enabled hostile mob spawning. Cannonwalker had discussed the former evening with Captain Naughty about reforming the Templars, during which they decided that Cannonwalker would lead and Naughty would be second-in-command. Therefore, Cannonwalker created a new Templars faction that day and claimed the tower with it. From there, he made a large nether wart farm on the second floor of the tower to fund other enterprises for the faction.

Later in the evening, Ned decided to remove factions from the server and replace it with survival golden shovel claiming, all while wiping the map, making everybody start over on the server once again. Cannonwalker began on the server anew on January 15, traveling over fifteen thousand blocks combined during the evening of the 15th and the afternoon of the 16th, eventually settling far away from spawn and building a house. He decided to call the Templar city he would build "Antioch," and made a small carrot farm next to his newly-built house and a nether wart underneath the house. ObsidianVader was admitted to the Templars on the evening of January 18. Later that same evening, Vader and Cannonwalker not only began construction on the roads of Antioch, but built a bridge across a nearby swamp and not only began but finished construction on Vader's own house. 

The next evening, Cannonwalker collaborated with ObsidianVader and drlithium_ of the Sith Empire to do one of the servers challenge; the reward would be diamond blocks. The three entered a cage with an Ender Dragon and, while Vader and Lith fought the Dragon, Cannonwalker mined the diamonds underneath layers of obsidian. Vader helped afterwards and the group ended up with a bit over three stacks of diamond blocks. However, the Ender Dragon killed Cannonwalker, cutting the loot nearly in half (the rest of which was picked up by Lithium). Afterwards, the group split the 85 diamond blocks left three ways; Vader and Cannonwalker received 28 each, and Lithium received 29. The three also had their names put in the NeddehCraft Hall of Fame, as the first people to complete the Ender Dragon challenge.

On February 1, after server activity had been stagnant for some time, Ned_Edgewalker officially closed the server. This would mark the official end of the Templars on NeddehCraft.


On April 30, Ned_Edgewalker was on the hunt for a new factions server to play. After discovering one called "Desteria," Ned invitied Cannonwalker and Skipper_Deborah to the server, both of whom agreed. Upon entering the server, they were instantly showered with enchanted diamond armor and weaponry, along with various other random items.

They entered into the Desteria world of "Idris" together, finding an area to make their base. They excavated a mineshaft underneath their base and made individual rooms; Cannonwalker began on a small wheat farm attached to his own room. During all of this, Cannonwalker used the money he earned by voting for the server to buy his way to level 24.

The next day, Cannonwalker would help Ned with construction on a new, more permanent base. He would also buy his way to level 30, and buy his way to a rank up, becoming a Viking Cavalier. The base's construction would be finish on May 2, the same day in which the faction discovered an abandoned base. This base had a wolf spawner and an automatic cactus farm larger than their own, yielding a much higher profit. The faction claimed this base as their own, as it was unclaimed, and immediately began getting cacti to sell. Additionally, most faction members tamed at least one wolf, including Cannonwalker, who used a nametag he found in the new base to name it.

On May 3, due to a combination of voting for the server and selling cacti from the new base, Cannonwalker finally was able to buy the Barbarian class upgrade, giving him the ability to get the first Viking kit every 24 hours (prot 2 diamond armor with other assorted goods). It was on this day that the faction would also begin raiding other abandoned faction bases, receiving countless valuable items in the process. The next day, Cannonwalker earned enough money to upgrade to Berserker, earning the ability to access his ender chest and a work bench using a command, along with the ability to see into other people's inventories with a command.

On May 6, after finding out the server would have a complete reset sometime in the summer, Cannonwalker decided to stop playing.


On June 3, Cannonwalker began playing on the POTCO MC server, a server aimed to recreate Disney's defunct MMO "Pirates of the Caribbean Online" in Minecraft. The server, at the time, was still in beta testing and had just opened up to non-donors to help test. Cannonwalker was given a few guns by an admin and, after exploring a few of the islands, warped to the Mayhem arena and dueled it out. Deviser__Gaines would join the server the next day, and the two would spend a decent amount of time teaming together in the Mayhem arena and fighting each other. Ned_Edgewalker would also join, but soon after got banned for criticizing the server.

On June 6, Cannonwalker was nearly "handcuffed" (frozen in place with the inability to do anything) after exploring parts of the map with Squirto19 and Deviser__Gaines that were intended to be inaccessible; mountains on Tortuga & Isla Perdida, Raven's Cove (incompleted and therefore only legally accessible to donors), and a chunk of land on the northwest edge of the map that was (most likely) a naturally-generated continent. Afterwards, another wikian used the online chat on the server's dynamic map website to spam the server's chat with inappropriate content, resulting and Squirto and Gaines being temporarily punished (although they were entirely innocent). Cannonwalker was able to avoid all forms of punishment.

On June 10, Cannonwalker claimed a plot in the server's creative plots area, although he didn't build anything permanent on it. He also founded a guild, named Poptart Kitties; a name suggested by Deviser__Gaines. Gaines joined the guild soon after it was made and Beastdudez joined the next day. Although the guild would continue on, nobody played very actively afterwards.

NeddehCraft 2.0

On June 13, after a hiatus of over four months, Ned_Edgewalker made another NeddehCraft server, this time named NeddehCraft 2.0. At the suggestions of Cannonwalker and others, the server would be radically different from its predecesor; no universal shop, no "challenges," limited map size, etc. As soon as the server was up, Cannonwalker got on and collected crops from a village near spawn, then began his journey. His goal was to reach the world's edge so he could set up a society safe from attack. Since Ned instated a three-hour grace period where no mobs would spawn, Cannonwalker took advantage of this during his travels.

