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"What kind of man trades another's life for a ship?"
-Elizabeth Swann
"Don't you mock us. Your father broke a man's arm off and beat it with a hammer, all because of a wig."
-Chris Swordbones

"Time to teach you the meaning of pain."
-Chris Swordbones
"Lord" Harrington shoots Chris
Chris spits the bullet out
"How did you...?"
"You need cursed weapons, genius."
Chris shoots Harrington

Chris Swordbones, true name Chris Crane is a pirate who was born in the mid 1500s. He is on the Top 10 Most Wanted list for the EITC. Some wish to recruit Swordbones, others want to kill him. By the time of Jack's search for the Fountain of Youth, he is 182 years old. The only reason he still looks like he is in his 30s is because he had a cursed Aztec coin when he was 23. He lifted the curse multiple times throughout his life to taste, feel satisfied, and generally feel happy, but still kept his young physical form. Several more times he claimed his coin again, then several years later lifted the curse. After the battle of Isla de Muerta, he retrieved it again. He still has the coin, and has learned to live with the curse. Despite this, some of his enemies have the capacity to kill him... Rumor has it that it is something to do with the metals being used by his enemies. It has been confirmed that, due to the effect of his cursed weapons, he can be killed by any weapon.

Most, if not all, of Crane's family is deceased, mainly due to the time since the birth of his siblings, none of which had children. The few relatives that survived into the 1740s included his son Richard Cannonwalker, his brother James, and several unidentified cousins, though all of them eventually died in combat.

Screen shot 2012-04-03 at 9.34.10 PM.png
Christopher Crane


Hermit Rangers

Favorite Weapon

Hermit Blade

Ship type

War Frigate

Ship name

Black Demon


500,000 gold

Arrest warrant

Wanted for murder, theft, resistance, arson, and many more. Kill on sight. If crippled, take him to a high-ranking EITC officer.


Bounty hunter, assassin, mercenary, ex-marine, co-keeper of the Code (alongside Teague), Pirate Lord, Arch-Duke of Darkness, Godfather of La Mafia


Giles Crane (father, deceased)

Alexandra Crane (mother, deceased)

James Crane (brother, deceased)

Richard Crane (brother, deceased)

Jade Crane (sister, deceased)

Richard Cannonwalker (son, deceased)

Several unnamed cousins (deceased)


Early life

Chris Crane was born November 8, 1568. Not much is known about his early life, but it is known that he was born to Giles and Alexandra Crane, with two brothers, James and Richard, and one sister, Jade. Due to a financial crisis, Giles was forced to resort to piracy to cover his family. Unfortunately, the English believed Chris would be a threat as well due to him assisting his father, making them attempt several times to arrest and hang him. His parents successfully killed the soldiers that came to arrest him, and decided it would be best to train him to use a gun and a sword. At one point, during training, English assassins stormed into his home, opening fire on Chris and his family. His mother was fatally wounded, but the rest of the family remained. During the fight, the father was shot in the heart, and told his kids to get out. The four children ran out of the house, with Chris taking the family dagger with him. They stowed away on a civilian transport ship, living in several countries for a while. Eventually, when Chris was 22, he and his siblings boarded a ship, and lived a new life in the Caribbean. The four split up eventually, living in separate areas of the Caribbean, where Chris eventually befriended his godson, the notorious Jack Sparrow over a century later. Afterwards, he changed his last name to Swordbones. The reason is unknown.


At some point, Chris had become part of the Spanish. He learned to be like them, talk like them, and fight like them. Soon, he ended up as a Spanish Lord. In the Black Buccaneer stories, Chris is sent to kill a man named Nate, codenamed Black Buccaneer, in Chapter 2, to capture and/or kill Black, as well as claim a lost sword for Spain, at some point in 1722. During his attempt to kill Black, he was forced into helping him and French Lord Lawrence Daggerpaine when they found themselves facing the EITC, Blackbeard, the Kraken, and many more obstacles. Chris was a cruel leader, but was excellent in combat. Several times fights broke out between him, Lawrence, and EITC Lord Johnny Goldtimbers, but they were always forced into teaming up again. Eventually, during his attempt to kill Cutler Beckett, he only wounded him, and during his escape with Black and Lawrence, he was shot. The shots didn't hit any major areas, but he feigned death and fell off a dock.

He clung to the back of the ship Black and his allies stole, and waited for them to reach a chest that held the legendary sword. Immediately, Chris betrayed his allies to steal the sword, finding himself in a four-way duel with Johnny, Lawrence, and Black, all four trying to kill each other for the sword. Johnny was the first to fall. Chris was stabbed by Lawrence, and feigned death. He narrowly evaded death by using Holy Water, which he also used to save the Spanish Admiral, Cortez. Later, he was forced to return to Spain. Unfortunately, due to his failure at retrieving a lost sword, Chris had been stripped of his rank of Lord and discharged from Spain.

By 1723, Chris, fueled by anger, set out to get revenge on Black, and take over the Caribbean, as well as the world. Black, however, united with other forces to stop Chris, who had also gathered allies, most notably his Spanish lieutenants, who had also been discharged, including his Admiral Cortez. Many fights occurred, such as a skirmish in Port Royal, a duel between Chris and Black in a harbor on Raven's Cove, and many more. In the process, Chris joined forces with the EITC temporarily, but betrayed them some time later on. His ship, the Black Demon, was also destroyed in the process. It was later on in 1730 when Chris retrieved the ship's remains and rebuilt the ship. Many endings were left possible. Which do you choose?

Chris stood at a cliff on Raven's Cove. Black and General Hex, who was alive at the time, walked up behind

Potco Black buccaneer tales 4 Our Day 3 3(HD)


"So, you've chased me here…"
"Are you ready to accept your fate?"
"It's time for you to die like your foolish captain!"
Chris unsheathed a Viper blade and lunged at Black. He kicked him in the face and proceeded to duel both Black and Hex. After a few minutes, Chris stabbed Hex in the gut, then flung him over the cliff to his death. Chris kicked Black in the face and tried to kill him with the Viper Blade. Black quickly fled the area, hoping to find a place to ambush Chris. Chris chased him, catching up very fast, and attempted to attack him again. Black dodged the attacks, continuing to run. The moonlight shined in on Chris multiple times, and the cursed effects of the Viper Blade made him appear skeletal (Viper blades have this special effect on users). They dueled briefly, and Black ran once again. He ran to an idol surrounded by water, and a woman named Rose Heartstealer, who was trying to decipher codes on the idol, turned around to see the two.
"Running will only make it worse!" Chris yelled.
Chris charged at Black, slashing at Rose in the process to make her get out of his way, and they dueled again. Rose attempted to break up the fight, but she herself got cut in the process. She finished up deciphering the symbols before running from the fight, while Chris and Black continued dueling. Black cut Chris on the chest and ran once again. Black tried to find an escape route, with the vengeful Chris in hot pursuit. Black came across the door to the harbor, pounding it in an attempt to break it down. Chris came up from behind, attempting to stab Black in the back. Black dodged the attack narrowly, and turned around to strike Chris with his sword. Chris caught the blade with his free hand and began dueling him again.

"Lets finish what we started," Black said.

The duel continued, and a man called Jean Lafitte opened the door, walking out with a Bitter End blade. He looked curiously at Black and Chris but accidentally was cut on the chest as he tried to intervene. Chris was stabbed in the arm, and ran from the fight, looking for a spot to ambush Black. He pulled out a flintlock and started opening fire on Black, who dodged the shots. Chris quickly reloaded and fired again, but Black dodged again. Chris ran through a doorway, coming across an idol where he had previously attempted to attack Lawrence and Goldtimbers a year ago, and the duel resumed. Chris noticed a hole in a nearby wall, with tracks coming out of it. Chris jumped onto several tall rocks and climbed in. Black did the same, and both found themselves in a Navy mining camp; the Navy was looking for cursed weapons at this point. Chris jumped onto a catwalk, and ran across it, scaling more of them, and finding himself above a pit of lava. The Navy had been searching the lava as well, and mining for precious rocks in the lava. Chris slashed at Black's shoulder, then kicked him off of one of the catwalks. Chris destroyed a staircase leading to the catwalk but saw the Navy crowding both him and Black. Black fought off the soldiers crowding him, and they started heading towards Chris. Chris looked around desperately, noticing another escape route; another hole in the wall. He saw light shining through the hole, but there was a problem; he would have to jump across the lava pit to get to it. "Chris," Black said, killing several more Navy soldiers, "you'll fail at striking me down!"
Black noticed Chris looking at the hole.
"Don't try it!"
Chris lunged at the hole. He grabbed ahold and started to climb, but the rocks he grabbed broke off. Chris slid off, hitting his head on more rocks. Chris fell into the lava, and quickly set him on fire. Chris screamed in horror and attempted to climb out of the lava. His foot was stuck between two rocks under the lava, but Chris tried to get out. He rapidly sank into the lava, reaching his hand out at Black's throat, but it was burned to the bone and sank into the lava.
"Goodbye, Chris," Black said, "You have failed. You should have seen the light. This sword," Black picked up Chris's Viper Blade, and looked at it, "belongs to a Spanish Lord… not a bloodthirsty killer!"
Black walked out of the cavern and set off to find more journeys.

December 21, 1723. Cortez and several Spanish men opened Chris's secret tomb, and carried his body away…

Chris stood at a cliff on Raven's Cove. Black and General Hex, who was alive at the time, walked up behind him.

"So, you've chased me here…"

"Are you ready to accept your fate?"
"It's time for you to die like your foolish captain!"
Chris unsheathed a Viper blade, and lunged at Black. He kicked him in the face, and proceeded to duel both Black and Hex. Black kicked Chris on his back, and raised his sword to kill him, but he found Hex's sword to his throat.
"It's time to die, Black. The lost sword is OURS! Chris and I formed a secret alliance!"
Hex attacked Black, who narrowly blocked the attack, and the three dueled. Black wounded Hex, and Chris quickly blocked his killing stoke. Chris kicked Black towards the edge of the cliff, and shot Black in the throat. Black tumbled off the cliff, dead.
"So," Chris said, "I guess…"

Chris suddenly attacked Hex. Chris and Hex dueled briefly, but Hex disarmed him and grabbed him by the throat. He held his sword to Chris' throat, and slashed it. Chris gargled for a moment, and Hex decapitated him. Chris's body was thrown off the cliff, and his head was kept as a trophy. Later on, however, Cotez and his men retrieved the body and head, and dragged it to Cuba…


Chris stood at a cliff on Raven's Cove. Black and General Hex, who was alive at the time, walked up behind him.
"So, you've chased me here…"
"Are you ready to accept your fate?"
"It's time for you to die like your foolish captain!"
Chris unsheathed a Viper blade, and lunged at Black. He kicked him in the face, and proceeded to duel both Black and Hex. Chris shot Black's sword out of his hand, and then proceeded to try to stab Black. Black raised his sword to stab Chris.
"It's time to die, Black," Hex said, pointing his sword to Black's throat, "The lost sword is OURS! Chris and I formed a secret alliance!"
Hex attacked Black, who narrowly blocked the attack, and the three dueled. Black wounded Hex, and Chris quickly blocked his killing stoke. Black kicked Hex away, stabbing him in the shoulder, then pulled out his sword. Black disarmed Chris, and stabbed him multiple times. Chris coughed up blood, and fell over on his back. Hex turned to Black.
"Nate… All I ever wanted was to destroy my enemies in the Caribbean."
"No," Black replied.
Black pulled out a double-barreled flintlock pistol, and pointed it at Hex's head.
"You have found this!"

Black shot Hex in the head twice, and he fell over, dead. As he looked to the side, he noticed Chris was gone. He then went to his ship and sailed away to find another adventure.


Chris was chasing Black through a cave controlled by the Navy. The Navy, seeing Chris as a massive threat due to his attempted worldwide conquest, attacked him, slowing him down. Black was chased into a Navy office, and found members of the Black Guard pointing weapons at him.
"Wait! Christopher Crane is coming!"
"The Spanish guy?"
"He was discharged, and is trying to take over the Caribbean!"
An EITC commander motioned for the soldiers to release Black and keep him at the desk in the office, and suddenly a sword ripped through the door. The sword went clean through the commander's head, killing him. Chris tore the door open, killing the guards. Chris appeared out from behind a wall, shooting the guard standing next to Black, then shot him again with a second pistol. The guard slumped over, dead, and Chris pointed his double-barreled pistol at Black.
"Your time is up, Black. You failed, you thought you could kill me, and now the lost sword is mine."
"Chris shot Black in the head with both barrels, took the lost sword, and walked out."

December 21, 1723. Black's friends and allies were carrying Black's corpse on a wooden board, and came upon the Pantano River. They started towards a house with its lights on...

Life as a Pirate

Chris was on a ship leaving Padres del Fuego at one point, where they eventually docked in Port Royal. He figured the Navy wouldn't recognize him, as he looked much different. When asked for his name, he replied with his true name. Unfortunately, an EITC soldier, the same one who led the soldiers that killed Chris's parents, recognized the name, and quickly tackled him, confiscating his Traitor's Dagger in the process. Chris lived in a jail cell for years, scheduled to be hanged only a few hours from this time. Eventually, he started hearing explosions from outside his cell, and suddenly a wall exploded, knocking him out. When he awoke, Jack Sparrow was in front of him. After Chris came to, Jack introduced himself, and Chris recognized the name. He reminded Jack of who he was, then left the cell. Eventually, after speaking to a couple who were leaving the island, he reached Captain Bo Beck's ship. Minutes after, the cursed Jolly Roger appeared, killed Bo Beck, and sent Chris on his way.

Swordbones eventually reached Port Royal when a smuggler ship found him floating in the ocean, where he went to an old warehouse to steal food. Suddenly, he encountered William Turner, who spared him when he realized he was friends with Jack. After Turner gave Chris a sword, he left the warehouse, where he met Tia Dalma, who was waiting outside. After a conversation, Swordbones used a stolen release order, marked by Elizabeth Swann, to escape Port Royal on a Light Sloop. He sailed for almost a year, aiding Jack Sparrow on the Pearl even to the Kraken attack, eventually encountering Barbossa, who gave him a flintlock pistol. Swordbones spent years plundering, and, when taught to use magic and Voodoo, he upgraded his pistol to a Holy Pistol, acquired various Voodoo Dolls, 3 powerful Voodoo Staves, a bayonet, a blunderbuss, and others. Eventually, he started upgrading his Frigate, the Black Demon, adding more and more to it before it became a War Frigate. He then painted the sails black, and painted the ship itself black with steel plates. At some point, his brother, James Crane, was reunited with him, where they sailed on the Black Demon. One day, however, James disappeared from the world, and wasn't seen for years. After creating a clan and leading it for a decade, Chris himself left the Caribbean for years, then returned again on an invasion on Tortuga, around September of 1743. Chris helped defeat Jolly Roger, then eventually acquired his first Voodoo Staff.

