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He is a level 39 soon to be level 40 pirate on the Disney game Pirates of the Caribbean Online! He is the roleplay son of Basil Brawlmonk (Basil Brawlmonk V) He is noted, for his PVP skills that are far superior to those of his father. His father had just as much firepower :D, but not the PVP tools Chris has. He is a pirate Basil Brawlmonk got a level 1, his original name was Johnny, but Basil used his "name tools" (Python)  to change his name :P

Physical Traits

Height - 6 ft 3

Weight - 199 lbs (of muscle)

Nationality - Romanian/ British

Citzen Ship - Barbary, Romania, Sweden (tri citizen ship :P)

Titles - Prince of Barbary


Amount - 7

Brights - Bright Red Jacket, Bright Orange Sack Vest, Bright Orange Headband, Bright Red linen highwaters, Dark Black Sash, Bright Green Tank, Bright Green Headband MORE TO COME


Amount - 8 :O

Famed - Heart of Padres del Fuego, Knives of the Hawk Idol, Assassins Knives, Dreadspike Blade, Nautilus Blade, War Scattergun X2, Corsairs Cutlass MORE TO COOME