At the end of the three-hour grace period, after much travel, Cannonwalker reached a forested island a couple thousand blocks away from the world's edge. He told Beastdudez, who had been gathering resources by mining, and with whom he planned on making a town, that he had found an ideal spot. Beastdudez teleported and a temporary chest was set up, where Beastdudez stored stacks of iron ore, redstone dust, and other valuables he mined.

Cannonwalker and Beastdudez soonafter began to set up their homes. Beastdudez suggested they live together under one roof in a house of his own design, but Cannonwalker suggested they build separate houses with a bridge connecting them on the second level, with a five-block space inbetween to accomodate for roads and spacing between buildings and roads. Beastdudez agreed with Cannonwalker's idea, and construction was finished relatively quickly. The two would decide to name their town "Tempus."

During construction of their homes, Cannonwalker and Beastdudez realized hostile mobs (particularly Creepers) spawned at extremely high rates, eventually making it impossible to focus on anything except patching up holes left by exploded Creepers. Ned attributed this to the fact that the island had the highest spawn rate of hostile mobs than any other location on the server. After Cannonwalker pestered Ned about it, Ned lowered the spawn rates three times in order to make living on the island more possible.

After hostile mobs stopped spawning at such high rates, Cannonwalker made a farm for carrots, potatoes and wheat across the street from his and Beastdudez's houses. The next day, the two built animal pens for pigs and sheep they found on the island (the former of which were put underground to prevent Pigmen mutations from lightning).

On June 16, after debating how to install security in the town, Cannonwalker and Beastdudez built a stone brick wall around the town, put torches along the wall, put gates at the road and built an Iron Golem within the walls to protect against any mobs that could spawn (the Golem was jokingly named "Edgar"). After taking these precautions, almost no mobs spawned within the town's boundaries, and only spiders could get in; the town was finally safe for its inhabitants. Cannonwalker would soon thereafter convert his house into a furnace room and make a new house. The next day, to stop spiders from entering the city, stone slabs were placed around the outside of the city walls.

On June 18, after NeddehCraft had officially installed a Herobrine plugin, Herobrine began targetting Cannonwalker. Beastdudez had disturbed one of his altars prior when Cannonwalker wasn't online, and Herobrine was angry. Herobrine gave Beastdudez a book entitled "Come find me." with the coordinates to what he and Cannonwalker discovered was a cave he built containing a Nether Portal. Cannonwalker and Beastdudez entered, only to find the portal had vanished behind them. They ran through the Nether to the replacement portal Herobrine built, barely surviving, causing Herobrine to give up temporarily and go back into retreat. After the Herobrine issue was resolved, the two built a sugar cane farm off the coast of the island. Cannonwalker would begin working on a cactus farm soon after.

Later that evening, Herobrine left Cannonwalker another book, entitled "A Challenge", which gave him the coordinates to a shrine about a thousand blocks away from spawn. In the book, Herobrine described the challenge they'd have to do as involving dropping items on pressure plates, but it was not entirely clear. At the shrine, Cannon and Beastdudez were given diamond helmets, iron chestplates and iron swords. They entered a glass sphere via a pressure plate, where they fought countless amounts of spiders and skeletons. Eventually, it was Deviser__Gaines who discovered you had to drop mob drops onto the pressure plates to escape. Cannonwalker did this and figured he had succeeded; the armor and sword was his reward.

The next day, Herobrine secretly gave Cannonwalker another book, this time entitled "The World on Your Shoulders". He started off by saying that people like Cannon are rare because Herobrine "catches up to them," then extending Cannon an invitation to his home in the Void for another challenge. Cannon found the portal (an iron door leading seemingly to nothing) and a chest, which provided him with 16 "Void Ladders," 32 "Ores of Elucidate," and a stack of bread. Cannon went in and entered an End Portal, finding himself in another glass sphere with a shrine of sorts in the middle; this shrine, unlike the others, had command blocks on it. Cannon pillared up to a chest near the top of the sphere, which contained skeleton skulls and a "Skeleton Key" (a switch). He used this to escape the sphere, being rewarded a set of Protection Four leather armor by Herobrine. At Gaines' suggestion, Cannonwalker put it armor away as not to incur the possibility of Herobrine using its alure to control Cannonwalker.

Later that evening, however, Herobrine gave Cannonwalker another book, this time entitled "Sacrifice". He stated Cannonwalker was impressive and that someday he would be able to see Herobrine himself, but not unless he went to a cave near his home, retrieved a sword left there, and killed a close friend with it. Cannonwalker obliged, retrieving the sword (named "The Price of Betrayal") and slaying AwesomeA321, who had joined Tempus that day, with it (with his permission).

Not long after this, Beastdudez came to Cannonwalker with a book of his own from Herobrine, which stated that a friend of his was a traitor and must be killed. Cannonwalker lied and said he wasn't working for Herobrine, after which the book disappeared. Cannonwalker then received his own book, entitled "Rite of the Infernal," which said Cannon must perform a ritual to keep Herobrine alive and strong; dig a 3x3 hole, fill it with lava from the Nether, put two pigs into it, then throw the book itself into the lava. Cannonwalker complied with all demands, being rewarded six enchanted Creeper spawn eggs named "Ignacius." Sometime after, Cannon was given a set of Protection Four Thorns Three chainmail armor with diamond boots.

A while afterwards, Beastdudez approached Cannonwalker, stating that Herobrine had given him a diamond sword simply entitled "Kill him!" and instructions to kill Cannonwalker. Cannonwalker teleported away before he could be killed, causing Tempus to be infested with Blazes. Although the rain significantly reduced their ability to fight, it would soon stop raining, and zombies named "Herobrine" began spawning in addition to the Blazes. Eventually, a Wither spawned as well, and Cannon and Beastdudez climbed to Beastdudez's roof and began working together to fight it. Gaines, realizing the unbalanced nature of the fight, began flying around shooting fire charges at it to 'even the playing field.' Eventually, the Wither and other mobs were defeated, but at the expense of Edgar 2.0, Tempus' second Iron Golem (named after the first, who died sometime before). A funeral was held for them both, before Beastdudez and Cannon signed off for the night.

