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"Dont test me, Beckett. You will regret it, i swear! -Jack Wolfspain, to Lord Cutler Beckett, in 1747

Early life

Captain Jack Wolfspain was born in Bristol, England, on November 7, 1708. As a teen, he was forced to join the British Privateering Treasure Fleet. For three years, he served on the EITC Leviathin. He escaped, begining a spanish pirating career


  • Name: Jack Wolfspain
  • Job: Captain, Pirate Lord of The Red Sea, First Mate, British Cabin Boy (Formarly)
  • Ships Served on: White Demon, Gunwhale Trident, Riptide Cutter, EITC Leviathin, Black Pearl, Queen Anne's Revenge.
  • Weapons: Mortifer Cutlass, Two Pistols, Dagger.
  • Battles Fought in: Liberation of the Black Pearl, The Malestrom, Escapeing The Treasure Fleet, Queen Anne's Revenge Mutiny,Battle At The Fountain of Youth, various skirmishes.
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