An unregistered contib, using an IP scrambler, vandalized the wiki!

He attacked Lawrence Daggerpaine's page, Samuel Redbeard's, and a "Stop Bullying" request.

He also made about 20+ cussing comments, being mean to the users.

CaptainGoldvane was the only Admin on, and did the best he could, until he had to go to bed. He deleted all the bad comments he saw, and banned the contribs, but they kept coming back.

Rollbacks defended, until finally, Tama came, and held off the vandals. The next day, there was MORE. He erased pages, and more.

Same Wiki Vandaliser deleted entire Paradoxian War page, and put "PARADOX OWN YOU ALL, YOUR ALL [Censored do to harsh language]"

He was once again stopped by numerous users, rollbacks, and admins.

We have concluded it down to:

  • Hippie
  • Pearson
  • Francis Chiphawk
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