On June 20, Cannonwalker found a book from Herobrine entitled "The Rising Storm." In it, Herobrine describes how he was brought back into the Void after being banished for so long. However, he stated the altar that brought him back was dimming, and that Cannonwalker needed to go and turn its lights back on. Cannonwalker and Deviser__Gaines went to the altar, where Cannonwalker ultimately decided to turn off the last light left. Later on, Cannonwalker found another book, not written by Herobrine this time, named "Blood Stained Paper," and a treasure map. In the book, a man of an unknown identity states that he has procured an "ancient secret" of sorts during the fight against Herobrine, which the treasure map would lead to. Cannonwalker and Gaines went there as well, which Cannonwalker receiving a bow called the "Talon Cutter," which had unbreaking 127, infinity 1, and punch 8. At the sight of the bow, Cannonwalker discovered yet another book, entitled "Blood Stained Paper (Continued", from the same man. This book stated that Herobrine had hid the Talon Cutter, and two others "relics," in different dimension; the other two were in the Nether and the End, respectively. The man states the holder of the Talon Cutter is destined to find the other two, and that the Nether relic should be the easier. The man then disclosed his identity as Notch.

Later in the day, Cannonwalker discovered three other books, entitled "Scorched Diary," "Note to Self," and "Research Notes." "Scorched Diary" was an excerpt from the diary of one of Notch's apostles, which gave him the coordinates to Herobrine's Nether Relic. "Note to Self" was a reminder to the writter to bring a squadron of soldiers, as the Relic was apparently very heavily-guarded. "Research Notes" stated that one person shouldn't hold more than one Relic at a time, as the level of highly-concentrated power could cause "drastic molecular rearrangement and overall discomfort," and that the Relics are best locked away. Cannonwalker, Beastdudez and Gaines went to the Nether to find the Relic; however, it was Ned_Edgewalker who discovered the x coordinate was negative when it should have been positive. Cannonwalker and the others went to the correct location and discovered a Nether Portal different from the one they had used to enter the Nether; they all went in.

On the other side of the Portal was something none of them expected or could prepare for. A wall with six item frames (one containing a Diamond chestplate) were across the room from them; however, the room (which was situated in a mining cave Cannonwalker discovered days prior) was filled with Blaze spawners. Instantly, the trio was ambushed by Blazes. Gaines made a makeshift wall with Netherrack he had collected in the Nether. Beastdudez ran in and began mining the spawners, only to begin a loop where he would repeatedly die. Gaines soon decided to begin mining a tunnel around them and dumping water through holes in the tunnel, damaging the Blazes slowly but surely. Eventually, after a very long fight, Beastdudez took out the last spawner and the trio safely entered the room. Cannonwalker picked up the chestplate, known as the "Dragon Chestplate." The Dragon Chestplates enchants were unbreaking 127, protection 3, fire protection 3, blast protection 3, projectile protection 3, and thorns 5. Cannonwalker and the others teleported back to Tempus for safety shortly afterwards.

Later in the evening, Herobrine broadcasted to the entire server that they'd never be able to get his final Relic, which was heavily-guarded in his home, the End. Herobrine also mentioned that a portal would be located near his "home" in the Overworld, which everybody knew was a church situated in a village near the server's Spawn. Cannonwalker, Beastdudez and Deviser__Gaines geared up for what they assumed would be the toughest battle they'd have to face, and went to the Church. They discovered an End Portal with five missing Eyes of Ender right in the middle of the small church. They gathered the required Ender Pearls and Cannonwalker crafted them together with Blaze Powder he had, sending the trio off into the End to retrieve the final Relic.

Soon after the trio entered the End, they immediately noticed the Ender Dragon flying around. Shortly after, they discovered an obsidian pyramid covered in various mob spawners (including ghasts), which they assumed was where the Relic would be. After a long battle with the Ender Dragon, which included side-battles with ghasts, endermen, and various other mobs, the trio collected their Dragon Egg and began focusing on the pyramid. As they did this, Withers began spawning, making climbing the pyramid even more impossible. Eventually, Gaines went below it and had Cannon and Beastdudez teleport. Cannonwalker mined from the bottom up, discovering a chest with 12 enchanted gold ingots, 14 enchanted diamonds, and an enchanted golden sword, named "Herobrine's Sword of Blight"; the sword had smite 5, bane of arthropods 5, sharpness 5, fire aspect 5, and unbreaking 127.

After arriving back at Tempus, Herobrine flooded the city with mobs, before summoning an Ender Dragon and multiple Withers to fight the trio. Cannonwalker lost the original Sword of Blight in this battle, prompting Gaines to make him a new one using a Command Block. The unfairness of this battle, coupled with an incident the next day involving super-fast Wither Skeletons spawning in Tempus, created pressure on Ned_Edgewalker to lower the difficulty of the plugin, which he did. After the difficulty had been lowered, Cannonwalker received yet another diary entry from one of Notch's men; the entry gave the coordinates to one of Herobrine's generals, Voidrath. When Cannonwalker and Beastdudez went to fight him, however, the difficulty of the plugin was so low, Voidrath didn't even fight back; this prompted Ned to raise the difficulty a bit more. Later that day, Cannonwalker would finish Tempus' cactus farm.

