(Note: this is a real character in-game played by the same person as Johnny "Shark" Turner)

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The only known picture of Edward, when he's glowing green in the moonlight.


Foulbeard was born in 1689 in a small village on present day (1745) Raven's Cove. Formerly a peaceful town, it was invaded by Jolly Roger in 1743. Though Foulbeard was already somewhat old, Jolly Roger attempted to curse him, but he managed to get away. As he was running away, a lightning bolt hit him, forcing his body to turn a transperant green. He became a Half-Soulless. This means he got away from Jolly Roger, but before he could get away completely, Roger cursed him. The curse prevented him from being able to die from any cause, but Jolly Roger. This is because he wanted to hunt these people down to kill them and recruit their undead souls into his crew.

Though Foulbeard was the first known half-soulless, he found a group of many others and joined in. This group was lead by the current King of Barbary, Johnny "Shark" Turner. Formerly a Spaniard, Johnny was exiled by King Carlos Clemente and vows revenge. Using his practically invincible crew, he hunts down Spaniards and avoids Jolly Roger. It wasn't too long until Foulbeard became second-in-command of the Golden Armada, which was the undead armada ran by half-soullesses.

With thousands of Barbary Coast pirates at their disposal, Foulbeard and Johnny joined forces with Outlaws, a pirate guild that has became the backbone of the Barbary army.

Today, Foulbeard commonly commodeers The Golden Dragon when Johnny "Shark" Turner isn't on board it. Despite that, Foulbeard usually takes command of his own ship, the Golden Shark.

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