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Captain Leon the Third is the son of Captain Leon. Not many know why there is no Captain Leon the Second,

Leonardo Y. Goldtimbers the Third




British Co. Elites

     some say the Captain Leon the Second got banned for good, but we may never know.

He used to follow his father around everywhere, and could often act like his father exceedingly well. He is normally quiet. Sometimes he could be strict.

A week after his father's death. Captain Leon the Third disappeared. It is rumored he fled to England knowing he had no protection from the pirates any longer, but no reports have been found. He left several items behind in a rush including his repeater (obtained by John Breasly) and his dresscoat (possibly going to be given to the Francis Brigade Museum).

Leon III has recently resurfaced after a few months and was reinstated to the EITC at the rank of Private. He is now currently in the guild British Co. Elites led by Lord Sven Daggersteel.

Brother: Lawrence Helmbain

Sister: Emily McSteel

Adoptive Father: King George Augustus II aka John Breasly

Birth Father: Leon Goldtimbers Sr.

Cousin: Eric Ironvan aka Prince Augustus Ferdinand

Grandfather: Jonathan Goldtimbers

Advisor: Richard

Personal Bodyguard: William Badhawk

Wiki Mentor: User: Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark)

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