The next day, Herobrine would pose two more challenges. The first one, delivered to Beastdudez in the form of a book named "Withered Diary", was a parkour challenge in which the reward was an enchanting diamond pick. The second, delivered to Cannonwalker in the form of a book named "Sacrifice", was a challenge inside a large golden building on an island off the coast of Tempus' own. Inside it, Cannonwalker had to bring Herobrine a "sacrifice." After sacrificing a chicken to no avail, Cannonwalker slayed Deviser__Gaines. Gaines came back and began performing rituals, which caused a chest to appear on top of the gold building. inside was a chestplate simply named "Sacrifice."; it had protection 4, unbreaking 3, and blast protection 4. This would be the last challenge issued by Herobrine before the server was updated to 1.8 and the plugin was removed.

After the server's update to 1.8 (and the removal of the Herobrine plugin), Gaines decided he wanted to test out some mobs for a custom story he planned on doing to replace Herobrine's. Cannonwalker and Beastdudez killed named zombies in diamond gear, receiving a couple pieces of gear in return. Gaines then attempted to give them a boss battle against Herobrine in the End, since the plugin was cut short. Due to a glitch with the imported command block machine, however, the End was corrupted and access to it had to be cut off entirely.

On the 23rd, Cannonwalker and Beastdudez would finish a building in Tempus nicknamed the "Nether Building." Inside, the building contained an Enchanting Table (first floor), Brewing Stands and Cauldrons (second floor), a Nether Portal (third floor), and a glass case showcasing a Dragon Egg and a Nether Star (fourth floor).

In the early hours of June 28, just a couple of hours after midnight, Cannonwalker discovered that a group named The GWs had plans to blow up Tempus after they did the same to Krak. Cannonwalker took obsidian that Beastdudez mined and made an underground bunker with it, protecting most of Tempus' valuables when the GWs attacked with their tnt cannon. Later that afternoon, Beastdudez found a spot for the two to rebuild, hopefully safe from the GWs. TheNextMaster2 and Rich_Fireskull would move in with them after construction began. Shortly after, a nether building similar to the one in old Tempus was erected in the New Tempus.

On July 5, shortly after completing a sugar cane farm in New Tempus, Cannonwalker was ambushed in the city by Arcifex, who was using an invisibility potion. Cannonwalker got his things back from a dropchest Arcifex left near spawn. On July 8, after gathering cobblestone, Cannonwalker and Beastdudez erected a water tower and evacuated New Tempus.

On July 14, Ned told Cannonwalker about how, at the time the Herobrine plugin was removed, there was still a "final boss battle" with Herobrine. Cannonwalker, realizing this, approved of Ned turning the plugin back on for the final fight. The next day Cannonwalker received a diary, supposedly from one of Notch's men, telling how Notch's men were afraid of Herobrine, before telling them the coordinates to where his body was hidden.. Cannonwalker, TheNextMaster2 and Ned himself (in survival mode) geared up and went to the coordinates given to them in the book (Lith was given the duty of taking screenshots). When they arrived, they discovered the diary was a rouse set up by Herobrine to attract them to his tomb and awaken his body.

Ned went to the surface and discovered Herobrine running around, prompting a boss battle between the three and Herobrine. After several minutes of fighting, being possessed by Herobrine, and nearly dying, Cannonwalker delivered the blow that finished off Herobrine. Among his loot was a book, titled "Read Me", which detailed how the entire story was fabricated by Ned and Lith, as the plugin didn't do enough; this text also revealed that the supposed "Herobrine" the group was fighting was actually Lith himself. Cannonwalker and NextMaster split the loot dropped by him before going their separate ways, until not much later in the evening.

Cannonwalker was informed by Rich_Fireskull the coordinates of the GWs' base. He decided he would use the "Ignacius" Creeper eggs bestowed upon him back in old Tempus during the earlier days of the Herobrine plugin. After some time of luring creepers, both egg-spawned and naturally-spawned into the base for exploding, Cannonwalker and NextMaster destroyed all of the chests in the base. They also destroyed the faction's farm and zombie spawner.

On July 31, after a long period of inactivity on the server, Ned shut it down. However, on August 22, Ned revealed that the license for the server hadn't expired yet. Ned decided to reopen it for an hour so Cannon and the others could mess around for a bit. Cannon, Lith and Zoomer decided they would spend the time blowing everything up. They blew up Korriban, New Tempus, the GWs base, and the original Tempus. After blowing up everything how they saw fit, the three decided to go out on a tnt explosion in the center of the crater where Tempus once stood, all logging off after the explosion.


On September 1, after awaiting the opening for weeks, a closed beta for Olexcraft was released. Cannonwalker, at the earliest possible time, killed some animals near spawn for food and began traveling. ZoomerDa2nd and Cannon had made plans prior to make a town similar to Tempus, the one they had on NeddehCraft 2.0. Zoomer gathered other supplies while Cannonwalker found a nice spot for them to settle. The two began flattening the land soon after. However, as they became bored and started coming on less, the server shut down.


In the morning of October 18, 2015, Cannonwalker decided to join the Devoted server. He heard the previous day that Shadedjon, a Civcraft player, was making a server similar to Civ but with some changes. He didn't join that day, however, as he was unsure if he'd be interested in playing long-term. However, after hearing that Mallace was on the server, he decided to give it a try.

Cannonwalker spawned in a swamp biome near 0,0 and immediately got to collecting resources. After walking a short ways, he received some wheat from neondan99, who had built a town called New Aurora near 0,0. Cannon continued journeying around the coast of the forest island, occasionally collecting food from kind people and being threatened by not-so-kind people. During his travels, he used some bones he collected to tame a dog, taking it with him on his journey.

