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What are Page Banners?

Page banners are sort of userbox like templates that you can add to your pages. They much like userboxes ccan be developed to have specific features, like while making a page banner for yourself, you can choose the background color, the border color, the font color, and even the picture you want to display in them!


Here is the template usage of the banners you can make, but you must be using source mode for the coding!


|id = id text or image
|info = info text
|info-c = info background color
|info-fc = info font color
|border-c = border color
|border-s = border width in pixels

Here is an example of what you can make with that above usage!

Page Banners

Page Banners

Even though in every page banner it says Page Banners, it will not say page banners but the name of the article, that is because we use the code {{BASEPAGENAME}} to display not this player, user or such, but the title of the article the template is placed on.

Note: Use of restricted Page Banners without permission is restricted, please contact the appropriate user authority on this wikia to request permission to use a restricted page banner.

Page Banner Template Code
Page Banners placed {{{1}}} in {{{2}}} on {{{3}}}.

{{ContestParticipant|Placed|Contest Name|Date}}
Page Banners was created by [[User:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]].

{{Creator2|Your User Name}}
Page Banners understands Wikia coding and can help you with an issue.

Page Banners is an Admin Nominee, please visit [[{{{1}}}]] to vote on his/her promotion.

Code: Restricted
Page Banners is a Featured Article Of The Week Nominee this week!

Code: Restricted
Template:PrivatePage {{PrivatePage}}

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