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just another day

Charlotte Swordhayes was born in 1721.
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A little about...

Charlotte is from Raven's Cove. Her parents are dead  ( killed when the island was invaded ) but she still has her two sisters. She is friends with Jack Daggerstealer, Amelia Daggerstealer, and many others both in and out of the role plays.

Shes both a natural and supernatural role player but she tries to keep both as far apart from the other.

Charlotte does not have an activity she does everyday. Her  schedule can consist of sailing, completing quests, chatting with friends, and leveling. 

WArning : If she does like, know, care, you arent her friends friend or she is not doing business with you she will annoy you as much as possibly can.

And she has one thing to the readers of this page " i'm back! Miss me?"

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