Eventually, after an hour or so of journeying, Cannon realized he was just walking around in circles. He eventually made a small hole in a mountain on the island and sealed him and his dog in there temporarily. After re-emerging, Cannonwalker wandered around for a bit until he found a spot to settle. He made a small wheat farm and began mining for iron, finding over three stacks and some coal in the process.

As the days went by, Cannonwalker got more iron and more food. Eventually, he traded away most of his iron for diamond, which he used to protect his chests and make snitches; he also reinforced his farm and began making it bigger. Cannon soon began trading his wheat away for things like obsidian and iron, as well as helping Ned_Edgewalker and Tsardom get their starts on the server.

Not much later, on October 24, while harvesting his wheat farm, Cannonwalker was approached by a player named "ImNotGriefing." After offering him food, Cannon turned his back to the person and was attacked, being hit off a cliff and killed in the process. Cannon's bed was obstructed, and ImNotGriefing told Cannon to meet him in New Aurora to get his stuff back. Cannon, believing this to be a ruse, asked some other players to go with him to New Aurora to confront ImNotGriefing. However, before Cannon could get there, ImNotGriefing was slayed by Higgenbottoms of the "Spawn Island Militia". Cannon's things were returned, and ImNotGriefing claimed after being pearled that he was somebody else named liunet. Cannon didn't think much of this and returned to finish harvesting his wheat.

After taking a short break from Devoted, Cannonwalker returned on Halloween to discover that Roselia, a town that had built not too far away from him, decided to join Mersins, a neighboring town with whom Roselia had border disputes. SirCrowley, a person from Mersins Cannon had interacted with previously, gifted him a set of enchanted diamond armor and tools after informing him of this. Afterwards, Cannon used some carrots he farmed from Mersins (as the growth time for food had been drastically reduced) to convert part of his wheat farm into carrots. Later in the evening, Cannon bought some sugar cane from Mersins and made a separate sugar cane farm near the wheat/carrot farm. By early November, Cannonwalker's interest in the server began to fade. After logging on on the 22nd and seeing his farms raided, this only cemented his disinterest.


On November 27, after contemplating and not knowing exactly what he wanted out of Minecraft, Cannonwalker decided to give Wynncraft a try. He heard about it some time before, and thought playing an MMORPG on Minecraft could be interesting. Cannonwalker joined and, after being presented with a class selection screen, decided to become a mage.

After going into Ragni and speaking with the King, Cannonwalker began grinding around the city and picking up random side quests along the way. In addition to doing random quests, ranging from helping a man find his wedding ring to breaking a man out of jail, Cannonwalker cleared the Skeleton Dungeon on his own. However, he only completed the final fight with the lv15 Witherhead because it got stuck on a wall, through which Cannonwalker was able to attack it. Around this time, Cannonwalker also visited Maltic, although he found he wasn't of level to do quests there.

The next day, Cannonwalker met up with Squirto19, ZoomerDa2nd, Ned_Edgewalker and TheNextMaster2 (aka Sam). Cannon first went with Zoomer and Squirto to Nemract, where they found a bank and emerald merchants. However, soon after they splintered off to do things separately (including introducing Sam and Ned to the server). Cannonwalker also visited Deltas on his own, as he originally intended to go here on his own to use the bank (being fully unaware there was one in Nemract). He continued doing quests in this area.

On November 29, after a day of grinding and questing, Cannonwalker finally reached level 21 and learned the meteor spell. Cannonwalker decided that this would be a good stopping point for him, and moved on to other adventures.


Solar Apocalypse

On December 3, after teasing at the idea for a while, Ned_Edgewalker opened up another server for wikians. This time, it was named EdgeCraft. Although Cannonwalker was interested from the beginning, EdgeCraft struggled to make people as interested as the first two NeddehCraft servers did. Because of this, Ned announced that the server would be using the "Solar Apocalypse" plugin as of December 5. Cannonwalker quickly made a base to hide from the impending destruction of the Solar Apocalypse, and made various farms underground in order to remain self-sufficient.

In the coming days, Cannonwalker would create a very powerful egg farm, yielding him multiple double chests worth of eggs each day. Cannonwalker would also begin to trade with villagers, including ones he lured into his base, receiving many valuable goods in exchange for things he could readily get.

Adventure Maps

On December 15, after activity on EdgeCraft had been stagnant for some time, Ned began considering different ideas to revitalize interest in the server. After considering a few ideas, Ned ultimate decided on loading in an adventure map every Saturday and Sunday for people to play together. The following is a list of all the adventure maps Cannonwalker has participated in on Edgecraft:

Map Number: Map Name: Other Participants: Date: Estimated Completion Time: Additional Details:
1 The Cubeception Ned_Edgewalker, Squirto19, Hairy_Eagle 12/19/2015 3.5 hours (4:30 to 8:00 PM EST)
2 Santa's North Pole Adventure Ned_Edgewalker, Squirto19, Hairy_Eagle 12/20/2015 40 minutes (3:00 to 3:40 PM EST) Won via shenanigans

Santa's North Pole Adventure

WARNING: Profanity


At the turn of the new year, Ned decided that he wanted EdgeCraft's focus to be on town and nation building instead of regular survival or adventure maps. He instated the Landlord protection system on the server, and on January 5, allowed people to begin exploring on a brand new 8,000 by 8,000 map. Cannon was among the first to explore the new map, and quickly found a spot he wanted to build on. However, this idea was scrapped soon after just as all the past ones were. To replace it, Ned enlisted the aid of DAVESDAVY to create something new, but this would lead to nothing and the server would eventually be scrapped.

NeddehCraft 3

On June 25th, 2016, after months of planning and hype, Ned_Edgewalker unveiled his fourth Minecraft server; NeddehCraft 3. Cannonwalker joined the world, referred to as "Occa", on the 27th and was immediately brought to the base of MC_Zoomer. Zoomer had already begun to gather supplies, so Cannonwalker decided to begin travelling to find a more permanent settlement for the two. After Zoomer's temporary base was discovered by Squirto19, Cannonwalker invited him to a claimed area further away from spawn to begin building a base and gathering more resources.

