Cascade is the main port town and the central headquarters of Ivory Bay. It was the first island to be found and populated. Unlike the The Beautiful Land ( Arlia ), its environment consists of brick, stone, iron, and dull concrete. The Ivory Bay Guard dispatches supply ferries from here to ship food, weapons, and building materials to the beautiful land. Within Cascade is the Lord of Ivory Bay, the Bay Guard, and most of the bay's weapons. Many Knights train here on ground and around the island at sea, and most of them consider the island their home place. Around the castle are all the weapon shops which sell commercial weapons for general use, and each store sells it's own type of weapon. The more dangerous and powerful weapons have been sealed in the Underground Castle Treasury, and are protected by the Bay Guard with their fists and their steel. They won't let anyone in without permission from the Lord himself.

The Castle and its Design

The Castle has a simple round design. The outer walls are made of a potent amber-coloured brick, made specifically to resist cannon blasts and grenade explosions in case of an attack on Ivory Bay. The floor plan in the courtyard is your average square-by-square plan consisting of a dull grey concrete. The floor plan near the treasury however, consists of titanium layers made specifically so no one would penetrate through the surface and steal the treasury's contents. The walls in and around the treasury and made in a similar fashion with the same purpose. In the centre of the castle courtyard is the King's Tower, which houses the king's throne at it's highest floor.

Theme Song

Dissidia- Final Fantasy OST - FFII - Main Theme

Dissidia- Final Fantasy OST - FFII - Main Theme

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