Swordbones, now celebrating the victory, met the leader of the clan Inferno, Ned Yellowbeard. After being invited, he agreed to join Inferno, where he served them for a long time. During his time in Inferno, he went to the mysterious Isla Tormenta, which he had been to years earlier. After killing a Thrall Captain by strangling it and then shooting it, he found a blade in its belt. He took it off, and when he swung it, a black trail followed it. After leaving Isla Tormenta, he put the blade of his newfound Deepwater Sword onto his own sword, removing its blade. He showed his new sword to his guildsmates, and they looked at it in amazement. It wasn't very long until

The fight is ended quickly with a Mercenary being burned

Chris discovered his Traitor's Dagger in an EITC outpost. Believing its head officer to be the one who stole it years earlier, Chris murdered him with the dagger.

Months later, a fight ensued on Tortuga again, led by Kaj Worras. During a meeting in the Faithful Bride, at which place James Crane returned, this general burst through the door with his lesser skeletons. During the fight, the general tried to shoot Jack Sparrow, who was able to get out of the way. Unfortunately, the shot that missed Jack struck James in the head, killing him almost instantly. This fueled Chris's anger, and he fought off the invasion with several other pirates. After another fight on Tormenta 2 months later, Chris Swordbones met a man codenamed Captain Skull X, who invited him to his guild. Chris turned down the offer, but kept it in the back of his mind. Chris remained in Inferno for a few more days, but left the guild, joining Skull's Marines, a military-based guild, owned by Skull himself. In this guild, he found it better than Inferno, and was eventually made Third in Command. It wasn't too long after where he was made the co-leader of the guild. Recently, however, he raided an EITC camp, the same one that the Marines visited only days ago. At this camp, he was greeted by a fight, which was ended quickly, resulting in Chris taking the camp as Marine territory. He found another camp on the other side of El Sudoron, and it was owned by an EITC Commander. Chris recognized his face from a picture; the Marines had been tasked with killing him for 30,000 gold. A shot to the Commander's forehead and a smoke grenade that blinded his guards was all Swordbones needed to complete his task and take the body with him.

The following day, Chris had heard an EITC plot to wipe out all pirates, as well as plans for a new EITC weapon and fortress, a ship more terrifying than a Ship of the Line, and that the plans were being stored in Fort Dundee.

The intruder

After hearing this, Swordbones got into an EITC uniform that he stole a few years back, and managed to get past the first few guards. When one of them recognized his face, though, he was forced to kill the guard. After getting to an office in Fort Dundee, he was about to enter it, but a guard refused to let him, demanding ID. As such, Chris had to kill the guard. Afterwards, he entered the office, and found the plans on the desk in the office. Before taking them, Chris set fire to the office, then escaped via a secret passage behind a dresser. As he ran out of Fort Dundee, he ran into the guard he encountered earlier. The guard attempted to arrest Chris when he realized Fort Dundee was on fire just after Chris visited it. He also spoke to an EITC officer, realizing the name Chris used was the name of a long-dead officer. Swordbones fought back, however, and the last thing the guard heard was the motto of Skull's Marines, as a sword was violently ripped out of his stomach. Chris then went to Tortuga, and left the EITC plans on Skull's desk in his home. A few hours later, Chris learned that there were more plans sent to other forts. Chris got back to business in Fort Charles, disguised once more. Before he could enter, a cadet told him he couldn't, prompting Chris to kill the cadet. After warning the cadet's comrade to not make the same mistake, he entered the fortress. As he was looking for the office in Fort Charles, Chris encountered a guard, a rather arrogant one, who believed he was superior. Chris could only get the guard off his back by holding a gun to his head. Afterwards, he found the office, but a guard was there, making sure the plans would not be stolen. After Chris disposed of the guard, he stole the plans, but was halted by a guard as he left with them. Very much like the incident in Fort Dundee, the guard knew that the identity Swordbones used was of a dead officer, and as such, Chris was forced to kill the guard. As he made his move, however, the guard's yells alerted two EITC officers. They chased him through the fortress, but were unable to get him as he jumped off Fort Charles.
Screen shot 2013-04-20 at 11.53.18 AM.png
Swordbones dropped the plans on the beach as he fell, then retrieved them when he swam back to shore. He then proceeded to burn them to remove all existence of the plans. The only existing plans for the new ship were in Skull's Mansion. When Chris returned to the mansion, a man entered the house a few minutes after Chris entered. Chris, who was hiding under a table, suddenly burst out of the top of it, and told him to leave. The man claimed the house was his now, even after orders to leave. As such, Swordbones was forced to get a dagger out…

D ays afterwards, Chris caught word of more plans in an EITC-controlled cave. He managed to get there, finding a lost village in the process. He recognized the village, as he lived in it during his early 140s before his visit to Port Royal. After slaughtering the skeletons in the destroyed village, he found the cave, and the base, using his EITC uniform as a disguise. When he entered the office in the base, he attacked and killed a guard, then proceeded to loot the area. He found an old family heirloom in a crate, then stole the EITC plans before setting fire to the building. After leaving, he was accused of destroying the base, and was attacked by guards. He managed to jump over several guards, causing some to accidentally stab and shoot each other. He eventually escaped, and gave the plans to Captain Skull.

The Marines have a new 3rd in command- Mega, ex Guildmaster of Nightlock. At some point, Chris had helped in a battle of Padres del Fuego, being part of Skull's squad. After winning the battle, Chris boarded a crewmate's ship. Traveling aboard the Renegade Dragon, they were off the coast of Padres when the Renegade Dragon's captain, codenamed Dragonfury, tried to murder Chris. Fortunately for the Marine, he had some other Marines with him, who shot the traitor, and then the ship was looted. Explosives were placed in the ship, and the Marines escaped back to Padres on a dinghy.


Chris was given yet another assignment sometime after the meeting. He was given the coordinates to an island, but was not given the name. When he entered, he found a sign that said, "INFERNO territory! Keep out, intruders!" Chris, not willing to give up, ignored the sign and continued onward, along with some other Marines. Chris ordered the Marines to not commence the assault until they saw a signal, which he then explained to them. Chris continued onward, and found several guards, who where silently assassinated. They swiftly entered a base, and were asked for ID. This prompted Chris to stab the guard, and the Marines continued onward. Several elite INFERNO guards attempted to attack the Marines, but several hidden Marines suddenly appeared. The tricky soldiers were using Phantom Spirits! This was an advantage for Chris and his allies. After 45 minutes of fighting, the base was destroyed, supplies were stolen, and the Marines took the island as their own.

French Ball

Chris Swordbones eventually attended the French ball on March 19, 7:22 PM. At some point, however, gatecrashers arrived, and caused trouble everywhere. Fortunately, the Black Officers arrived, and assisted Chris in dealing with them. Some gatecrashers allowed themselves to be arrested, and others fought to the death. After dealing with the scum, another one, Hector Raidgrin, arrived to the French Ball and caused trouble. Chris and a Black Officer, codenamed Gold Craver, chased him down, and eventually cornered Hector in an office below the Citadel, but he refused to be taken in. He pulled out a Viper Blade, only to be disarmed and cut down. Chris then took the Sabre as his own.

New era

The Marines are now working for Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard. Chris now uses this position to enter Navy and EITC forts, however, he still remains as a friend of Jack Sparrow, often using his position to keep Jack out of jail. After attending the promotion of Dog Darkhayes, Chris was warned of an Undead Invasion, which he fought against with several other people. After Jolly Roger was defeated, Chris heard whimpering. He opened up a barrel to find a Cadet cowering in it. He hoisted the Cadet out of the barrel, telling him that he has failed him for the last time, before stabbing him with his Privateer's Bayonet. A Navy Officer then told Chris that a newly built fort now belongs to him. This new fort was built on the island that the Marines took from INFERNO long ago. News flash. The Marines are against the EITC once again. After receiving a letter in his office, he had orders to kill all EITC and Navy in his fort and on his island. Chris walked out of his office and alerted several Marines about this. They each passed it on until every member of Skull's Marines was no longer allies with the EITC. After setting up a perimeter, the Marines killed the Navy and EITC, and eventually all Navy and EITC were dead.

Imperial War

"Hermit" strikes at Rebel captain Mark, but misses.

Chris Swordbones, now known as "Hermit", played a role in the Imperial War. Though absent at the first battle, he fought in the second, killing multiple Rebels who were attempting to kill Samuel Redbeard, which Skull's Marines has allied with once more. During the fight, he faced off with two Rebels, Mark and Halle. They managed to knock him to the ground, attempting to strangle him. He simply laughed at them and pointed out he had a cursed Aztec coin. After kicking them off of him, Hermit drew his Deepwater Blade, ready to fight. Later on in the fight, he faced off with Rebel Captain Mark. They dueled in the middle of the fight, with Mark being a good match in the sword fight against the immortal Marine. Finally, Hermit managed to gain the upper hand, and cut Mark on the arm. He quickly ran from Hermit and ordered several Rebels to attack him. Hermit struck them down with a single blow with his Deepwater Blade, then went into Fury Mode, where his blade glowed with fire.

Though battling Mark, Hermit strikes at another Rebel who attempts to shoot Samuel.

As Hermit was ready to strike Mark again, a female rebel, Halle, attempted to shoot Samuel Redbeard, but was quickly struck on the chest, and she fell onto Mark's shoulders. Mark was distracted, and Hermit stabbed him with his sword. After killing multiple Rebels, the fight ended, and the Rebels in the fight panicked and broke apart, fleeing to various areas on Padres Del Fuego. Hermit and his allies chased several of them down, and after killing as many as they could, they declared the victory as theirs.

As the Rebel dies on Mark's shoulder, Hermit finishes him off.

Hunt for Mary Lash

Hermit asks for the whereabouts of Mary Lash.

Hermit has now been given a task; find and kill Mary Lash. She caused multiple problems and killed allies of the Marines. The first person he went to was Woodruff, who he asked to tell him where she was. Woodruff simply said he would not tell Hermit unless he killed several Crabs who ate his friends. After killing the Crabs, Woodruff demanded rum. Hermit was getting tired of doing people's chores, so he unsheathed his Deepwater Blade, used its cursed fire power, and threatened to kill Woodruff. Woodruff gave in, and told Hermit where Mary was. Hermit tossed him a rum bottle as a reward, and went to Isla Perdida to assassinate her.

Hermit finds his target.

Hermit found his target cowering in the Queen's Nest. He swiftly unsheathed his sword and cut her across the head. He showed her head to the man ordering her death, and was paid 60,000 gold.

Hermit persuades Woodruff to speak up.

Destruction of the Marines

At some point, a man known as Captain Leon infiltrated Skull's Marines, and successfully destroyed it. Hermit was given instructions to find Leon and find out who he worked for. After successfully finding Leon and brutally torturing him, he found out who employed him. After stabbing the traitor and looting him, Hermit began a search for Pearson Wright. He has hired several people to find Pearson, and will offer thousands of gold to anyone who brings Pearson to him alive, his only reason being, "I wish to crucify him. He is a man who has the voice and behavior of a four-year old."

Leon survives

Unfortunately, Leon was revived by several followers, whom Leon simply saw as expendable assets. Hermit found him on Tortuga, revealing his intentions on destroying the EITC just as he did to the Marines. Leon then ran off, leaving his few followers behind. Hermit swiftly cut them down, but Leon got away. Hermit wrote a letter and sent it to Samuel Redbeard, hoping he would realize what Leon is truly up to.

Attempted assassination

After gaining information from an unknown person about the location of Leon's home, Hermit set out for it. He managed to pose as a salesman, and then picked off the guards, who did not yet know Leon was a double agent. After infiltrating Leon's home, he quickly attacked and killed a man, believing him to be Leon. He felt somebody cock a pistol behind him, and quickly turned around, slicing the real Leon's pistol in half. Leon quickly ran out the door, but was followed by Hermit. When Hermit ran out of the door after Leon, he found the Silver Freeze dagger pointed at him. He continued to duel Leon, knocking his dagger out of his hand. Leon unsheathed his sword, only to find Hermit kicking him in the chest, knocking him off a balcony, where he landed near the exit of his home's exterior wall. Leon jumped back to his feet, grabbed his cursed sword, knowing it could kill Hermit (though Hermit has Aztec Gold, his interaction with cursed weapons makes him vulnerable to them), and the duel continued. Leon, attempting to execute a killing blow, was caught off-guard, where Hermit stabbed him, and flung him over the edge of his home down to the beach below. Hermit, before jumping down to check, claimed Leon's dropped daggers as his own.
Now, Hermit did some investigation with his friends. They realized Pearson was innocent in the destruction of the Marines, so the bounty was removed. Afterward, he was invited to a secret fort to meet with Atticus Bitter, who Pearson Wright was also meeting with. Though Pearson didn't arrive, Hermit was invited by Atticus Bitter to be a Captain in the Raven Fleet. Hermit chose to give it a try, and alas, the Black Demon is in the Raven Fleet.

The Funeral

At some point, Pearson Hristov, old name Pearson Wright, had been hanged. After Hermit and several friends celebrated the death of Pearson, Hermit found a second funeral being held on a Frigate. Hermit interrupted it by firing on it with the cannons of the Black Demon. Hermit was recognized, and Pearson's friends opened fire, because Hermit had given the location of where Pearson was, thus allowing his capture and eventual hanging. After a fierce battle, Hermit docked on Isla Tormenta and hid underwater for his enemies. When they found him, he jumped out of the water and cut down several of his foes. His last target remaining was Cadet, an old friend of Pearson. Since Cadet showed rather insane behavior, even pulling his sword out at Hermit, the latter was forced to simply shoot Cadet. Hermit kicked the body, and received no reaction. He then left Tormenta to see his old friend, Ned Yellowbeard.

Saving the Black Pearl

Keeping his promise to Jack Sparrow, Hermit set out to rescue the Black Pearl from the Royal Navy. Since he was Second-in-command of the Royal Military, he had the feeling he could rescue it. However, some of the people he brought with them were pirates, and the guards denied his access. Because of this, Hermit pulled out his Deepwater Blade and got ready to fight. After rescuing the Black Pearl and sinking the Goliath, he reported to Jack Sparrow on Tortuga.

A few days after, Hermit came to a friend of his, King John Breasly of England. When he found him, he also encountered Carlos Clemente, a friend of Pearson. Carlos drew his sword and repeatedly threatened Hermit. Hermit simply pulled his sword out of his hand and threw it over a balcony, and laughed at Carlos's pathetic attempts. Carlos then tried to start an uproar against Hermit, but failed. He then "toddled", as Hermit described it, away from everybody throwing a temper tantrum, even throwing racial slurs at Hermit, leaving everyone in a shocked (O_o)state. Hermit then attempted to kill Carlos, but he escaped. Hermit was unhappy about this, stating that, due to his cannibalistic nature, he intended on eating Carlos.