During his travels, Cannonwalker would sometimes see a floating skeleton head following him. He discovered that this head and others like it were called "Scout Bots", sent by a mysterious entity named "C" for purposes unbeknowest to him. Zoomer and DAVESDAVY were all being stalked by similar entities, and wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery. Zoomer discovered a clocktower within the area of Denshire, the spawn town, and invited Davy, Cannon and Ned to come explore it. There, they met a Denshire citizen named Prole who explained that the tower had been watching over Denshire and that their help in fighting the mechanized monsters within would be much appreciated. The four adventurers did as Prole requested and found a map at the top of the tower giving them the coordinates to an unknown location.

The adventurers went to this location to discover a town surrounded by dark oak forest called Unpton. Here, a man by the name of Nicholas warned them to go away, saying that before they were considered a "curiosity" and were now considered a "target." Immediately after this, more mechanized zombies appeared in an attempt to ward the adventurers away. After the adventurers fought these mechanized zombies, Cannonwalker discovered a report by C to an unknown accomplice detailing plans involving the use of more Scout Bots. The adventurers then returned to their respective homes, more cautious than before.

The next day, a herald by the name of Arke appeared in Denshire. He told the four adventurers, at the behest of his king, that they had been invited to Occa's capital, Providence. Arke presented them with passports and coordinates to Providence's location. The adventurers made their way to Providence, eventually arriving at the large gateway guarded by a golem. They presented the passports to the guard golem and went directly to the throne room. As they entered, King Puffin welcomed them to Providence.

Commander Triton, Puffin's general, acted hostile towards the adventurers, accusing them of being agents of "Moros" and immediately sending a portion of the Knights Thash after them. Puffin called Triton's men off, stating that he called the adventurers here because he had heard of them and wanted their assistance in quelling ancient evils that were arising in Occa. At the promise of fame and fortune, the adventurers agreed to assist him. After agreeing, King Puffin pointed them in the direction of the shop in Providence.

The adventurers, after being shown the black market in the shop's basement, discovered a golem upstairs whose owner had gone missing. The adventurers found the man using estimated coordinates the golem gave them and attempted to rescue him from a horde of hostile mobs. Struggling with this task, the adventurers were able to complete it when Commander Triton from Providence appeared and assisted them in taking out the horde. The rescued man, who introduced himelf as Daniel, was Providence's blacksmith. He brought the adventurers back to his home and informed them that they were welcome to browse his wares any time. However, the adventurers were not in need of any wares at that moment and wished him a good day before leaving. Outside, Triton informed the adventurers that something major was going to happen in Denshire later that evening and that they better get ready to fight.

Later in the evening, the adventurers convened in Denshire with the understanding that something important was about to happen. Triton arrived, informing them that a massive zombie invasion was about to occur. Cannonwalker, Zoomer, and Davy fought alongside Triton in an attempt to ward off the invasion. The four just barely escaped with their lives, and with Denshire still in-tact. Triton thanked the adventurers for their help and told them that he would inform King Puffin of their "bravery."

The next day, after gathering materials in preparation for creating their settlement, Cannon and Zoomer were asked by Herald Arke to report to King Puffin in Providence immediately. When they arrived in Providence, Puffin told them that he sent Triton to uncover one of the relics of the long-dead Mad King and that he thought Triton may be in trouble. Puffin gave them coordinates, and when Cannon and Zoomer arrived at the location, they confronted Triton and a Knights Thash assassin known as Dai_Nao.

Triton informed Cannon and Zoomer that he intended on reviving the Mad King for the good of the world, but that he didn't expect them to understand. He sent Dai_Nao to kill the two, but Cannon and Zoomer were able to defeat Dai_Nao after a challenging duel. They took his diamond sword and golden apples with them back to Providence, where they informed Puffin of Triton's treachery. Puffin initially doubted Cannon and Zoomer's claims, but showed concern when they mentioned that Triton intended on reviving the Mad King. Puffin then confessed that he had sent the Knights Thash to recover the Mad Crown, one of the Mad King's relics that was thought to be long gone. Puffin mentioned that if Triton had betrayed him, the Knights Thash would most likely as well, leaving Providence with practically no military force. Puffin then told Cannon and Zoomer to remain vigilent, as weird things may begin to happen.

Later that evening, Ted informed Cannon and Zoomer that Sandra the Endermite (who they assumed had been slain as an Ender Dragon nearly a year prior) was holding villagers hostage in the Nether, including Priest Gabriel from the Church of Potato. Ted gave the two coordinates to Sandra's ender portal in the overworld and said that their assistance would earn them each a free purchase in his black market in Providence. With no time to waste, the duo began their trek towards Sandra's ender portal.

After crossing over into the Nether, Ted pointed them in the direction of the fortress Sandra was keeping the villagers in. Ted gave the duo fire resistance potions so they could swim in the lava lake separating them and the fortress. When Cannon and Zoomer crossed over into the fortress, they broke the blaze spawners within and rescued the villagers, including Priest Gabriel and Drole (Prole's son). They then located Sandra and slayed her for what they hoped was the last time.

The duo, Ted and Gabriel then reported back to Denshire, where the duo promised to help Gabriel rebuild his church. Ted then requested that the two report to his shop in Providence as soon as possible. Before heading off for Providence, they informed Prole that his son was safe. Prole then took them into a house and told them of a place called "Dig Site 12" that he had discovered. He said the site requires documentation to enter, so he would have forgeries ready for them the next day. Cannon and Zoomer bid him good day before going to Ted's black market. Cannon got a silk touch book, while Zoomer got a diamond pickaxe; they combined the two to form "The Diamond Maiden."

