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Amelia Daggerstealer, Jack Daggerstealer and Charlotte Swordhayes, the first two being members of Caribbean Freedom, while Charlotte will possibly join

Caribbean Freedom is a new faction guild started by Jack Daggerstealer. It was made after he decided he will be free from all countries, but not run a full-blown one as he had before. They try to run as close to a country as they can, even calling their leaders the same as they are called in countries. It is currently undecided how the government will run, but so far it looks like it will be aimed towards Democracy. They are currently trying to ally with the Joseon Empire and Russia. Wiki is here:

Critical Members

Jack Daggerstealer- Leader and Guildmaster of Caribbean Freedom

Amelia Daggerstealer- Vice Leader and Officer in Caribbean Freedom

Rank System

When you first join Caribbean Freedom, you are promoted to a Veteran if you are level 14 or above. The Officer rank is reserved for Government and Military Officials. Members are people who are level 10-14, inactive and will be kicked out soon or somebody who got 3 strikes.


Russia- Proposed Alliance

Imperial Law- Proposed Alliance

Joseon Empire- Proposed Alliance

Switzerland- Neutral

Great Britain- Neutral

Romania- Proposed Friendship

The 8th Brethren Court- Neutral

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