Recently, King John Breasly gave the Marines a mission: Take out his former Lord Marshall, who claimed to still be the Lord Marshall. The Marines immediately set a course for "Lord" Harrington's island, where their invasion started with the bombing of the outer wall. After bombing the wall, the Marines killed the guards at the fort, and came across several "EITC" soldiers blocking the entrance. The Marines attacked them with Hermit cutting down one of them quickly, then moving onto another guard. As he dueled him, the Marines dealt with their Elite. As the Marines swept across the fort, killing the guards, Hermit went to the top to engage with Harrington. He threw a dagger into Harrington's bodyguard from behind, then kicked him, sending him falling from the balcony. Hermit jumped away as Harrington drew his sword, and immediately engaged in a swordfight with him. Hermit then kicked Harrington over the edge of the fort, but he managed to survive, but with major injuries. Harrington rolled down the staircase, and got up. Hermit jumped down from the fortress, with his sword ready. Harrington dove to the ground, grabbing his dropped pistol, and shot Hermit in the mouth. Hermit gargled, and appeared to be dying, but suddenly stood up again, and spat the bullet back out. Harrington looked at Hermit in confusion, and asked how he did that. Hermit replied with, "You need cursed weapons, genius", and he shot him back with his gun. Harrington fell off a ledge and into lava that was behind him. Hermit claimed his dropped hat as his own, and brought it to King Breasly, and the Marines received 500,000 gold in return.

Hunt for James

Recently, John Breasly's son, James, was caught planning against him, and shown to be insane. When Hermit attempted to arrest him, with the aide of Captain Robert, Edgar Wildrat, Matthew Blastshot, and several others, James pushed everyone down and ran out of the building they were in. He then jumped over a ledge and into the ocean, and swam away. Hermit chased after him, and pointed his bayonet at him, saying he and Edgar simply wanted to negotiate. When James refused, Hermit and the others chased him again to a well. When James finally gave in, he was too late. Hermit drew his Deepwater Blade, activated Fury Mode, and struck him down, then tossed him down the well.

A new war

A war has begun. Carlos Clemente started to wage war against Lord Benjamin Macmorgan of the EITC. Benjamin, however, appointed the newly-resurrected Leon as his third-in-command. Hermit found Leon and the rest of the Co. Empire duking it out with Clemente and the few followers of the deceased Samuel Harrington. After a while, Hermit joined in, and pinned Clemente down, snapping at him repeatedly due to his cannibalistic nature. Clemente kicked Hermit off, and tried to attack him with his sword. Hermit managed to bite off one of Clemente's ring fingers, and took his ring away in the process as a trophy. Clemente quickly ran from the fight, vowing to return again. The Co. Empire then pointed their weapons at Clemente's last ally in the area, Gastro. He managed to escape, and the battle was held in favor of the Co. Empire. Hermit was surprised at Leon's apparent change in heart, and decided to watch him for a while.

New training

Hermit recently was hearing about the groups known as Ninjas, and heard about their appearance and fighting style. Hermit felt inspired by them, so he chose to sail to South-eastern Asia to train to be one. After many months, he found a training camp for the Ninjas, Hermit was grabbed from behind by a Ninja. The Ninja tried to cut his throat, but Hermit kicked her in the stomach, turned around, kneed her in the stomach, and finished her off with his sword. He walked up to a class of Ninjas-in-training, and requested he could join them. The teacher told him he was unworthy, but Hermit was determined to learn the teachings. He asked the teacher how he could prove he was worthy, and the teacher chose to assign him some trials.
First he was to learn to mind his surroundings. Hermit listened carefully, and heard a faint footstep behind him. He immediately turned around and cut down two Ninjas who were behind him. Several more attacked him with their blades, but he bested them easily. After passing his trial, which took half an hour, he was to be taught patience. He was forced to wait a full day for his third trial, thus teaching him patience.
After years of training, Hermit was considered the best student, and was given his last trial: There was recently a war between the Ninjas and the Samurai. Hermit was to locate a Samurai base and kill their leader with only 4 fellow Ninjas. He infiltrated the base successfully, and killed the guards on the outside. He sent his fellow Ninjas to deal with the other guards on the outside and inside, while he was to take down the leader. He climbed on top of the ceiling, and suddenly dropped down, cutting down one of the Samurai Leader's bodyguards, then broke the other's neck in mere seconds. He pointed his Deepwater Blade at the Samurai Leader, who pulled his katana out. They dueled as the other four Ninjas dealt with the guards silently, and Hermit finally ended the duel by cutting the Samurai's sword-wielding hand off. The Leader kicked Hermit through a window, and used his other hand to stab Hermit in the chest. Hermit looked down, then removed his mask, and the moonlight shined on him, revealing his skeletal form. The Leader cursed at Hermit and called him a Demon, but was interrupted when Hermit struck him with his Deepwater Blade. Hermit took the Leader's Armor and katana, and delivered the Armor to his teacher. The teacher appreciated Hermit, and considered him one of the Ninjas. Hermit thanked his teacher for accepting him, and told him he will return another time. Saying that, Hermit sailed back to the Caribbean to try his new training on some enemies, hoping it would aide him in the war against Carlos Clemente.

The end of the War on Piracy

Hermit, who was seen fighting the Kraken on the Black Pearl, was located in Tortuga by Elizabeth Swann. She told him that she and many other pirates were going to need him to defeat Cutler Beckett and save Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones' Locker. Hermit agreed to travel to Singapore and meet up with William Turner to retrieve the charts to the Locker. Hermit met up with Hector Barbossa in time, and soon, both managed to save Elizabeth from Tai Huang and his men. While Barbossa, Elizabeth, and Tai Huang went to Sao Feng's hideout, Hermit broke away from the guild and met up with Joshamee Gibbs and his group. He fought in the Battle of Singapore, and was rarely seen afterwards. Hermit was seen at times such as the Black Pearl escaping the Locker, the discovering of the dead Kraken, and the Battle of Calypso's Maelstrom. He was sent to retrieve Beckett's body after the destruction of the Endeavor to ensure he was dead, and succeeded. With a great blow done to the EITC, Hermit returned to the Paradoxian War.

The death of Carlos Clemente

The final battle in the war against Pearson Wright's brother, Carlos Clemente, started. Hermit was on a trip to Spain, and was encountered by Captain Leon, whose neck Hermit pushed his sword to. He lowered his Blade, and made a deal with Leon, as well as Leon's group. Hermit was to give them a specific signal to commence the coup against Pearson. Hermit sneaked into Pearson's castle, killing guards and making sure no visible marks in their uniforms were made. He tossed the uniforms out windows to Leon and his group members outside the castle, then finally got one for himself. Hermit stormed into Pearson's room, and tossed a grenade. It exploded, destroying the middle section of the floor, and the pieces dropped onto multiple floors below. The phony guards heard the sound of the domino effect, and the coup began. Hermit dueled Carlos, as Leon and his members killed the guards, and advanced to the top. The duel led to the outside of Carlos's tower, miles from the ground. The moon shined on Hermit multiple times, revealing his skeletal form, and shocking Carlos. Hermit noted that in several parts of the battle, he took multiple bites out of Carlos, taking a grand total of 3 fingers. Finally, Leon entered Carlos's room, and destroyed one of the windows onto the outside of the tower. Carlos was trapped, but he wasn't going to give up. Carlos quickly decapitated Hermit when he was in skeletal form. Hermit's body caught the head, and fell off the tower, and Leon began to fight Carlos.

Hermit, hanging from a gargoyle on the tower, head-in-hand, moved into the moonlight to fit his head on, then got out of the moonlight. The wound healed, and Hermit was ready for battle again. Carlos and Leon were on the roof of the former's tower, dueling ferociously. Hermit scaled the tower on the outside, and when he reached the top, he found Leon performing Blade Storm on Carlos. The final move of the combo, the stab, hit Carlos, who yelled in pain. Carlos kicked Leon in the groin, and was helped up by Hermit. Hermit shot Carlos in the shoulders with a double-barreled pistol, disabling his ability to use his arms to fight. Hermit and Leon, a temporary team, finished Carlos off with their swords, and Hermit took one of Carlos's swords as a trophy. Leon offered Hermit a position in the Spanish Government when he takes it over, and asked him to help him destroy the current members. Hermit turned it down, and left Spain while the rest of the coup began. Hermit eventually realized why Leon wanted Carlos dead, and though he was mad that Leon used him, Hermit still smiled at the memory of the duel, and eventually heard claims that Leon was stabbed to death by a man known as "Rad", though for real, Leon had escaped the failed coup.

Later, Hermit went to Raven's Cove to hunt for more cursed swords. On his way out, he saw one of Clemente's sons, Arturo, on El Patron's ship, trying to open up the Skull Chest on-board. Hermit, remembering a bounty on Arturo, got his sword ready, and jumped down onto the ship. Arturo got his sword out, but chose to run from Hermit. Hermit chased after him, sword in hand. Hermit finally managed to catch up to Arturo, and dueled him for a short time, finally stabbing his arm. Arturo, wounded, ran once again, with Hermit on the chase again. Finally, Hermit caught up to Arturo, and got his weapon ready again. Arturo prepared for the final battle against Hermit, and a long swordfight ensued. In the end, Hermit took Arturo's sword, ring finger, and hat, and pushed him over a cliff to his death. They were shown to the man who put the bounty on Arturo, and Hermit was rewarded.

Hunt for the Fountain of Youth

Some time in 1750, Hermit had managed to assist Jack Sparrow in his escape from London, then left Jack and Captain Teague to discuss the Fountain of Youth. In the meantime, Hermit searched for Gibbs to save him from the English, but found nothing. After some time, a blowdart hit him from behind, and he fell into the arms of one of Edward Teach's zombie lieutenants. He took place in notable events on the Queen Anne's Revenge, such as the mutiny. He was also seen at White Cap Bay, where he was pulled off the shore by a Mermaid, who dragged him underwater. Hermit simply cackled, stating he can only die by cursed weapons, so the Mermaid started trying to tear him apart. Immediately, Hermit snapped the Mermaid's neck, and swam back to the surface. Hermit later was shown at the Battle of the Fountain of Youth, where he killed English, Spanish, and even his fellow crewmen, hoping to escape Blackbeard's grasp. In time, Hermit joined Barbossa's crew when the latter took Blackbeard's crew, but didn't hesitate to watch Blackbeard's death from a distance. He and Barbossa sailed to Tortuga, the latter being a pirate once again.

The war against Aplentia

Hermit has joined the Gen. of Peace guild, and has been enjoying it for a long time. However, he encountered a former member of Skull's Marines, Aplentia, whom Skull had ordered Hermit to kill several times. She has been resurrected each time, and is back for revenge. She joined the Gen. of Peace, and secretly told Hermit that she cannot be stopped, and that she will ruin his life. Hermit showed little fear, and spoke to Lawrence Daggerpaine. Neither of them know what to do, so Hermit simply prepared himself for whatever attack Tia would try on him.

Enjoying life

At some point, Hermit decided to go to a party with his friends on Isla Perdida. He humorously pretended to bite Lawrence Daggerpaine, an ex-enemy, who was now his friend. Immediately, his friend Bess Firebones, mistaking him for an attacker, attacked Hermit, then challenged him to a fight. Hermit agreed, confident that he wouldn't lose. Everyone created an Aura, making both of them immune to death, where instead they would just fall over, stunned. Both fought very well, mostly with swords, until Bess got a Repeater out and shot Hermit. In the end, Bess had a score of 2, by defeating Hermit twice. However, Hermit's score was twice as much. The match was over, and immediately Bess accused Hermit of "cheating", even though there were no rules for the fight. She then tried to protect her ego by trying to change the scores. People, finding her and her ranting a disturbance, had security take her off the island for the remainder of the party.

Clemente's revival

At some point, Carlos Clemente was revived, and once again began his campaign to become King of Spain. Hermit was instructed to kill Clemente once and for all. Hermit sat on a cliff for hours, waiting for Clemente's carriage to ride by. As it neared, Hermit threw a grenade. The explosion tore apart most of the carriage, sending Clemente's advisor, Carlos la verde Sanita, out of the carriage. The Carriage, which was flipped over, landed on a trap Hermit set up. The cleverly set up trap set off explosives Hermit planted under the ground, causing a massive explosion. Admirals Matthew O'malley (whom Hermit revived later)and David, as well as the resurrected Prince Cadet, were killed. Carlos stated he will return some day, and told Sanita to take care of the Rangers, then died. Sanita returned to Clemente's main city on foot, and brought news of his death. A search party was sent to find the bodies, but found that the bodies of Clemente and O'malley were gone. Hermit revived O'malley, as he didn't mean to harm him, and as for the body of Clemente, nobody knows what happened to it.

The end of the Clemente Era

As Hermit prepared a bonfire to celebrate his assassination of Clemente, several Spanish soldiers came out of nowhere. A brief battle occurred, and in the end, the Spanish escaped with Clemente's body.
He had been reincarnated for the last time and used the name of his stepbrother-Francis Chiphawk. His end was near. He again attempted to continue his legacy, until the once-again revived Cadet revolted against him. He was assisted in the war against Clemente by many, including Skull's Marines, England, France, and thousands of Spanish soldiers. There were several battles, though the last one was the most memorable. Many ships fought against Clemente's fleet. Both fleets clashed, and the Red Rebellion Flagship, the Wind-racer Starlight, fought against Clemente's Flagship, the Shadow Rogue, piloted by Clemente's blindly-loyal ally, Hippie, where both ships eventually were near Rumrunner's Isle. Hermit manned a cannon and fought against the ship. The Shadow Rogue managed to blow off one of the masts of the Starlight, though the Starlight caused colossal damage. Finally, the captain ordered the boarding of Clemente's Flagship, and everyone immediately got their weapons out. The Shadow Rogue was hooked, and its cannons were destroyed, so there was no worry about the ship destroying the Starlight while everyone boarded. Soldiers from both ships boarded their opposing ship, though Clemente's men were quickly killed when they got on the Starlight. Hermit killed one of Clemente's men as he swung to the Starlight, and used the rope to get across to the Shadow Rogue. A Spanish soldier ran at him, and Hermit simply flung him over his shoulders, off the ship, and into the water, where hungry fish organized his demise. A misfiring shot from one of Clemente's other ships struck one of the Rogue's masts, making it collapse. Hippie was almost hit by it, though a large chunk of wood had stabbed him in the heel. He ran at Hermit, but was grabbed and thrown through a hole in the floor, sending him into a lower level. Hermit fought his way around the ship with his allies, searching for Clemente.
Hermit looked in the Captain's Cabin, where he found rare valuables on the ship. Hermit seized several of them, deliberately making a loud noise as he dropped a golden idol to the floor. Clemente jumped out of hiding, readying his cursed sword. Hermit and Clemente dueled fiercely, and finally, the resurrected Samuel Redbeard burst through the door, flintlock ready, and shot Clemente. Unfortunately, the shot only hit him in the shoulder, so Clemente survived. Several Black Guard soldiers entered as well, but Hermit told them to lower their weapons and instead loot the Captain's Cabin. Clemente furiously punched at Hermit, but his fist was caught by Hermit's quick reflexes, and twisted. Clemente yelled in pain, and several more Rebellion soldiers entered to make sure nobody interrupted the fight. Finally, Hermit and Clemente seized each other, and threw themselves into the Cabin's back door, and over a balcony. They landed on a second balcony in the back that was outside of the First Mate's Cabin. Clemente and Hermit scrambled for their weapons, and resumed the duel. Hermit managed to get ahold of Clemente'e shoulders, and repeatedly hit him against a wall.

