Captain ernst.2

Captain Ernst the captain of the black pearl

Captain Ernst was known to be the scourge of the seas in 1630 to 1631 he was known as the captain of the [[Image:Black%20pearl%20(game).jpg%7C300px]] Black Pearl

his favourite hobby was to sail on islands and decapitate girls and take their heads aboard his ship as trophies. legend has it that if you see a frigate with black shattered sails in a fog you're doomed. they also say that the last thing a girl will hear on gods green earth is Captain Ernst's evil laugh before he chops her head off. rumor has it that  he even saild to an island full of princesses called princess island and that he slaughtered all of them with his crew only to get their heads


the battle of khael roa was the battle where captain ernst met his end. the battle took place outside the island of khael roa where the cruel undead pirates of captain ernst's crew was waiting for Nathaniel Hawk

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