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Captain Behmoth

Captain Behmoth, his name not to be confused with behemoth, is a dangerous monster pirate who seeks nothing more than to rule his own domain of the sea. He is a powerful scourge who was evolved and cursed when he became one with mysterious sea slugs that can produce electricity. The result, he becomes an abomination of the sea.


Behmoth's body is mainly just a large, slug-like, blue body, with two large fin-like arms, and a monstrous head with large teeth, a beard that is made up of kelps, and piercing blue eyes. On his back, is a organic cannon that shoots homing fireballs to his enemies. He has four horns in his body; two that are on both sides of his cannon, one behind it and one that is deep in his forehead. The only thing that is not part of his monster body is his enlarged hat.


Behmoth has three powers that he'd gain when he transformed. His first power is his cannon on his back that shoots homing plasma fireballs that come down from the sky onto his enemies. His second power is the ability to produce electricity around his body to fend off anyone who dares to grab him, similar to an electric eel. His third power is the ability to create small wave-like water gysers with a simple wave of his hand that knocks his enemies back.

Behmoth, when not in water, somehow has the ability to levitate on land when he's on it. When floating, he can move at high speeds with ease. He can also move while facing backwards too.

Captain Behmoth seems to also harness the power to create storms. The reason remains unknown. It could be possible that he stole an ancient relic that allows its user to create storms at their will.


Since Captain Behmoth is large in size, and strong too, he's practically invincible. But his only weakness is his horns. If all of his horns are to be pulled off, his electrical powers will back-fire at himself through his cannon and cause him to explode into the air and fall hard on his back, unconscious. This is why he is always moving around so that way his enemies won't grab his horns and pull them off.


  • Captain Behmoth is based from the boss in Sonic and the Secret Rings in the area level called Pirate Storm.
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