Hippie, still in the lower levels, heard the noise, and opened up the door to his cabin. He drew a flintlock and loaded cursed rounds into it. Hermit immediately pulled Clemente in the way, using him as a human shield. Hermit ordered Hippie to drop the gun, but the latter refused, stating Hermit would just kill him and Clemente anyways. Hermit, surprised, called him a smart lad, and said that whether he puts the gun down or not, both will still die. Hippie pulled the trigger, and Hermit fell to the floor. Clemente staggered for a moment, and fell to his knees. Hermit suddenly jumped up again, shot Hippie in the stomach, then struck Clemente again, knocking him to his back. Hermit walked over Hippie, and finished him off, while Clemente jumped from his ship and swam to Rumrunner's Isle. Black Guard troops came, and Hermit ordered that they take Hippie's body for the "celebration", as he jumped over the ship as well.
Clemente finally reached Rumrunner's with few survivors, who began to despair at the possibility of starving to death. Clemente, however, stated that he left a dinghy on the island prior to the battle, and led his soldiers to it. However, several Rebels came out from the bushes, and opened fire. 5 of Clemente's soldiers dropped dead. Clemente made a mad dash for the dinghy, but was confronted by several more Rebels. Rebels and Spanish soldiers arrived at the island to fight each other, and eventually, Clemente managed to fight his way to the dinghy after 15 minutes of fighting on the island. As soon as he reached the dinghy, Hermit jumped out and surprise-attacked him. He disarmed Clemente and made a quick cut across his chest. Clemente fell once again. The fight finally finished, and Hermit ordered the bodies taken to the celebration, saying he would deal with them himself.
At the ceremony, Hermit and several friends prepared the food. He set up two buffet tables; one was for Cannibals, containing what was left of Clemente, Hippie, and several other Spanish soldiers; the other had meat from other animals, some fruit, vegetables, and crumpets. Hermit and his friend, Edgar Wildrat, Prince of England, took meat from both tables, though John Breasly was slightly bothered by his heir consuming humans, but concluded that nearly everyone at the celebration would like to do such a thing to Clemente and his lackeys. The celebration lasted 12 hours, and finally, as it ended, a familiar face was shown putting Clemente's meat in his coat. Hermit excused himself, stating he was having "an old friend for dinner", as he casually followed the man, who was none other than Clemente's Advisor, Carlos la Verde Sanita. Sanita's status is currently unknown.

New Era

The Destruction of Clemente's followers

August 17, 1751. It has been 1 month since the battle. Carlos Clemente has been killed. His remaining followers hope to bring him back once again, and his brother, Francis Chiphawk, leads them now. Carlos la Verde Sanita, the advisor of Clemente, has managed to meet up with Francis and the rest of his followers. Sanita has a piece of Clemente's meat from the celebration, and narrowly escaped Hermit, but had many scars on his face from a fight with him. Together, the leaders of Clemente's forces, Chiphawk and Sanita, began a ritual with the meat, hoping to use it to bring Clemente back to life. However, they still required one thing - A vial of blood from Clemente's killer. Getting blood from Hermit would be risky, but the 2 leaders felt it was worth it. Sanita decided to get the vial by himself, and began his hunt for Hermit. While Sanita did that, Chiphawk threatened a local archives center, known as the PonceO'Ten Con O'fleef Wiki (library or archives center), or POTCO, for short, with being destroyed. He said he was going to use false evidence to convince a mysterious organization onto his side to help him destroy the Archives center if they didn't help him revive Clemente. Meanwhile, Sanita, knowing a secret hideout that Hermit was known to go to, Sanita went to Tortuga.
August 18, 1751, 1:14 PM. Sanita sat in a bush, awaiting the arrival of Chris, AKA Hermit. Chris arrived to the hideout, dragging a follower of Clemente with him. He walked along the path with the still-alive Paradoxian, and Sanita followed him. Sanita found Chris at a ledge overlooking a Gator pit. Chris dropped the Paradoxian off the ledge, into the swampy pit. The Paradoxian screamed as the gators devoured him, and Chris chuckled to himself sadistically. Sanita jumped from hiding, and cut Chris across the chest. He then struck Chris over the head with the hilt of his sword, stunning his enemy. Sanita leaned Chris forward, and blood dripped into the vial that Sanita held. Sanita then pushed Chris into the pit to leave him to dismemberment, but the gators did not attack Chris. Sanita fled the hideout and Tortuga, and returned to the Paradoxian hideout to begin the resurrection.

August 18, 1751, 11:45 PM. Sanita and Chiphawk stood before a skull idol. The ghost of Clemente was seen next to it, watching the ritual. Chiphawk set Clemente's meat in the mouth of the skull idol, while Sanita got the vial of blood. He prepared to open it, when suddenly the vial was shot out of his hand, though it wasn't destroyed, as it was made out of a strong type of glass. Sanita, Chiphawk, and Clemente's forces turned around to see the one who shot the vial. Chris stood in the doorway, alongside his leader, codenamed "Capt. Skull X". Chiphawk walked away from the idol, down a pathway. Paradoxians moved out of the way as their current leader walked towards them. Chris walked down the staircase in front of him in Chiphawk's direction.

"What are you doing here, scum?!" asked Chiphawk.
"Stopping you from bringing that narcissist back to life", replied Chris.
"Well, you've failed!" exclaimed Sanita, who opened the vial, "He comes back tonight!"
Sanita poured the blood into the Skull idol's mouth, and its eyes began to glow red.
"When this idol's eyes glow blue at midnight, Sir Carlos Clemente will come back to life. And this time, we will use our powers to make him invincible!"
Chris told him that wasn't going to happen. He drew his sword. "Kill them all!" Chris exclaimed, as he swung at Chiphawk, who immediately blocked the attack. EITC, Navy, Marines, and other forces against Clemente rushed out of the archway Chris emerged from, weapons ready. Clemente's forces drew their weapons as well, and a large battle ensued. Sanita lifted a sword, the legendary one-of-a-kind World Eater Blade, off the ground, and stood near the idol. Chris pinned Chiphawk down, and made several stabs with his sword, attempting to strike his head. Chiphawk dodged each attack, and kicked Chris in the groin. Chris fell over, and Chiphawk jumped to his feet, cursed sword at the ready. He stabbed at the ground, and Chris rolled out of the way. He kicked Chiphawk in the face, breaking his nose. Chiphawk backed away, ordering several Paradoxians to take down Chris. The Paradoxians drew their cursed swords, and tried to stab Chris, who dodged the attacks. Chris cut off half of the right arm of one of the Paradoxians, disarming him, and causing him to bleed out. The other Paradoxian ran off in fear, only to be caught in the crossfire between Paradoxian and Black Guard gunmen. Chris slowly advanced towards the idol, and drew his pistol. He opened fire on one of Chiphawk's bodyguards, then threw a knife at the second. He reached the idol, and both Sanita and Chiphawk approached him from both sides of the idol, ready to fight. Both charged at Chris, and swung their swords at him. Chris caught Sanita's hand, and pushed it back, causing him to club himself in the face with his own sword. Chris pushed Sanita down, and turned to Chiphawk.
11:53 PM. The battle was still going on. Chris and Chiphawk were dueling near the idol, whose eyes were glowing yellow. Clemente's ghost watched the two fighting. and repeatedly yelled at Sanita to get up and start fighting again. Sanita slowly rose to his feet, and collapsed again. Meanwhile, Capt. Skull X and his wife, Cherie, were dueling a Paradoxian known as Francisco, who was Chiphawk's 3rd in Command. Skull grabbed Francisco's head, and smashed his head against his. Francisco looked dazed, and Skull grabbed him by the shoulder. Cherie walked up to Francisco, and performed her infamous "groin-kicks" on him. Francisco fell to his knees, yelling in pain. Skull pulled out a dagger, and pointed it at Francisco's neck.
Chris was fighting Chiphawk still. It was now 11:59, and the idol's eyes were green. Chiphawk kicked Chris in the jaw, then pressed his sword to his neck.
"You dare try to destroy my lord!" exclaimed Chiphawk.
"You are blinded, Chiphawk. Clemente is an evil man. He is an egotist, and he would leave you to die to save his own skin. He's a coward. Stop believing what he tells you." Chiphawk pinned Chris down, snarling, "The same goes to you, Sanita!" Chris yelled at Sanita, who has finally gotten up.
It was finally midnight. The idol's eyes glowed blue. The idol let out a blinding flash, and Clemente's ghost became more and more visible by the second. Sanita raised his World Eater blade to kill Chris, but suddenly his own eyes started glowing blue. Clemente, who still appeared to possess a blue, liquid-like form, stood behind Sanita, clutching the latter's shoulder.
"I thank you for helping me. But, just like the rest of my soldiers, you too, are expendable", said Clemente.
"Your own brothers?" asked Sanita.
Clemente nodded. Sanita turned into a blue liquid, and immediately went into Clemente, dropping his World Eater Blade to the ground. Clemente assumed a more solid form.
"Kill him", ordered Clemente, who was gradually becoming more human-like.
Chiphawk hesitated for a moment. He didn't know what to do. He couldn't tell what would happen from what actions he could possibly do; if he attacked Clemente, he may be killed. If he killed Chris, Clemente may absorb him as well. Chris pushed Chiphawk off of him, and quickly stabbed Clemente in the gut. Clemente disarmed Chris, who simply picked up the World Eater Blade that Sanita dropped. He dueled Clemente, while Chiphawk sat on his knees in despair, unable to choose a side. Chris struck Clemente on the shoulder. A flash emanated from the wound, and disappeared immediately. Chris felt stronger. The Blade was draining his enemy's life with each successful hit. Chris struck Clemente on the side. Another flash, and Chris felt his own wounds heal. Chris did a Reversed Spin Cut, sending Clemente's weapon out of his hand. Chris performed a Jump Slash on Clemente, leaving a large, glowing, vertical gash going from his forehead down. Clemente stumbled for a bit, and became a human-shaped blue liquid again. He deformed, and turned ghostly again. Chris swung at Clemente's ghost, and the hit somehow connected with the ectoplasmic body. Clemente's ghost disintegrated completely, leaving Chiphawk shocked. Half of the Paradoxians started disintegrating as well, and Chiphawk looked on in horror. Chris, after picking up his Deepwater Blade and putting the World Eater Blade away, turned to Chiphawk, who jumped up, with a crazed look on his face.
"Chris! Acknowledge that you are do-"
Chiphawk was interrupted by Chris, who shot him in the stomach. Chiphawk was still alive, and immediately shot himself in his terror. Clemente and all of his followers were gone, and there was no possible way of them returning. However, a demented laugh was heard, and cracks appeared in the ground. Clemente was using his last bit of strength to destroy the island, hoping to take everyone with him. A Paradoxian started for the stairs, and the ground opened up under him, sending him to his death. Chris yelled at the EITC, Marines, Navy, and other surviving Resistance soldiers to run, and they did so. Soldiers from both Resistance and Paradoxian forces were claimed, though many were able to reach the doorway. They ran through, and half of the surviving Paradoxians were claimed by the opening ground.
August 19, 12:10 AM. The Paradoxian forces were destroyed. Their island was in ruins, and was slowly sinking into the sea. The Resistance soldiers were aboard their ships, sailing away. Chris stood in the Captain's Cabin of the Black Demon, looking out the windows out to the island. He turned away when the island was completely submerged. He walked outside of the cabin, and was asked by Skull on what to do next. Chris yelled out to the whole ship, "To Tortuga! Celebration at Tortuga!"
The order was passed along to the crews of the remaining Resistance ships. They sailed to Tortuga, and a held a victory celebration in the King's Arm tavern. Peace had finally returned to the Caribbean, for now.


Chris was wandering the streets of Port Royal, searching for something to steal. Immediately, he was hit from behind by a Navy Guard's gun, and he blacked out.

Chris came back to consciousness, finding himself in front of a noose in Fort Charles. He looked around himself; People were watching. A Navy captain dressed in blue, acknowledging Chris was finally awake, opened up a scroll.

"Chris Swordbones, true name Chris Crane", said the man, "You know why you are here. You have been charged with multiple crimes against the crown."
Surely they know I'm Johnny-boy's friend, Chris thought to himself.
"These crimes include, but are not limited to: Murder, theft, resistance, destruction of personal property, plotting against the EITC…"
That was years ago, Chris thought to himself again.
"…Impersonation, piracy, and general lawlessness. On this day, your punishment for these crimes… is to be hanged… by the neck until dead. Now, we are aware of your immortality, except to one specific item - cursed items. We made sure of that with this noose. This was made just for you. May God have mercy on your soul, Mr. Crane. You die tonight."
"I'm not sure of that", Chris replied, chuckling.
The hangman pulled the lever, opening the trapdoor. Immediately, Chris spread his legs out, and grabbed the nearby guard's sword to cut the noose. After throwing the noose off, Chris head-butted the Navy Captain off of the platform, and grabbed a bag containing his weapons. He pulled his Deepwater Blade out of the bag, and used its cursed fire to destroy the shackles on his wrists and legs. Chris then stabbed the executioner in the gut. He then dueled a Navy guard briefly before cutting him on the chest. Chris then kicked the dying guard off the platform, and ran through Fort Charles, as the civilians nearby watched in terror. Several Navy guards fired cursed rounds at Chris, who ducked and rolled forward. Several Black Guard soldiers drew their swords, and dueled Chris briefly, the latter jumping off Fort Charles, yelling, "I'm coming for you."
The captain walked over and looked over the edge. Chris was no where in sight. One of the guards walked up to him to comfort the shaking man.
"Orders sir? Don't worry, we can find a way to keep you from being punished for this."
"It's not my punishment that frightens me", replied the captain, "It's the fact that an immortal, cannibalistic, murderous pirate just escaped my clutches, and hopes to kill m-"
The captain felt something underneath his boot. He looked under to see a glowing stone. He picked it up, and looked at it curiously.
"This looks like those gossip stones that Skull's Marines uses for communications-"
The captain was interrupted by the voice of Chris.
"You are going to die in the next 5 seconds", Chris said through the stone.
The captain screamed in terror. He grabbed the nearest guard's pistol and shot himself with it.
"I never lie", chuckled Chris, who finally reached his ship, the Black Demon.


