The Legend Of The Castle Of Eger

Summáját Írom Eger Várának Videó

Summáját Írom Eger Várának Videó

The Legend Of The Castle Of Eger

<-------- The Legend Of The Castle OF Eger is a sing written about the cruel story of the Castle Of Eger in the Hungarian language.

Order Of Construction

The Castle Of Eger, was ordered under construction by Sanctus Stephenatus, also knows as Saint Stpehen I Of Hungary, the first religious king of Hungary, and the most popular too. His image is displayed on the Hungarian paperback, worth 10,000 Forint. Even thought the construction did not begin during his lifetime, it would turn out be a masterpiece when it would be completed in 1261. Made of only stone, this castle was a monstrous barricade for the people resigning inside it.


When the castle was completed in 1261, it was only occupied by Hungarian forces for backup in bad economical times. Later, lords, counts, and even princes started to move in the castle and live there.

Stormwash Family

The Stormwash family moved in the castle near 1503, and when Jeremiah Stormwash was born, he was the first infant to live in the castle. He eventually grew up in the castle, raised by his parents, and the townsfolk into a tough, strong man.


When the Geroe and Ildiko Stormwash were getting older, they started to receive threats every week. Due to this, a system of passageways was constructed under the castle. These passages were named the Kazamata. It was a mighty addition to the castle. It was a gigantic labirinth, and only the nobles of the castle and the workers who constructed it know their way through it. It a wrong turn is made, you could end up in a room with a fountain of red wine, but looks aren't everything, this fountain of wine held poison to people who seek to harm the people fo the village.

Turks Inbound And Out

During the Turkish Invasion of Hungary, the Castle Of Eger was one of the only resistance forts. Not even the Turks dared enter the castle, until now. The Great Army Of Allah was moving rapidly towards the castle, and the castle militia was assembled. They took an oath to defend the castle with their lives, and all kept to it, all but one. A sergeant leaked the battle plans to the Turks, but was later publicly hung by the neck until death in the castle. The Turks sent a message tied to an arrow that was shot in the castle, and the militia replied that they will not give up. Eventually, the 500 man militia, bet the Turk Army, and the castle and the parts around it were free of Turkish rule.


The castle still operates today as the home to the Stormwash Family, and it will never be destroyed. It is protected by the Hussars of the Hungarian Hussar Regiment.

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