Apprentice Cevok
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Biographical information
Dromund Kaas
3660 BBY
Physical description
Human (Although tested 50% pureblood)
Hair color
Jet Black
Eye color
Purple (dark side)
In-game information
Sith Inquisitor
Chronological and political information
Darth Triton (Unofficial)
Sith Empire, Dark Council, Sith Emperor
"Your power is non-existent and completely reliant on that of your allies. The code that binds your morality and actions is destructive, a propagandist device designed to drain your abilities. You are insignificant."
— Cevok while approaching the Jedi on Tython

Apprentice Cevok Rendox is a Human Sith born and raised on the planet Dromund Kaas. At the age of five, his father carried massive gambling debts eventually enrolling Cevok into slavery as punishment. Cevok was exported to Hutta, where he would work as a servant to a bounty hunter. His tasks ranged from maintaining his master's home, ship, weapons, armor, and equipment to negotiating contracts and carrying out minor assassinations for his master.

Cevok was loyal although sometimes rebellious, he had a growing hatred ready to be unleashed on anyone. During a heated argument he embraced his agression and formed a bond with the Dark Side. Allowing him to use force lightning, which he used to electrocute his oppenant, killing him. These skills were noticed and Cevok took an interest in the eyes of the Sith. After twelve more years of grueling labor and hard work, the Sith ordered Cevok to be shipped to Korriban for his training. He would arrive with several other slaves and an acolyte named Ffon Althe.

Cevok and Ffon developed a bitter, intense rivalry which was cemented by their overseer, Harkun. Harkun had invested all his faith into Ffon and was determined to mold him into the apprentice of a Sith Lord. Unexpectedly, Cevok completed all his trials and was a firm roadblock for Ffon. When the rest of the slaves died and only Cevok and Ffon remained, they were issued the final trial. The first to return a map from inside the Tomb of Naga Sadow would be the new apprentice, while the other would die a horrible death. However, Cevok had a massive advantage in intelligence over Ffon.

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