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Captain Ernst the captain of the black pearl

Captain Ernst was known to be the scourge of the seas in 1630 to 1631 he was known as the captain of the black pearl

Captain ernst is the scourge of the seas. From his ship the

☀Black pearl he haunts the seven seas and everything that moves there He is always looking for more riches and power. He sails across  the waves and will stop at nothing to try and gain the head of the mermaid ariel . He has a dream that it will make him invincible. he is the worst of all pirates who have ravaged the Seven Seas. For nearly one hundred years, he decapitated girls even princesses and He smuggled their heads aboard his infamous ship the black pearl . Many tried to stop him. But no one succeeded rumor has it that When all hope seemes to be lost, it gets worse the sky turns black and the moon coveres the sun - something that only happens once every hundred years. Then a ship will appear  When it appears all hope is gone. The legend would have it that if you see a ship with black shattered sails you’re doomed

some even say that he is even still alive till this day and that he actually survived

when the black pearl sank near the island of khael roa.

btw anyone who engaged him in battle met their certain death painfully


the battle of khael roa was the battle where captain ernst met his end. the battle took place outside the island of khael roa where the cruel undead pirates of captain ernst's crew was waiting for Nathaniel Hawk

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