The next day, Cannon and Zoomer, accompanied by Squirto, reported to Prole in Denshire. Prole provided them with the forgeries he had prepared and sent them on their way. When the trio arrived and was granted entry into the camp, whose real name was discovered to have been "Camp Rooke", Clockwork, the operator of the facility, immediately took notice of the intrustion and ordered his mechanized zombies to dispose of everybody in the camp. The trio rescued the villagers from certain doom, before investigating the administrative region of the camp.

In a restricted office, Cannon discovered an encrypted message from "C" (which they inferred to be "Clockwork") to Triton, revealing that they were in cahoots all along and that Clockwork was nearing a breakthrough concerning something called the "Terminus." The trio reported their findings to Prole, who suggested that Clockwork may have a motive of his own and that they ought to talk to King Puffin about it. Puffin said the same thing Prole did, and suggested that finding Clockwork may be the key to stopping Triton from uncovering the Mad King's relics.

Two days after, on July 2nd, Cannon and Zoomer were contacted by Priest Gabriel, who requested the help in rebuilding his church that they promised before. While rebuilding the church, Cannonwalker discovered a Scout Bot lurking about and killed it, after which the frame gave him coordinates to its origin point. After the church was complete, Cannon and Zoomer, now accompanied by Ned_Edgewalker went to the coordinates to find the ruins of an ancient city called Andalusia. The ruins of the city had been overrun by mecha zombies and Knights Thash footsoldiers. Cannon and Zoomer disposed of the zombies and soldiers before being confronted by Yu_Gai, the brother of Dai_Nao, who was a Knights Thash assassin like his brother. Yu_Gai, however, showed restraint for reasons the three didn't know and disappeared.

The trio found a desert well near the sea and went in, discovering more ruins of the city which were buried underneath the sand. In these ruins, they discovered a strange redstone contraption and an upgraded Mecha Skeleton known as the Unthinker. After defeating the Unthinker, the trio discovered research notes seemingly written by Clockwork himself. According to the notes, the hieroglyphs in Andalusia had shed some light concerning the Hand and Mind. Clockwork claimed that the glyphs had shed light on a ritual used to create a new Mind, as the old one had been destroyed centuries ago. Clockwork also mentioned that he had never taken Triton seriously as an associate and that he was simply using Triton to achieve his end; retrieving the Mind in order to create the perfect Mech, the Progenitor. As the trio read Clockwork's notes, Yu_Gai stormed the cavern with a squad of Knights and Mechs, though the trio quickly disposed of many of them. Yu_Gai and a handful of Knights escaped the fight to report to Triton, while Clockwork was aware of the situation due to Scout Bots.

The trio reported to King Puffin, who revealed some information about the Hand and Mind. He revealed that the "Terminus" was the Mad King's axe, and that Triton probably wanted the Hand and Mind in order to retrieve it from its hidden location. Triton had enlisted Clockwork to help him with this taks, but Clockwork intended on taking the mind to make the Progenitor instead. Puffin requested that the group undergo the ritual to retrieve the Mind before Clockwork himself could, a request which the group accepted.

The next afternoon, Puffin called the trio back to Providence, where he hesitantly requested that they retrieve the Twilight Clock from the End, as it would be one of the necessary items to create another Mind. The trio agreed, and after a particularly arduous search for a Stronghold which yielded nothing, the mysterious entity known as "Wisdom" gave them directions to the Stronghold, which was located underneath the ocean floor. The trio looted the Stronghold of anything valuable it had and placed Eyes of Ender into the portal slots where they were missing, before jumping into the End.

Immediately upon entering the End, the trio was confronted by an ancient presence that reeked of death and destruction. The presence asked if the trio were alone, but they ignored him and continued on their quest. However, before they could find the location of the Twilight Clock, their quest was interupted by the Ender Dragon. The trio began taking down the Ender Dragon's crystals while also attempting to fend off its attempts at attacking them. In a difficult battle, which saw Cannonwalker nearly die, the Ender Dragon was defeated and the Dragon Egg was safely stored in Zoomer's ender chest.

After the Ender Dragon was slain, the trio discovered a bridge to a floating obsidian pyramid. They presumed that this was where the Twilight Clock was located and went in. However, they were not prepared for what waited them inside; guardians, taking the form of unusually powerful spiders and zombies, immediately stirred and attempted to kill them. Ned and Zoomer saw the chest where the Twilight Clock was located, but were too busy fighting off guardians to retrieve it. While running from some of the guardians himself, Cannonwalker quickly snagged the Clock and fled, as he was near death once again. As their goal had been completed, Ned and Zoomer also fled.

The trio went to bring the Twilight Clock to King Puffin, only to discover Yu_Gai had infiltrated the palace and was in the process of attempting to kill Puffin. The trio fought with Yu_Gai, who quickly proved that he was more competent than his brother, and nearly killed Puffin during the fight. However, as the trio began to gain the upper hand, Gai fled into a crowd of aristocrats. The trio were still able to kill him, but not without accidentally injuring a few of the aristocrats in the process. After the palace was safe, Puffin thanked them and was happy to hear that they had taken the lead in the race against Triton and the Knights Thash, and that a court alchemist would be sent with them to perform the ritual in a few days time. However, before the trio could depart, the ancient entity from the End reappeared, stating that the trio's tenacity intrigued him and that he was unsure how they hadn't crossed paths yet, but that their fate would catch up to them soon, before leaving without a trace.

