''Captain Mark''

Captain Mark is a Man who was effected by Jolly Roger. When he was a little boy His father Foulberto Smasho owned Raven's Cove. Captain Mark was looting from EITC ships and when he returned to Raven's Cove everything was gone. Captain Mark fallowed the tracks and saw Demolished Cabin's and stores, he then went to Tia Dalma and asked for some Cursed Iron. Then he left and went to Raven's Cove . He picked up some Wood that had been shocked by Jolly Rogers lightning and took pieces that looked like splinters off the shocked wood. Captain Mark Always loved to be a Blacksmith. He trained alot with swords and Daggers. He returned to Tia Dalma and with his Cursed Iron and Cursed shocked wood. He made what is now called Thunderspine Sword. It took 4 months to make and today, If you had the thunderspine Sword, You are a very very lucky pirate. Only if you had a cursed blade... you can defeat Jolly Roger.

Ghost Pirate

I know what be of Ravens Cove

for I have seen its work and now is a stove

for if you are there at night

you will not beileve your sight

for the RED GHOST on the street

You are VERY LUCKY TO DEFEAT!!!.......

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