Apprentice Cevok
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Biographical information
Dromund Kaas
3660 BBY
Physical description
Human (Although tested 50% pureblood)
2.1 Meters
Hair color
Jet Black
Eye color
Purple (dark side)
In-game information
Sith Inquisitor
Khem Val
Ebon Hawk
Chronological and political information
Sith Empire, Dark Council, Sith Emperor
"Your power is non-existent and completely reliant on that of your allies. code that binds your morality and actions is destructive, a propagandist device designed to drain your abilities. You are insignificant."
— Cevok while approaching the Jedi on Tython


Early Life

Apprentice Cevok Rendox is a Human Sith born and raised on the planet Dromund Kaas. At the age of five, his father carried massive gambling debts eventually enrolling Cevok into slavery as punishment as his father escaped to live independently. Cevok was exported to Hutta, where he would work as a servant to a bounty hunter. His tasks ranged from maintaining his master's home, ship, weapons, armor, and equipment to negotiating contracts and carrying out minor assassinations for his master.

Cevok was loyal although sometimes rebellious, he had a growing hatred ready to be unleashed on anyone. During a heated argument he embraced his aggression and formed a bond with the Dark Side. Allowing him to use force lightning, which he used to electrocute his opponent, killing him. These skills were noticed and Cevok took an interest in the eyes of the Sith. After twelve more years of grueling labor and hard work, the Sith ordered Cevok to be shipped to Korriban for his training. He would arrive with several other slaves and an acolyte named Ffon Althe.

The Sith Academy - Training on Korriban

When Cevok set foot on Korriban, he gazed at the orange colored rock formations and carved statues that towered over him. He met his new master, Overseer Harkun. Harkun immediately displayed great hate for his "Latecomer" and often insulted Cevok. Cevok had a tolerance to anger and made several smart comebacks that embarrassed Harkun and his pet, Ffon. Eventually Cevok was given his first trial, he would travel deep into the Tomb of Ajunta Pall and gain the acceptance of Master Spindrall. When Cevok met Spindrall, he was trained in the ways of the saber learning the Shii-Cho form. As a challenge of strength, Cevok would have to kill all of Spindrall's Acolytes. Cevok succeeded and returned to Harkun.

Afterwards, Cevok was dispatched by Harkun to meet Inquisitor Zyn. Cevok's trial was to interrogate Alif, a witness of an "unauthorized murder" within the Sith Academy. After using force lightning to torture Alif to reveal the information, Cevok was released from Zyn and returned to Harkun. At this point, Cevok and Ffon were engorged into a brutal rivalry. Harkun favoring Ffon sent him to translate ancient texts in a library, while Cevok would battle through hordes of monsters through Marka Ragnos' Tomb and retrieve an ancient holocron that hasn't been collected for thousands of years of attempts from other Sith.

Cevok gathered the holocron and delivered it to Harkun. Harkun ordered Cevok to collect an ancient text from the Tomb of Tulak Hord for his possible new master, Lord Zash. Cevok succeeded and was instructed to be trained in a special facility only met for Dark Lords and their Apprentices. Cevok encountered two of his fellow slaves, and instantly knew what would happen. Based on his past experiences with Harkun, Cevok knew it was a setup. He quickly drew his electroblade and slew the ambushers. Cevok still had his tolerance to anger and was not infuriated, he returned to Harkun and awaited the final trial.

The final trial would be a contest between Cevok and Ffon to recover an ancient map from inside the Tomb of Naga Sadow. In order to retrieve it though, they would need to release the Dashade. Ffon already left with a head start, however Cevok had a crucial advantage. Lord Zash has deciphered the holocron Cevok retrieved. It gave vital information about special rods that had to be placed in order to release the Dashade. With this advantage, Cevok easily collected the map after battling the powerful Terentatek that was protecting it. Cevok returned the map to Harkun encountered Ffon who had given up beforehand. Harkun stole the map and gave it to Ffon as Lord Zash walked in. Ffon lied about recovering the map, but eventually the immense fear that emanated from the power of Zash. Zash electrocuted Ffon ending the rivalry he shared with Cevok. Cevok was then deemed Zash's apprentice, as Harkun watched the corpse of his pet with horror.

Cevok and Zash met in her chambers to discuss the future of the apprenticeship. Zash bestowed her former lightsaber she had used during her own years as an apprentice for a Dark Lord. Lord Zash ordered Cevok to head for Dromund Kaas due to fears of hostile spies listening into their conversation. When Cevok left her chambers, he was encountered by three other Sith who worked for Darth Skotia, an immense rival and enemy of Zash. Cevok quickly used his new lightsaber to cut down the ambushers then left the Sith Academy. Unknown to Cevok, a much more powerful Sith than Zash would take interest in his abilities.

The Duo Apprenticeship - Departing to the Imperial Fleet

Darth Waglington had been watching Cevok during his acolyte training. He took a keen interest in the new Sith's abilities and approached him. The powerful Sith Lord planned to recruit Cevok as his own apprentice. Although his future would be with Zash, Cevok would keep a secret apprenticeship with Darth Waglington. Learning much more abilities, skills, and even receiving special training for constructing his own lightsaber. Darth Waglington was part of a guild containing many other Sith Lords, Cevok was initiated into the guild, and would see a massive surge of increase in his power.

When Cevok departed for Dromund Kaas, he boarded a ship named The Black Talon. Said to be faster although more dangerous than personal transports, Cevok was far too powerful for any possible threat of "danger". During the voyage, however, Grand Moff Rycus Kilran ordered the ship to attack the Brentaal Star. A Republic ship, the mission was to retrieve a defected Imperial General with a large knowing of Imperial information. The Captain of The Black Talon disobeyed the Grand Moff, so Cevok killed him.

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