August 22, 1751. Chris was sailing to the island of Ikiw Enilno Setirip, which was in the middle of a war. Both Navy and pirates were on the island fighting for territory. Chris stepped foot on the island, and was encountered by both Navy and Pirates. Chris cut them down, and casually walked to the library to read. After walking out, he noticed the island's government was having issues. One of the representatives, Kycin Nealin, was badmouthing several other islands and tempting people to destroy the high-position inhabitants, secretly planning to take them for herself. Chris, however, confronted everyone about it, and managed to find evidence that proved this representative wrong. However, Nealin tried to destroy the evidence, but Chris managed to bring it back. Nealin, who had obviously gone mad with power, had Chris arrested, then proceeded to lie to the inhabitants by saying he had been causing drama and other problems. The government, along with others, believed this, unfortunately.

August 23, 1751. Chris was in his cell, with a sharp rock he had smuggled in. Every time nobody was watching, Chris secretly carved into the walls, and several friends of Chris had arrived. They made a petition requesting the release of Chris, but again, Nealin drove fear into multiple officials and other inhabitants to ensure that Chris was not released from jail. Nealin was pleased with this, and continued to spread political corruption, knowing Chris could do nothing about it now that he was in jail.

10:37 PM, August 29, 1751. Chris finally loosened the wall. He waited for the guards to leave, and immediately pushed the blocks in the wall, and it completely fell apart. Chris ran out of his cell and went back through the front door to claim his items. He then stealthily went to the government fort. He entered the fort, and killed the 2 guards that tried to stop him. He entered Nealin's office, only to realize that she wasn't there. He searched her desk for something that could help him, and found a to-do list. He searched for the most recent entry, and realized Nealin was going to her backyard to burn the evidence, hoping nobody could find the remains and figure out that she was corrupt. He quickly ran out of the fort and searched for her house, finding the sign that marked her home. He ran into the forest behind the house, and found Nealin.

Chris saw Nealin holding oil in her hand, attempting to light a fire, with the evidence laying on some firewood. Chris approached her, and she lit several nearby fireworks, which she set up to call for help should someone attempt to kill her. She asked Chris how he got out of jail, but he refused to answer. Chris shot at Nealin, who narrowly dodged the shot. Nealin pulled out a sword, and Chris pulled out his own. The two of them dueled for 10 minutes, and both officials and townspeople arrived. Chris clubbed Nealin with his sword, and oil from the container she held spilled all over her. Soldiers drew their muskets, and loaded cursed shots into them. Chris seized Nealin, and held her in their way. The government's leader, Trahkrad Noidisbo, ordered Chris to let Nealin go, but Chris told them that she was corrupt. Noidisbo asked how Chris would know this, and the latter picked up the evidence that Nealin dropped earlier. He threw it to Noidisbo, who read the evidence that revealed that Nealin had been causing the problems. Chris pressed a knife to Nealin's neck, her a painful death, then ordered her to explain her plan. Nealin unwillingly explained what she had been planning, and Noidisbo angrily ordered the soldiers lower their weapons. Chris let go of Nealin, while soldiers walked to her to arrest her. Immediately, Nealin cut their throats with a knife, and grabbed her cursed sword. She ran at Chris, screaming maniacally, and soldiers quickly opened fire on her. Nealin, despite being shot multiple times, continued running, but Chris caught her by the shoulder, and impaled her through the chest. Nealin was still not dead, and Chris cut her throat. Nealin fell to the ground, gasping for air, and Chris told her he had promised her a painful death. One minute later, Nealin finally suffocated. Chris spat on her corpse several times, then drove his sword into the body again. He used cursed fire, burning Nealin's oil-soaked corpse. Not too long after, Chris helped the government regain control of the island, then sailed away for another adventure.


September 19, 1752, 6:00 AM. Christopher "Swordbones" Crane was on the Skull's Marines private island. He was standing next to his old friend, codenamed Capt. Skull X, both men on a stage, the entire Skull's Marines guild watching.

"I am sorry to say," Skull said, "that I will be taking a long break from the Caribbean. I won't be back for a long time. I will be unable to lead the Marines for a while. It is unfortunate, I know, but I will return again. But, in the meantime, you will rarely see me. That said, I will be appointing Second-in-Command Christopher Crane, known as 'Hermit' to you guys, as the new Guildmaster of Skull's Marines."

The audience clapped sadly. They were clearly going to miss Skull. Chris stepped up to the podium Skull was in front of moments ago.

"I am honored by this promotion, and I will ensure the survival of the guild. We will face many hardships on the way, but we will never be defeated. Long live the Marines!"

The audience jumped from their seats, cheering. Chris turned around, putting the hood of his cloak over his head. He walked through the curtains behind him, and entered a private booth overlooking the auditorium.

9:00 AM. Skull's speech has ended, and he has finished up answering questions. Everyone left the auditorium and the goodbye party began. After many hours, the party started to clear out a bit. King George, commonly known to some as John Breasly, shook hands with Skull and Chris.
"Congratulations, Chris," John turned to Skull, "I'm sorry to see you leave for so long. By the way, how is Cher-"
Chris nudged John in the gut with his Voodoo staff, then whispered to him for a moment while Cherie walked past the two.
"Never mind. I'm sorry."
"It's alright," Skull replied.
John took a crumpet off a nearby Marine's plate and devoured it as he walked away. Other people, such as Lawrence Daggerpaine and Bill Plunderbones (known to others as "Billy Wok"), came to the two, said their goodbyes, and congratulated Chris. In time, Chris was met by a friend, Matthew O'malley, who was starting to retire. After a long conversation, Chris turned to Skull.
"How about we end this with a raid on Jolly Roger's flagship? It's supposed to be circling this island soon."
As Chris said that, a cannonball tore through one of the walls. Chris looked out the window.
"The Harkaway is outside. Shall we?"
"It's your choice, Chris, you're the new Guildmaster."
Everyone looked at Chris curiously.

"Well," Chris said, grinning, "let's blow them all to Hell!"

Everyone cheered. One of the Marines ran to a bell tower to ready the island to attack. Chris raised his sword, and ran to his ship, the Black Demon. The ship had been given a new appearance, now donning a black hull, black sails, and the Crane family crest on the sails. Chris stepped to the steering wheel, and turned to see his friend, Matthew O'malley, on the ship next to him. Both nodded to each other, and Chris raised his sword, and lightning struck the end of the blade. Lightning spread across the ship, the sails came down by themselves, and the ship suddenly went forward. The other defending ships followed the Black Demon. Several Death Omens and Revenants rose from the sea, and engaged in battle with the other defending ships. Marines climbed onto the Black Demon just as it left the port, and several jumped from other ships to serve Chris. The Black Demon sped straight towards the Harkaway, which was upgraded to an Undead Ship of the Line, and crashed into it. Splinters filled the air, and several Undead Raiders jumped onto the Black Demon. One ran towards Chris and swung a cursed sword at him. Chris caught the blade, and pushed back. The knuckle-guard on the sword went straight into the Raider's face, breaking it. Chris kicked the skeleton away, and continued sailing. Chris pointed his sword at the Harkaway, and multiple cannons on the Black Demon fired, despite the fact that they weren't being manned. The Harkaway returned fire, and several Marines were literally blown to pieces.

1:00 PM. The Harkaway had suffered severe damage. Though the Black Demon had suffered some damage, it was slowly repairing itself. The surviving Marines on the ship fired grappling hooks, successfully hooking the Harkaway. The Harkaway was completely trapped, its port side facing the Black Demon, all port cannons completely blown apart to prevent further damage to the Black Demon. Chris pointed to a crew-member, who raised a flag on the Black Demon that was to signal the surrounding defending ships that the Harkaway could be boarded. After many defending ships arrived, Jolly Roger walked out of his cabin and challenged all the ships to a battle. The Harkaway began to repair itself, prompting the nearby defending ships to open fire. As the repairing for the Harkaway was stalled, Chris and several Marines jumped onto the Harkaway. Lawrence Daggerpaine, Skull, Bill Plunderbones, Cherie, and many other allies jumped aboard from their ships to, ready for battle. Lawrence fought back-to-back with his friend, Bounty Hunter Bill, Skull fought alongside famed Marine Rockhopper, Cherie and Bill fought back-to-back, and Chris fought Jolly Roger. Jolly kicked Chris down, retracted a cursed blade from his arm, and prepared to kill Chris. Cherie threw a grenade, which obliterated the area Jolly was standing in, causing the latter to fall into a lower level. Chris jumped down, kicked Jolly in the face, and continued to duel him. After over half an hour of fighting, Chris had wounded Jolly Roger to a critical point. Jolly grabbed Chris by the throat, and threw him up through a hole in the ceiling, and back onto the outer deck. An Undead Commander lunged at Chris, but was kicked away, then blown apart by one of Cherie's grenades.

2:00 PM. Chris was dueling more Undead, and came across General Bloodless, who was promoted to a Dark Undead General, making him much stronger than ever. As Bloodless advanced on Chris, a sword ripped through him, and Matthew O'malley revealed himself, and both dueled Bloodless. Chris and O'malley dueled the General for 10 minutes, then finally cut his legs off. Bloodless fell onto the stubs that were left of his legs, and Chris wrapped his cloak around him. He violently slashed Bloodless in the head, and his cloak opened up again, showing a dying Bloodless. Jolly Roger watched from a higher deck, looking on in amazement as Chris clubbed Bloodless in the head with his Staff, blowing him apart. Chains suddenly wrapped around O'malley, and Chris saw a thin black line connecting the dark circle surrounding O'malley, and the source. General Hex was using magic on O'malley. Hex jabbed his Voodoo Doll with a pin, and O'malley started bleeding. Chris lunged at Hex, and stabbed the doll with his cursed sword, disabling the Attunement. Chris kicked Hex multiple times, then started pulling his bones off. O'malley got back up, and ran towards Hex, who pulled out a sword. Chris and O'malley dueled Hex for several minutes, before finally obliterating him with cursed swords. Jolly Roger jumped down, kicked Chris to the floor, and prepared to turn him into an Undead General. As he prepared to strike Chris, a sword ripped through him. Jolly was raised off the floor, and the sword was violently ripped out of him. Behind him stood a black-boned Undead skeleton. He had a flintlock on the right side of his belt, a dagger on the left, a black Ostrich hat with gold on the rim, and a torn sleeveless longcoat.

"Remember me?"

"Kaj Worras?!"

"That's my name," replied the skeleton.

Chris went deep into his memories, trying to remember such a familiar name. Worras kicked Jolly against a wall, and drove his sword through him again.

"I told you we'd win."

"Wait a second," Chris intervened, "Kaj Worras is your name according to Jolly. However, I saw you working for Jolly a little under a decade ago. You shot my brother."

"Why, yes I did," replied Kaj, "I remember you. And I'm sorry I killed your brother. Jolly and I are enemies now. I started a rebellion against him back in 1748, and since then have been commanding all Undead soldiers on Padres Del Fuegp. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to take your side in this fight."
Kaj twisted his sword a few times, before finally pulling it out of Jolly and sheathing it. Several more skeletons were destroyed by several more jet black-boned skeletons. As several Marines prepared to shoot Kaj and his fellow soldiers, Chris motioned for them to lower their weapons. The Marines obeyed the command, and allowed Kaj to take his soldiers off the ship. The surviving allies left the ship as well, sailing away as the Harkaway was destroyed by a massive explosion. As the ships returned to the private island, Chris noticed Jolly Roger standing on the remains of his ship.
"You will never defeat me," Jolly whispered in Chris's head, as the former disappeared beneath the water.
September 27, 1752, 5:00 PM. Chris was taking a walk with his friend, Bobby Moon. They were heading to Moon's ship to begin plundering with a crew. Later, Chris's Gossip Stone, which was made into a necklace, started vibrating, and he got it out. He spoke into it, and heard a response. It was O'malley.
"My son is dead… he was killed in battle… He died in my arms, and his last words were, 'I grow tired.'"
"Shame to hear that, Matthew," replied Chris.
After plundering, Chris sent letters to the friends of O'malley about what happened, giving details of when the funeral would be, and where it would be. Soon after, he had another conversation with O'malley notifying him of O'malley's marriage to Grace Wildscarlett. Chris immediately send out more notices, and informed John Breasly that he was going to be O'malley's Best Man.
September 28, 1752, 4:30 PM. Chris was looting out on the seas on the Black Demon. After some plundering with Billy Wok and Davy Hookwrecker, an EITC Corsair, in its last moments, fired explosive shots at the Black Demon. The ship was ignited, causing massive explosions, and sending Chris, Bill, and Davy plummeting into the water. They swam to the beaches of Port Royal, avoiding the Navy guards. It was 5:30 PM when Chris and his friends reached the funeral for Matthew O'malley Junior just in time. There were several people there, and Chris set up a firing line to pay respects. The funeral lasted many hours, before Chris put the hood of his cloak back up, and vanished into the darkness.

September 30, 1756, 4:00 PM. Port Royal. Chris was chatting with his friend, Johnny Coaleaston while watching old rival and friend, Leon, yell at random people . Without warning, Lightning struck the ground, and skeletons poured out of the water. These skeletons seemed enhanced, eyes glowing red, and having black and gold clothing and armor. Chris drew his bayonet, and opened fire on the skeletons from a distance. After some time, he used his Voodoo Staff, destroying many of the skeletons. After hours of fighting, Chris heard a familiar voice. He ran in its direction, and saw a familiar figure walking out of the water. It was Jolly Roger, but he seemed different. For starters, the color of his bones was a dark grey, his eyes were glowing red, his back was on fire, his clothing was black with dark gold lining, and he had glowing cracks covering his body. One pirate ran towards Jolly, but was obliterated by a bolt fired from Jolly's hand. Jolly Roger advanced through Port Royal, heading towards the Governor's mansion. Chris jumped off a bridge, landing in a small jungle, taking a shortcut to the mansion. Chris used his Gossip Stone to communicate with the other Marines, telling them to set up firing lines all over the mansion. Jolly Roger reached the mansion, where he met the firing squads. The squads opened fire, and glowing wounds covered Jolly's body. Chris jumped out of the trees, and landed on Jolly's back. He clubbed Jolly with his bayonet, but was grabbed by the foot and thrown off. Jolly pointed the gun attached to one of his arms, set it to "cursed", and prepared to fire. Out of nowhere, Johnny Goldtimbers, a former EITC lord that Chris had dueled in 1722 at Silver Lake, arrived, and attacked Jolly. Johnny dueled Jolly briefly before being seized by the throat. As Jolly choked Johnny, Chris got up, and stabbed him through the head. Light shot out of Jolly's wound, and more cracks appeared on him.

