Hello mates! Even though there are alot of great guilds in the Caribbean, I believe it is time to pay respect to the best of the best. The great. The powerful. I have comprised a Top Ten of the most powerful guilds of 2013. To have been inducted into this list, your guild must have over 475 members and be active. I know I will get feedback on this, so lets try to keep it positive. Remember, this is just my opinion. If you have any guilds that you think I should add that have over 475, or any mistakes, please let me know in the comments. These are the statistics for the most powerful guilds, recorded during the near-exact middle of 2013. A guilds rank may shift up or down the list, but unless the guild is disbanded or gets less then 475 members, I will not change it. Please only edit if there is a grammar mistake.  

Top 10 Guilds

1. V O R T E X - 500 members.

2. United Outlaws - 497 members.

3. Wrath of Ravens - 497 members.

4. Ocean Gods - 493 members.

5. British Kingdom - 493 members.

6. Dark Archive - 492 members.

7. N O T O R I O U S - 492 members.

8. British Co. Elites - 491 members.

9. Sugar Rush! - 483 members

10. Emerald Regiment - 478 members


Note: These statistics were taken from the Pirates Online Directory on June 29th, 2013.

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