Four days later, on July 7th, Puffin summoned Cannon and Zoomer once again. He introduced them to Winfrey, his court alchemist, and said it was time to seize the lead in the race for a new Mind. The duo, accompanied by Winfrey, went back to Andalusia to perform the ritual; throwing 32 diamonds, two white bunnies, the Twilight Clock and a map of Providence into the ocean. Upon performing the ritual, however, the new Mind didn't appear. Winfrey suspected that Clockwork had already performed the ritual himself, and due to being a former associate of his, gave Cannon and Zoomer directions to Arcadia, a giant Mech factory that served as Clockwork's base of operations in Occa.

Cannon and Zoomer went to the coordinates of Arcadia, and using Winfrey's directions, entered the underwater dome through a concealed service shaft that was connected to the factory by a railway. Clockwork noticed the infiltration, and noted that the duo had arrived "slightly ahead of schedule." Clockwork then sent two of his most powerful Mechs, Kane and Able, to deal with Cannon and Zoomer. The two mechs were defeated after a grueling battle and the gates of the factory were opened. After entering through the gates, Clockwork welcomed the duo to his workshop and thanked them for playing his game; he revealed that all of the encrypted messages were part of an elaborate plan to lead them to Arcadia. Clockwork then made his leave from Arcadia, but not before siccing his strongest and most intelligent creation on the duo: the Progenitor, powered by the Mind itself.

The Progenitor was by far the strongest mech Cannon or Zoomer had ever fought, and it initially had the advantage in the fight. DAVESDAVY arrived and joined in shortly after the fight began, but the Progenitor was still at an advantage. Despite initially being at a disadvantage, Cannonwalker had come prepared with invisibility potions, whose use confused the Progenitor. Cannon took advantage of the Progenitor's confusion and used his advanced hand-to-hand combat skills to disarm the Progenitor and take its sword to use against it. The Progenitor, not being programmed to defend against unarmed combat, attempted to flee in an attempt at self-preservation. The machine was disposed of quickly without its sword, and from its corpse, the trio looted the Mind.

After the Progenitor's demise, the trio searched Clockwork's office, which sat atop the factory. Clockwork had seemingly fried most of the controls before he fled the dome, but one encrypted message was left behind. The message, left behind by Clockwork, congratulated the group on their tenacity, but asserted that he was always one step ahead of them. The message also stated that Clockwork didn't think Triton could stop the group, and that he would not be lending Triton aid anymore. Clockwork warned the group that while his plans in Occa were disrupted, his grand design was still in operation and that his vision would soon be realized. After hearing the encrypted message, Cannon and Zoomer brought the Mind back to King Puffin, who was confident that they would keep it safer than he ever could. He then said that the duo must be vigilant, as it was soon time to retrieve the Hand.

On July 11th, a few days later, Puffin called upon Cannon and Zoomer and notified them that one of his spies had seemingly located the Hand. Puffin sent the duo to Sojourn, a desert village, where they met a man known as the Keymaker. The Keymaker, after expressing his concern that the hunt for the Hand was just a wild goose chase, explained that the Gallery which held the Hand could only be entered by use of an ancient Key, whose fragments were spread in the desert surrounding Sojourn. Cannon and Zoomer retrieved the fragments, which were located in various mob-ridden temples within the vicinity of Sojourn.

After retrieving the key fragments, Cannon and Zoomer returned to the Keymaster, who used them to create the key. The newly-created key guided Cannon and Zoomer towards the Gallery, discovering that it was only accessible through a pool of lava surrounded by pillars of quartz. They were initially unsure of how to enter, but soon realized that the key gave them immunity to fire. The duo went down into the Gallery, having to fight their way through winding hallways filled with ancient tomb defenders.

Cannon and Zoomer eventually reached the center of the Gallery, where they found Triton in a wide open cavern filled with waterfalls and glowstone veins. They approached a chest which they discovered was empty, which they assumed was because Triton and the Knights Thash had already taken the Hand from it. Triton told the duo that reviving the Mad King was necessary to save the world from impending evil. Cannon and Zoomer rejected Triton's words, prompting Triton and his right hand, Vi Shen, to attack. As the attack began, however, Vi Shen slipped into a waterfall and was trapped inside a pool behind it, forcing Triton to fight Cannon and Zoomer on his own. Although Triton put up a fair fight, he found himself being overwhelmed and decided to retreat, leaving Vi Shen to be executed.


These are the major servers Cannonwalker plays or has played on in the past. Left means Cannonwalker has left the server and may occasionally check in on it, and defunct means the server has shut down. Server names in bolded italics are the ones Cannonwalker plays actively, and the ones in just italics are ones that Cannonwalker occasionally checks on.

(Note: This doesn't include minigames servers, like MC Murder and SCB. Additionally, unless the servers close down while Cannonwalker is playing them, they won't be listed as "defunct.")

  • GabeWorld (defunct)
  • Minedlands (left)
  • Elitecraft (left)
  • The Creatures Server (left)
  • MCNations (defunct)
  • 2b2t
  • Mythcraft (left)
  • GabeWorld II (defunct)
  • Civcraft 2.0 (defunct)
  • Mediocraft (left)
  • Obercraft (left)
  • Potatocraft (left)
  • MC Empires (left)
  • Neddehcraft (defunct)
  • Desteria (left)
  • POTCO MC (left)
  • NeddehCraft 2.0 (defunct)
  • Olexcraft (defunct)
  • Devoted (left)
  • Wynncraft (left)
  • EdgeCraft (left)
  • NeddehCraft 3 (defunct)



  • Cannonwalker's first skin was made by Minecraft player Rocket_93, AKA Haras (although Cannonwalker made changes to the original skin)
  • Cannonwalker originally started playing Minecraft on a cracked version provided to him by ViceroyRobert, but was later given the full version by Dirty_Mallace