"I see your death, Crane! You will suffer in time!" yelled Jolly.
Chris, the Marines, Navy, and the other pirates watched as Jolly shrieked for several seconds, before finally exploding.
October 11, 1752, 2:00 AM. It has been a bit over a year since the complete destruction of Clemente and most of the Paradoxians. Chris was walking down a beach with John Breasly, introducing him to his cousin, Jade Firewalker. Hippie and his friends appeared out of no where, challenging them and England to a Ship vs Ship fight. The fight was a one-on-one battle, where the Red Rebellion was winning. Hippie, crying, summoned more ships, clearly going against the terms. After a while, however, the Paradoxian ships were either sunk or had retreated, but Hippie escaped to the English flagship, where he began whining and attempted to make England surrender. After the ship pointed on Isla Tormenta, Hippie whined even more, and acting like he was better than everyone else. Chris finally snapped, and tackled Hippie to the ground. He punched his face repeatedly before getting his sword out. Just before he drove it into Hippie's skull, he woke up in bed.
"Ugh, these dreams always end right before the most pleasurable part."
Chris got out of bed, and went down to Tortuga.
October 11, 1752, 6:00 PM. Chris was in the King's Arm Bar on Tortuga. Several members of Skull's Marines walked up to him.
"Sir, you have a visitor", said one of the Marines, who pointed to a man in a dark cloak.
Chris observed the man for a few seconds, then motioned for him to come. The man walked up to the table.
"Sit down."
The man sat down in the table opposite of Chris. Chris poured some wine into two goblets.
"So, what is it you wanted to talk about?"
8:00 PM. Chris and the man, who was known as Raphael Wright finished their conversation.
"Are you, by chance, related to a man known as Pearson Wright?"
"Why, yes, I am. Why do you ask?"
Chris didn't answer. He poured more wine into the goblets. Two men in the corner started arguing, then got their weapons out. One of them fired a flare through a hole in the ceiling. Chris wondered what was going on. Suddenly, several men dressed in Paradoxian uniforms ran in, and opened fire. Several Marines dropped dead. Paradoxians walked up to Chris, loading cursed rounds into their bayonets.
"Christopher Crane, we hereby place you under arrest for sparking rebellion, theft, treason, and murder", Raphael said as he got up, pointing a cursed flintlock at Chris's head.
Chris got up, and the Paradoxians led Chris out the door. Chris immediately kicked one of the Paradoxians in the groin, and lit a nearby cannon. The cannon fired a cannonball towards a campsite, where several Marines were. The cannonball hit the ground, making a large explosion, and alerting the Marines. They grabbed their weapons, and ran in the direction of the cannon. After searching for a bit, they saw a Paradoxian ship, which several Paradoxians were loading Chris into. The Marines opened fire, but the ship escaped, though the Paradoxians took multiple casualties.

"I can see your death", said Chris, "we're both going to die. I just have to hope I can stop my death."

October 13, 1752, 9:00 PM. Isla de Muerta. The Paradoxians dragged Chris, who had been subdued with poison darts. They brought Chris up to the nearby Chest of Hernando Cortez, and one of them pulled out a dagger. As they prepared to cut Chris's hand, a gunshot was heard. The Paradoxians, and their captive, looked towards the source. Several Marines were standing there, holding a dying Paradoxian. They dropped him to the ground. Capt. Skull X pushed several Marines out of his way.
"You guys have meddled in Marine business for the last time. Marines, KILL THEM ALL!"
Marines poured into the room, weapons ready. Paradoxians drew their weapons, while Raphael cut Chris's hand. He put his Aztec coin in his hand, soaking it in blood. Raphael threw the coin into the Chest of Cortez, but Chris had finally come to. Chris drew his sword, and kicked Raphael away. As Chris reached for his coin, Raphael stabbed his arm with a dagger, then pushed him away from the chest. Chris and Raphael began dueling, while Paradoxians and Marines dropped dead around them.
11:00 PM. Chris head-butted Raphael in the face, then kicked him in the groin. He ran for the chest again, but a gunshot rang out. Chris yelled out in pain, and looked down at his arm. It was beginning to bleed heavily. Chris turned around, and shot Raphael. Raphael, determined, shot Chris again with another pistol. Chris staggered, and continued to limp towards Raphael, who shot him a third time. Chris limped closer to Raphael, who loaded another shot into his pistol. Chris knocked the gun out of Raphael's hand, and stabbed him in the arm with a dagger. Raphael looked at the dagger, horrified. He started to feel dizzy, and realized the dagger was poisoned. He attacked Chris with his sword, and another duel ensued. Raphael knocked Chris's sword out of his hand, and stabbed him through the gut. Chris gagged, and reached for the chest again. As his hand reached his Aztec coin, he fell over. Chris gargled, and both Marines and Paradoxians watched, amazed. Chris suddenly turned completely grey, then jet-black, and then to dust, and the Marines quickly killed the last Paradoxians. Raphael pulled a pistol out, shot Skull, then watched the battle helplessly, and fell back, dead. Skull collapsed to the ground from his wound, gagging, and died.
Skull's body and Chris's dust were put in coffins and buried in the Skull's Marines Graveyard. Many attended the funeral, leaving various items in the coffins, and decorating the crypts. People were able to safely get Hermit's Aztec coin without becoming cursed themselves, and put the coin in his coffin. He now resides in the remains of Davy Jones' Locker, which exists for those who are either damned in the Caribbean, or completely are taken, body and soul. It is unknown if he will return or not. Pirates from around the world are currently figuring out a way to resurrect him, though the current attempted methods have all failed.


October 16, 1753. Crane has been dead for over a year. Many people who had once worshiped him have tried to resurrect him. All current methods have failed, mostly due to the attempts being sabotaged by Crane's enemies. One, however, was going to go wrong...

October 21, 1753. The remains of the gradually-collapsing Davy Jones' Locker. Chris stood at the wheel of the Black Demon, which had been sunk about a month prior to his death. He would often pass out and find himself watching his allies attempt to revive him. Being a cursed being due to not his Aztec Curse, but his Deepwater Blade, the rituals were difficult and always unsuccessful. He was starting to lose his mind due to the effects of the Locker, very much like his friend Jack Sparrow, and the Locker, in time, created multiple beings resembling him and having his personality. He would have conversations with them, plotting to find ways out of the Locker.

Skull's Marines graveyard. Chris's friends and allies were once again trying to resurrect him. First, they tried the ritual that brought Matthew O'malley back to life; they poured blood from a loyal friend, an enemy, and some dirt, onto Chris; Bill Plunderbones and Raphael Wright respectively. They saw Chris's ashes assume his form, and eyes glowing green, but they collapsed back into Chris's coffin.
October 22, 1753. Skull's Marines graveyard. Nortap, a ghost Chris had freed from Raven's Cove, marched over to Chris's crypt. He made a motion with his hand, and the crypt opened up. The coffin floated out, and opened up. Nortap walked over to the coffin, and eyed Chris's ashes briefly.
"It's time to return the favor. Accept this until you can find another way," Nortap said, as he raised his sword. He drove his sword into the ashes, and lightning struck them. The ashes stood up for a moment, and started to collapse again, but Nortap concentrated harder. The ashes reformed into Chris's shape.
Meanwhile, Chris was arguing with one of his hallucinations over a peanut, and suddenly Chris felt light-headed. Everything went dark, and Chris was standing in the graveyard. He looked at himself. He was a ghost. He looked up at Nortap, who gave him his possessions. The items turned ghostly as Chris put them on.
"Welcome to the crew," Nortap said, "you are, unfortunately, in an unstable form as a ghost. Until we can find a way to completely revive a cursed being such as yourself, you will be working for me. I've heard much about you, and I will give you a high rank on my crew. You… will be The Enforcer."
Chris turned into a shadowy form. His eyes started to glow green, and a dark blue cloud surrounded him.
"I heard you destroyed a cursed spirit with the legendary World Eater Blade. As Enforcer, you will use it as your own."
A ghostly World Eater Blade appeared in Chris's hand. Chris and Nortap walked out of the graveyard, and set off to Nortap's ship. Nortap created a massive whirlwind that covered the island as Chris and Nortap walked through town. The storm ended when the ship sailed away, and Nortap turned to Chris.
"Now, you are simply going to be my right-hand man-or, ghost. I will allow you to leave the ship, but you will assume a more skeletal form of the ghost you are right now. You will know when I summon you, and when I do, you are to teleport to me as soon as possible."
"Understood," replied Chris.

Time as a ghost

October 23, 1753. Chris came in contact with a man known as "Insomniac". Insomniac, who had a massive ego, felt he could best the ghost. He challenged Chris to a fight, saying, "Anything goes". Chris won the fight, and, as opposed to killing Insomniac like in his average fights, he simply pushed him over. Insomniac got back up, and started screaming at Chris, saying he "cheated", then proceeded to go around ranting about how he won the fight. In time, Johnny Goldtimbers, walked by, noticing the screaming maniac, and beat him to the ground with his cane. Chris then proceeded to de-spine Insomniac, then explained to Johnny that he was Chris. Johnny, however, couldn't recognize the demonic man, but still believed what Chris said.
October 25, 1753. Skull's Marines graveyard. The Marines walked towards Chris's grave, excited to use a new resurrection method they learned. They saw the crypt and coffin were open, with nothing inside them.
"They have taken his remains! We'll never revive him now!" yelled one of the Marines.
Chris marched around Nortap's ship, watching the other ghostly crewmen work. Some crewmen looked up at the legendary pirate in amazement, shocked that someone like him could possibly be dead. Chris walked towards the captain's cabin, and opened the door. He walked over to Nortap, who was looking out a large damaged window in the back.
"You summoned me?" Chris asked.
"Yes," replied Nortap, "What you are looking at right now is London. There has been a plan by the king and EITC to wipe out the remaining pirates. Well, even though their attacks will not be prevented, they can be postponed. We will be attacking this town. The objective for you and the crew is simple: cut loose, and kill everyone. Await further orders, and if you need to know something, use your Gossip Stone."
Chris walked out of the cabin, and waited for his orders. Nortap gave the cue, and several Rage Ghosts and Sorrow Ghosts jumped into the water. Chris stared at the water for a second, planning what he was going to do. After several seconds, he jumped into the water. The ghosts lunged out of the water, one of them decapitating a bystander. Chris slowly walked out of the water, in his skeletal ghost form, and unsheathed his World Eater Blade. A Navy soldier ran at him with his bayonet, and Chris simply held his sword out. He grabbed the soldier on the shoulder, and pulled him closer to him as he held his sword out, impaling the soldier. Chris pulled his sword out and let the soldier drop to the ground, then, while humming, merrily skipped into the town, laughing maniacally as he brutally attacked anybody he came across. He met up with two Rage Ghosts, and told them to come with him. The three ghosts walked towards John Breasly's castle.

Meanwhile, Lord Marshal Samuel Harrington stood in a section of the castle, rounding up EITC soldiers.
"Alright men," started Samuel, "many, many years ago, an EITC ship was attacked by ghosts on Raven's Cove. Those ghosts have created a large crew, and now they have come to attack us. You are to destroy these ghosts. Do not fear, it is possible. All soldiers have been armed with cursed weapons, and with that, they can completely wipe out these spirits."
The soldiers saluted, and Samuel led them out of the castle to fight. As he dueled multiple ghosts, he was head-butted to the ground by a Rage Ghost. The Rage Ghost raised its sword, which glowed with red lightning. It attempted to impale Samuel, who rolled out of the way and kicked the ghost in the groin. It yelled in pain, and Samuel quickly jumped behind it, then attempted to impale it through the back with a Tyrant Blade. It quickly kicked him away, then turned around, attempting to perform a spin-cut on him. Samuel counted the attack, and dueled the ghost for several seconds before decapitating it. The ghost's body felt its neck for a few moments, trying to locate its head, fell over, and vanished. Samuel, after destroying the ghost, suddenly heard a large explosion. He turned in its direction to see the upper area of the castle in flames. He knew this area to be John's location. He quickly ran into the castle, then stopped by at the armory to prepare himself for whatever he was going to face. He then noticed that ghosts had overrun the castle and were now patrolling it to ensure that nobody gets in or out.
Chris stood in front of John's table, facing the king. The two Rage Ghosts were standing next to John. The table was surrounded by dead Royal Guards.
"So, John," Chris said, "do you know who I am?"
"A demonic being from Hell whom, if I wasn't restrained, would neuter… very slowly?"
"Close, but no. It's me, old Crane. I now serve Nortap."
"I don't believe you. Not only is Chris dead and a pile of ashes in a crypt somewhere, but he is also my friend. He would never do this."
"Would he? Well, I'm him, and now I have a true bloodlust thanks to the curse he put on me. I am now fighting against England, not just because of this bloodlust, but also because of your plans. I am Nortap's Enforcer, and you will be kept here until he arrives. When he does, he will decide your fate."
Samuel ran down a hallway. He pulled out a cursed knife, and threw it into a ghost's neck from behind. The ghost fell to the floor, writhing for a few seconds, then disappeared. Samuel picked up the knife, which had fallen to the floor after the ghost's destruction, and continued running. He stopped at a corner, and looked around it. Several Royal Ghosts stood lined up in the hallway, guarding the door to Breasly's room. Samuel took several deep breaths, prepared several cursed knives in both hands, then jumped out from behind the corner. He threw the knives in one hand, and they landed in the heads of several ghosts. Samuel threw the other knives at the remaining ghosts, and they dropped, except one. A Royal Ghost, stood in the middle of the hallway, wearing a spiky helmet. He held up a spiky war hammer, and charged at Samuel. Samuel blocked its first attack, then kicked it in the gut. The ghost shoved him to the floor, then raised its hammer to kill Samuel. Samuel pulled out a dagger and stabbed it in the neck, then jumped out from underneath it. The ghost stood up, and charged at Samuel again. Samuel dodged the ghost's attack, and threw his sword into the ghost's back. Samuel jumped onto the large ghost's back, and ripped the sword out, then slashed at it wildly. After several hits, the Royal Ghost vanished, and Samuel walked up to the door.
Samuel opened the door, and walked in. Chris turned around to see him.
"Oh, Samuel. How nice of you to drop in."
"This ends here," Samuel said.
The ghosts and Samuel glared at each other for a moment. Samuel quickly pulled out two triple-barreled pistols and opened fire. The Rage Ghosts fell over, and Samuel quickly opened fire on Chris. Chris dodged several shots, and dashed out of the way of the bullets. One of the shots hit a crumpet that John was about to eat.
Samuel continued firing until he ran out of shots. Chris lunged across the room, kicked the guns out of Samuel's hands, and threw a punch at him. Samuel blocked the punch, and Chris threw another one at his head. Samuel dodged the hit, and Chris attempted a roundhouse kick, which Samuel ducked from. Chris attempted to kick Samuel with his other foot, but Samuel grabbed it, punched Chris in the stomach, then swung at his face. Chris blocked, and struck Samuel in the head. After a few more attempts to hit each other, Chris kicked Samuel away, then drew his sword. Chris lunged into the air, spun several times, and attempted a Cyclone Cut on Samuel, who blocked it just in time. Samuel and Chris dueled for several more seconds, then John looked down at his plate. He picked up several crumpets, and pelted Chris with them. Chris responded with a shower of rats. After some time, Chris managed to cut Samuel on the stomach, but John, who had enough of the fight, jumped over his table, stabbed Chris in the shoulder with a sword hidden in his scepter, and swung the sword to the right. Chris went flying off the sword, and went through the window, where he landed on a narrow part of the outer wall. Chris got to his feet, and was immediately ambushed by John, who pelted him with more crumpets.
"Why exactly do we have ledges on these walls if that's going to happen when I throw you out a window?"
Chris shrugged, and a Navy soldier noticed both him and John on the ledge. He quickly got to a cannon, and fired on Chris, who fell off the castle and into the town below.
London was in flames. Corpses were lying everywhere. English warships were destroyed. Armories were looted. The EITC's plans were stalled by this. John was standing in a hallway in his palace, staring out a broken window. Samuel walked behind John.
"Who was that… thing we were fighting?" Samuel asked.
"He claims to be Crane," replied John.
"Impossible. He's our friend, our ally."
Johnny Goldtimbers walked behind Samuel, put his hand on his shoulder, and leaned in.
"Not what I've seen. You guys have tried to kill him quite a bit. He actually scared a Navy Commander into killing himself after escaping a hanging."
Samuel and John looked at Goldtimbers for a few seconds, then resumed looking out the window at the wreckage below.
Meanwhile, members of Skull's Marines sat in a circle, thinking of ways they could revive Chris, and how they could retrieve his remains. They talked for many hours, and, as they set sail from the island, they stopped at Port Royal. As they walked to the fort, John's personal Ship of the Line arrived. John walked across the docks, and as he headed there, a man walked up to him.
"Oi, you! It's a shilling to leave your vessel here."
John gave the man an annoyed look, then proceeded to pelt him with a crumpet. John resumed walking alongside Samuel. The Marines walked up to Samuel and John.
"Oi," said Rockhopper, the temporary Guildmaster, "do you know of what became of Hermit's remains?"
"I believe so," replied John, "I met a ghost that claimed to be him. He tried to kill me and Samuel back in London."
"Is that so? Why would he try to kill you? He's a friend, right?"
"That's exactly what I asked," replied Samuel.
"Interesting… Please describe this ghost."
"Well," started John, "He wore an Admiral's hat, but it was completely black, as was all of his clothing. He had the same shape as Chris, and had a dark blue cloud surrounding him. He had glowing green eyes, and fought with a dark version of the World Eater Blade."
"Hmm… What height was he?"
"Almost eight feet."
"Yeah, that's got to be him."
"Oh, and I forgot to mention he pelted me with rats when I hit him with a crumpet."

