In part 2 of Slappy's Story, Slappy is hired Captain Ezekiel Rott to kill 2 important EITC assassins ...thumb|300px|right

Slappy was the most notorious Bounty Hunter in the Caribbean. He was later hired by Captain Ezekiel Rott to Kill to EITC assassins (Remington the Vicious and Neban the Silent). Slappy easily outmatched them, but at the end of the last battle at least 100 EITC assassins and mercenaries captured Slappy and brought him aboard Beckett's Ship, the Endeavour. Beckett interrogated Slappy about who hired him. Slappy refused to respond. So, Beckett took him to Port Royal to be hanged. Meanwhile, Jolly Roger had another Vision. He had a vision of a powerful Voodoo user about to be killed. Jolly knew he could use this mystery Voodoo practiotioner as a weapon. So, Jolly summoned all of his ships to invade Port Royal.

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