John, Samuel, and the Marines continued discussing for a while, then left. John and Samuel went to Fort Charles, while the Marines sailed to Tortuga. They asked people for information, but learned nothing. One day, as they searched on Tortuga, they saw a ghost with the description John gave, standing next to several Rage Ghosts. The Muerto's Moon was coming up, and as it did, there was a bright flash. Everyone, except for the ghosts, who was outside during this flash immediately flinched in fear, and they rapidly changed. They became skeletons, and Chris watched, grinning. He walked up, recruiting several of the Undead and turning them into ghosts, then pointed his sword at the sky. Lightning struck the sword, and fire started to coat the town. People walked out of the buildings they were hiding in, and the Undead charged at them. Chris laughed maniacally as the Undead clashed with the living, the ghosts, and each other, then joined the fight. He killed many, then witnessed Bill Plunderbones being affected by the moon. A man was running about, yelling about a quest he had accomplished, only to have his head blown clean off by Bill's blunderbuss. After a while, the moon vanished, and everyone, dead and alive, reverted back to their original human forms. The people who were once Undead looked around in shock at what they had done. Chris gathered several bodies with his fellow ghosts, and they brought them to Nortap's ship. Afterward, the bodies were reanimated and turned into a ghostly form to serve on Nortap's ship.
October 25, 6:00 PM. Samuel sat in the office in Fort Charles, resting his head on his hand. He was in shock, confusion, he didn't know what to do about this new threat. John sat in a table across from Samuel's desk, trying to think of ideas as well.
"Perhaps," started John, "we could find a way to hold his ghost down? After that we use a ritual to bring him back to life… but what must we use?"
"Well," replied Samuel, "remember that story Garland and I told you about, when Chris dueled the ghost of Carlos Clemente?"
"The Paradoxians were using a special method to revive him. They used a few ounces of his killer's blood, in this case, Chris. They used a piece of meat of Clemente as well. They poured the blood on the meat, which was put in a Gacim idol. Very common on Isla Tormenta."
"Except," started John, "There is no way to retrieve his meat. His entire body is a ghost, and even if the ghost wasn't once his body, it's just ash and dust."
"Ugh… now I remember… Do you know any methods to turn him human, even briefly?"
"The Lost Sword of El Patron? If it turns humans into ghosts, then what about if a ghost used it? We could promise him eternal strength from wielding it, tricking him into using it…"
"There is another method I know. Every October 1st, Nortap and his crew turn human. When the day ends, they're ghosts again. We could use that to our advantage."
"Except," replied John, "that happened 24 days ago. We'd have to wait until next year, and by then we may not even be alive."
Samuel sighed angrily.
Meanwhile, Chris stood at the wheel of Nortap's ship. He watched as the ship destroyed ships all around, collecting souls to further strengthen the crew. Several hours later, a Crew Ghost, trembling, walked over to Chris.
"Sir, captain Nortap would like to see you at the bow."
Chris tapped the wheel, grunting, and the ghost grabbed a hold of it. Chris walked across the massive ship over to the front. Nortap was on top of one of the sails, looking out into a town.
"This is our next stop. Recognize this place?"
Chris stared at the city, and noticed familiar structures.
"Some sort of Spanish city?" Chris asked.
"Yes. Raphael Wright and his soldiers killed you back at Isla de Muerta, if you remember. Raphael was retrieved by the Spanish and is now buried here. We will be setting fire to his grave and retrieving his corpse for classified usage. Leave no surviving witnesses."
The ship began to sail towards the town. The cannons on the sides of the ship opened up.
Fort Charles. Notes were scattered about the office. Samuel was hard at work, looking through a book that Tia Dalma had given to him at a young age. John was sleeping on the newly-added couch, crumpets covering him.
"John," Samuel said. No response.
John remained at sleep, chewing on imaginary food. Samuel picked up a nearby crumpet and threw it at John. He woke up, dagger in hand.
"I think I just found a method to… fix Chris's problem. This method works on ghosts, but takes a lot of work. For starters, we require the blood of his killer. In this case, Raphael."
"We already went over this-"
"But, this is different. We will require at least half a pound of bone from the killer's father. Blood of a loyal friend will be required, and two souls. Not just any souls though. They must be related to the killer. This will involve a dangerous process. We have to bring back two of the three Paradox leaders that Chris killed."
"Chiphawk or Sanita?"
"No. Chiphawk killed himself, remember?"
"But Sanita got absorbed by Clemente's ghost. Chris technically mortally wounded Chiphawk at the battle and scared him into shooting himself."
"True. And then we have to bring back the ghost Chris destroyed with the World Eater Blade."
"Except that ghost is vanquished."
"And that's why we will use this method to bring back Clemente first. I forgot to mention, we need the World Eater blade to complete this method, a piece of DNA from the people we want to resurrect, and a Gacim idol. The sword is in the Royal Museum now."


October 29, 9:00 PM. Chris stood at the front of the ship next to Nortap. The ship was near Egypt.
"This is the place," Chris said, "A bit over 3,000 years ago, a Pharaoh was buried in that pyramid over there. With the proper item, AKA this little device I retrieved from John's room in London," Chris held up a star-shaped item with 8 points, "we can unlock a room with two items: a key to his Sarcophagus, and a book to revive him."
"Interesting," Nortap replied.
Chris jumped off the ship, and swam to shore. He walked across Egypt towards the pyramid in the distance.
October 30, 12:02 PM. Chris entered the tomb, and found himself in a large room. There was a deep pit in the center of the room; the only areas to walk on were walkways constructed above the pit. The walkways led to the top of the pyramid. The platform at the top, which had the Sarcophagus, broke off into a walkway that led to a door leading to the room with the key and book. Chris walked to one of the walkways, and it collapsed. Chris quickly turned in mid-air and grabbed a ledge, then climbed back up.
"This is going to be harder than I thought…"
Chris looked around and saw a small statue. He carried it to another walkway and positioned the statue on it. The walkway didn't collapse. Chris picked up the statue and walked across it. He tried this a few more times on other walkways, but after he scaled 3 floors, one of the walls vibrated. An arm burst through part of the wall where an Anubis drawing was, and the rest of the drawing collapsed. A creature resembling an Anubis walked out of the hole, and turned to Chris. It reached into the hole, and pulled out a spear. It swung the spear several times to test if it would stay in one piece, and a black trail followed it. Chris knew the spear could kill him as the Anubis got into a fighting position, ready to attack Chris. Chris charged at the Anubis, sword ready, and took a swing. The Anubis blocked the attack with its spear, and tried to stab at Chris. Chris sidestepped the attack and chopped off the Anubis's arm. The arm disintegrated, and the spear went flying off the ledge. The Anubis used its other arm to unsheathe a curved blade. It swung at Chris several times, who dodged the attacks. Chris jumped over the Anubis, grabbed it, and threw it over his shoulder off the ledge, where it fell into the deep pit.
"Huh… I wonder who else I'm going to fight."
Chris ventured further through the pyramid, encountering more of Anubis guardians, and finally reached the Sarcophagus. However, since he needed the key, he crossed the bridge on the platform, and passed into the room he mentioned to Nortap. He looked across the room, and saw a cube-shaped item in the middle of the room. He walked over to it, and got out the star-shaped key. As Chris inserted the key into the box's top, a spear shot through the air and struck Chris on the hand, obliterating it. Chris yelled in pain, regenerated his arm, and unsheathed his sword. As he looked around, the walls started vibrating again. More of the Anubis guardians burst out of the walls, spears and swords ready, eyes flashing random colors, and growled at him, ready for battle. Chris stood in a battle-ready position as they closed in on him. They attempted to strike Chris, who dodged and blocked, but as he defeated the guardians, more of them came out of the walls and even from unknown areas on the ceiling. Chris unlocked the box, frantically grabbed the items in it, and bolted towards the door. He was grabbed from behind by another guardian, causing him to drop the items. As he faced his foe, he saw another Anubis guardian painted black and gold, and bearing flashing red eyes. Chris kicked it away, and stabbed it through the chest, then ran out of the room. He ran to the Sarcophagus, inserted the key to open the Sarcophagus, and opened the book he acquired. He frantically searched through the pages, looking for the correct spell, appreciating the fact that he can translate Egyptian and Hieroglyphs. He finally found the right page, saw the black and gold Anubis from earlier, and started yelling the spell. When he finished, the Anubis knocked the book out of his hand, and it landed in the open Sarcophagus. Chris was then thrown to the ground by the Anubis, who punched him multiple times, then unsheathed its curved sword. He held it to Chris's throat, but before it could finish him, the mummified remains of the Pharaoh rose out of the Sarcophagus and commanded both of them to stop the fighting. He stepped out of the Sarcophagus, put on his armor and headdress that he found in it, and walked over to the two. The Anubis stood up immediately, and he and the Pharaoh started conversing with each other about Chris.
"SIR, HE IS AN INTRUDER" said the Anubis guard.
"HE MIGHT BE OF USE TO US," replied the Pharaoh.
The Pharaoh turned to Chris.
Chris had trouble understanding what the Pharaoh said. Fortunately, in his early life, he had taken some Egyptian classes, so he could understand most of what he heard.
SIR," Chris said.
"FOR WHAT?" demanded the Pharaoh.
The Pharaoh turned to the Anubis guard.
"WELL," said the guard, WHAT DO YOU THINK?"
The Pharaoh turned back to Chris.
"GOOD," Chris said.
The Pharaoh tapped the ground with his staff, and a giant rock started to rise out of the pit at the bottom of the pyramid.

Conquest of the Caribbean

November 4th, 12:30 AM. EITC Lord Cad Bane was in bed.
"No… no… ELIZABETH!" Bane yelled as he woke up, "Oh… just a dream…"
Cad sat up to see Elizabeth, sleeping. He relaxed, got up, and went up to his window. As he looked out, two faint, glowing green eyes looking at him in his own reflection.
"The end is nigh; be ready," said a deep voice, and the eyes vanished.
November 14, 11:50 PM. Matthew O'malley was unfortunately killed by Spanish soldiers. His ghost had managed to possess another being while he figured out how to resurrect himself. But first, he had business to do. He had to locate his wife, Grace Wildscarlette, who had gone into hiding to escape her husband's killers. O'malley marched out of the graveyard, and began his search.
Port Royal. The town was in flames, scarab beetles were feeding off of any citizen who wasn't in hiding. Chris had gotten stronger from the Pharaoh's power, and his sword was starting to glow with faint flames when it was unsheathed. He was wandering the burning town, searching for survivors. Suddenly, a drunken man codenamed Emotional opened up a door and charged at Chris. Chris picked up a scarab beetle off his shoulder and threw it at the man. It dove into his mouth and started to eat its way up to his brain. Emotional cried helplessly, running through the town as the beetle continued to eat away at his brain. Chris chuckled to himself, and continued walking. Fort Charles had held its own against the undead forces, repelling both Anubis soldier and ghost alike. Chris hoped to use his newfound powers to penetrate the forces. Samuel sat at the desk. He had what he needed to resurrect Clemente. He had captured four ghosts of Chris's relatives; these relatives of his were several of his foul cousins, known for terrorism and brutal torture of innocent people. He had acquired a chunk of a bone from the grave of Daniel Crane, Chris's father, as the second ingredient. He had retrieved the World Eater Blade from the Hall of Fame section in the Royal Museum. He bought a Gacim idol from a local gypsy, and had a vial of blood from one of Clemente's friends. Now all he needed was to know what to do. He walked outside the fort, with three Black Guard soldiers carrying a couch that John was sleeping on, and placed the idol in the ground. He inserted the vials containing Chris's cousins into the skull's mouth, and looked at the book again. He inserted the two bottles containing Chiphawk and Clemente's DNA into the skull's eyes, then looked at the World Eater Blade, and looked in the back of the skull to find a hole dug into it. He stuck the blade into the hole, and the skull started glowing. They waited a few minutes for midnight, and immediately Chiphawk and Clemente rose out of the ground. Samuel stabbed him with the World Eater Blade to drain his soul, then promptly shot him as he fell over. When he was about to thrust the sword into Clemente, a cannonball struck the ground. The blast sent Samuel and Clemente flying, disorienting them and killing one of Samuel's bodyguards. They looked up, and saw that a hole was blown in one of the walls. Ghosts and Anubis soldiers marched in, weapons raised. Samuel and Clemente looked at each other, sighed, and shook hands. Clemente took the dead guard's sword, while Samuel prepared his, and they held their ground. The undead soldiers ran at the two, and a battle started. Breasly woke up, got off his couch, and unsheathed his sword.

As Clemente and the English fought the undead, Chris strolled through the battle, searching for John and Samuel. He came across the World Eater Blade lying around on the ground, and promptly picked it up. When he located John and Samuel, he charged at them. John and Samuel dueled Chris throughout the area, and soon found themselves in Fort Charles. Samuel kicked Chris away and instructed John to get back to the office. John did so, and Samuel ran to the second floor. Chris got to his feet, and jumped up to the second floor, chuckling. Samuel continued running, and found himself one floor above the Fort Charles balcony. He waited for Chris to arrive, and he did. Chris charged at Samuel, who grabbed him and threw him over the edge. Chris landed on the balcony, and as he got up, Samuel jumped off the second floor, and attempted to stab him. Chris quickly slid out of the way of the blade, then kicked Samuel over him. Samuel was flung over the balcony, but caught the ledge. Samuel pointed his last loaded flintlock and shot a barrel of supplies, mostly gunpowder, setting Chris on fire. Chris, undaunted, marched up to Samuel, but was grabbed by the leg and promptly flung over the ledge.
2:00 AM. O'malley had searched in every place he could think of where Grace could be. Soon, he started to fear her death; several people had confirmed it. O'malley resorted to spending his time in the King's Arm tavern at Tortuga, thinking about his wife, and any other place she could be.
November 20, 4:00 PM. The ghosts and Anubis soldiers were defeated, but the English forces had suffered heavy casualties. John and Samuel stood in front of Clemente, who was tied up. Samuel was pacing around Clemente, waiting for any news of where the World Eater Blade went when he was stunned earlier. There was no news. Clemente spoke up.
"Guys… I know we've had some troubles, but can you please tell me what is going on here?"
"Carlos," John said, "Hermit's ghost has been driven into a blood-frenzy. From the looks of it, he wants to conquer the Caribbean, and maybe the world."
"Oh… Well, don't you think we should team up? You know, until we've taken him down?"
John and Samuel gave each other a look. John nodded.
"Yes… sure," Samuel replied, "we can be allies. But what good is it having just you?"
"We can use my men."
"What men? They're all dead."
"Not all of them. There are still a couple Paradoxian islands with my men on them. I can convince them to aid you in this fight against… Hermit. Odd name…"
Bane looked around the area, frightened, "It's coming… he's gonna find me…"
John turned to Bane, "Who is? What's coming?"
"It's… i-it's coming."
"So," Clemente intervened, "do we have a deal?"
John and Samuel agreed. They escorted Clemente down to the docks to find a ship.
November 26, 12:32 PM. John, Samuel, Clemente, and several Black Guard soldiers reached a Paradoxian island. As they entered a base, the lights were blown out.
"It's dark!" yelled Bane, "He'll find me in the dark!"
"Calm down," replied Samuel, "everything is alright."
The candles lit up again. Several Paradoxians were surrounding John, Samuel, and the Black Guard soldiers, weapons out, while pulling Clemente out of the way. Before they could shoot them, Clemente intervened.
"Wait, men! They're allies, for now."
"Allies?!" exclaimed a Paradoxian, "Are you mad?!"
"No, I am not mad," replied Clemente, "we need them. If you have been seeing what has been going on for almost a month, Christopher Crane's ghost has been terrorizing the Caribbean and several countries. I have formed an alliance with the English to end the reign."
"Yep, he's crazy," whispered a Paradoxian soldier.
"Listen! We don't have time to fight amongst ourselves! We have very few men! If we don't unite, Crane and his undead are going to kill us!"
The Paradoxians muttered amongst each other.
Port Royal. Chris found himself by the beach. Port Royal was littered with bodies, remains of buildings, and fire. The very few survivors were fighting off the undead. Chris ignored them, studying his newly-acquired sword.
December 14, 11:13 AM, Fort Charles. John, Clemente, and Samuel stood on a balcony overlooking the inside of Fort Charles. Paradoxians, Black Guard soldiers, and Navy troops stood on the lower floor, looking up.
"Ladies and gentlemen," started John, "as most of you know, the feared Christopher Crane was assassinated about a year ago by a man known as Raphael Wright. Well, he's back, and this time, he has more allies! Most of us were friends with him, and I think it's time that we help him! See, the multiple curses inflicted upon him left him as a very bloodthirsty ghost when he was resurrected! Additionally, he has the intent of taking over the Caribbean, and perhaps even the world! Now, we don't want that to happen, do we?" John pointed to Clemente, "I, King John Breasly of England, waged war against Carlos Clemente here. However, we need to join forces until this ghost is defeated or cured. If we don't, we're all going to die! So, Clemente and I have formed an alliance for the remainder of this war against Crane's ghost. Anyone who tries to break the alliance without consent from Clemente and I will be shot. Any questions?"

Nobody raised their hand.
"Good," continued John, "then this is an official, temporary treaty between England and The Paradox! Together, we can end this!"
Everyone started cheering. Several soldiers fired into the air. John jumped down from the balcony and unsheathed his sword.
"My spies have located a new base of Crane's," started Clemente, putting away a Gossip Stone, "and that base is Padres Del Fuego. Crane has taken Kaj Worras and his soldiers prisoner, and will be taking Padres Del Fuego as his new base of operations. Does anyone have a suggestion how we can get there without being destroyed?"
"Aye," replied John, "the Airships. Crane and his forces have set up Airships of their own, so I recommend we use them in the fight."
Chris stood on an unfinished tower at the top of Padres Del Fuego. The gap at the top has been sealed up to prevent lava from interrupting the construction. Chris was overlooking the building of his new fortress. Various Anubis creatures, skeleton slaves, and ghosts were all hard at work, building Crane's base. Chris unsheathed the World Eater Blade, looking curiously at it. The Pharaoh approached him.
"VERY WELL," Chris replied, "GET THE AIRSHIPS."
Chris got on one of his Airships, and it flew off.
"Go to Kingshead," ordered Chris, "we want to weaken their forces there first."
O'malley's spirit affected the body he had possessed, causing it to take on the physical form he had when he was alive. O'malley sat in his usual seat at King's Arm, saddened by the recent rumors. He couldn't think of any possible way to find Grace, and soon began to blame her rumored death on the invading ghosts and their general. Soon, Samuel entered.
"Hello, O'malley," Samuel said.
"Hey…" O'malley quietly replied.
"We are enlisting soldiers in the fight against the Undead army. Will you join us?"
"Sorry, Samuel," O'malley answered, "but I cannot…"
"I know you miss her, but you can do this. Do this for her. They killed her, you can make her proud."
The ship arrived at Kingshead. Chris possessed a Navy soldier, and donned his Santa disguise. He then started heading to the top of Kingshead. He looked above him to see the English and Paradoxian Airships flying towards Padres Del Fuego. He then noticed one of them drop off at the top of Kingshead.
"Gentlemen," started Clemente, "we need to act. John Breasly and I have formed a truce until we defeat the ghost of Christopher Crane. Will you join us?"
The men, seeing the Black Guard and Paradoxian soldiers guarding Clemente, agreed to help. Clemente turned his back for a moment, and held his Gossip Stone to his mouth.
"Begin the rebellion," whispered Clemente, "do it quietly, and do not make it public until we have defeated Crane. It will give us the chance to maximize English casualties while John is distracted with Chris."
Several Paradoxians quickly unsheathed their swords and quietly killed their English allies, then started heading up Kingshead. They got closer and closer to the top of Kingshead, killing all English soldiers that they saw. Clemente started walking around the balcony he was on, and nodded to his Paradoxian soldiers. After a few seconds, they whipped out their weapons and had the English soldiers as hostages.
"Did you really think I was going to help you guys?" Clemente asked, chuckling, "Nope. After we take down Goldtimbers and John, we'll appoint Jeremiah Garland and Benjamin Macmorgan as the new leaders of England and the EITC. John and Goldtimbers will think they caused this rebellion of ours," Clemente continued, pointing a pistol at Johnny Coaleaston, "and while they're distracted, we take them out. This is only the beginning."
Clemente tapped the trigger of his pistol, ready to shoot Coaleaston. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Crane, in his Santa disguise, jumped out from behind a corner, snatched the pistol, and clubbed Clemente in the head with it. Clemente tried to punch Chris, who caught his fist and jumped over him, twisting his arm. The Paradoxians stood confused, not sure what to do, watching helplessly as Chris flung Clemente over the balcony. The Paradoxians opened fire on Chris, who quickly freed the English soldiers and killed multiple Paradoxians. Several Black Guard soldiers, including Coaleaston, chased Chris away, while Clemente lay flat on his face. His spirit immediately exited his dying body and entered the body of his general. He quickly tackled the nearest Black Guard soldier, while the Paradoxians gunned down the rest nearby. Caesar stood up, and looked at his soldiers.
"Well, go get those EITC scum!" yelled Caesar, "They must not let John know what happened!"
The Paradoxians ran off to find the Black Guard soldiers. When the Black Guard soldiers caught up to Chris, he exited the body he possessed, taking his Santa disguise in the process. The Black Guard soldiers aimed their guns at him.
"Look guys, if you kill me, you'll be outnumbered by those Paradoxians, and die, while Clemente roams free to carry out his plan."
The soldiers lowered their weapons, and turned to see the Paradoxians charging at them.
Padres Del Fuego. The English and Paradoxian Airships fought Crane's forces. Explosions filled the air, with both Airships fighting in the air and ground forces fighting the Undead and ghost forces. John and Samuel fought side-to side.
"Hey Samuel," John said as he decapitated a nearby Anubis soldier, "when is Clemente supposed to get here with our extra allies?"
"No idea," replied Samuel as he dropkicked a ghost and stabbed it through the stomach, "should be any moment!"
The Undead and ghost forces were slaughtering the English and Paradoxians, forcing the survivors to find higher ground. They fled into Crane's incomplete fortress, and quickly destroyed the ghosts and Undead guarding it, then proceeded to free Kaj Worras and his soldiers from their cells. Kaj picked his weapons off a nearby table, while the John and Samuel searched for an armory with the other skeletons. After getting as many weapons as they could carry, the English and Paradoxians set up several firing lines. A Paradoxian closed the fortress's bulkhead door, but it wasn't locked. John entered a room with a window overlooking the room the soldiers were in, and tapped a nearby crystal. The crystal lit up, signaling the bulkhead door was sealed. John walked through a door and tapped a crystal in a socket next to it to lock it. He continued down a hallway and met up with Samuel, who was looking out a window.
"See that huge rock?" Samuel asked, pointing out the window. A large rock was in the core of Padres Del Fuego, emitting a light.
"Yes," replied John.
"I never saw that last time I was on this island. I'm assuming Chris is using it for his conquest. Maybe it has some sort of power?"
Chris walked through the battle on Padres Del Fuego, and walked up to the bulkhead door to his fortress. He shoved the World Eater Blade in-between the two doors and forced the bulkhead door open. He entered the room just as the bulkhead door closed and sealed up again. The Paradoxian and English soldiers pointed their guns at Chris.
"Christopher Crane! Put your weapon on the ground and your hands in the air!" ordered a Paradoxian captain.
Chris ignored the command, and continued walking toward them.
"OPEN FIRE! OPEN FIRE!" screamed the captain.
As the soldiers opened fire, Chris sidestepped to the right to find a locked door. He kicked the door down, and heard quiet footsteps from the advancing firing lines. Chris walked to the other side of the room and entered a vent in the wall. He crawled through it to find himself in another room. After looking around for a bit, and found the crystal to the bulkhead door. He delivered a kick to the crystal, shattering it. The bulkhead door was no longer sealed, and the crystals lighting up the room shut off. The sound of fists and weapons crashing on the bulkhead door drove fear into the soldiers' hearts.
"What was that?" asked one of the gunmen.
"I don't know… Crane cut the power!"
The sound of metal screeching was heard.
"What was that?!"
"That was the bulkhead door! We have to get it back online!"
The door started opening, and red eyes filled the room.
"Oh god! They're coming through! OPEN FIRE!"
The soldiers opened fire on the ghosts and zombified creatures wildly charging at them, but to no avail. No matter how many ghosts and undead were taken down, more and more continued to pour into the room.
"Ha," Chris said, chuckling, "you forgot who designed this place!"
Chris forced open one of the doors to find himself in a long hallway. He started down the hall.
Meanwhile, John and Samuel stood back-to-back, fighting off the Undead and ghosts that infested the area. Soon, a dark-clothed man came from behind. Samuel grabbed him and held his sword to his throat. The man pulled revealed his face.
"Wait, guys, it's me, Carlos! Crane pushed me off a balcony while I was informing everyone at Kingshead of our truce!"
Samuel released Clemente, who passed him and John and ran up a staircase with Jack Goldwrecker, another survivor of the ghost attack.
"I'll go look for Crane, you guys try not to die!" Clemente said. Clemente opened a door and found himself looking over the edge of a bridge, and saw the massive rock sticking out of the lava.
John and Samuel continued fighting, but the latter was suddenly tackled off a ledge by one of the ghosts. Samuel fell with the ghost, and caught a rock sticking out of the volcano. He climbed on top of it and looked around for a way to safety. He looked into a window, only to be pulled into it. A shadowy figure with a knife threw Samuel to the floor. He yelled into his Gossip Stone. John, hearing the scream, pulled out his Gossip Stone.
"What is it, Samuel?!" John asked.
John saw the shadowy figure of Chris run up the staircase Clemente ran up earlier, and immediately began chasing him. Chris ran behind a door, followed by John. John found himself in a hallway with a locked door, and unsheathed his sword. He stuck the sword through one of the doors, and started ripping it open. As soon as the door was down, a pale version of Bane jumped out of the darkness with a knife, which had an eye on it.
"There you are!" exclaimed Bane, trying to force the knife into John's eye. John grabbed his hand.
"Jack, it's me!"
"You have to tell my wife for me…"
"It's me!"
"See her…"
"It's John!"
"Tell her…"
"I love her…"
John lowered Bane's hand, and turned the knife back to him, then forced the knife back upwards into Bane's head. He fell on his knees, feeling the knife's handle.
"Oh… Oh god…" Bane moaned.
"Poor Cad," said Crane, standing on the other end of the hallway, "Why would he do such a thing after all his loyalty?"
"Shut up… just shut up!" yelled John, "You made him do it… you made me kill him, Crane, DIDN'T YOU?!"
Chris silently phased through the door behind him, and it locked. John heard thumping in the walls of the hallway, and looked around, waiting for something to enter the room. He found a vent. John tore the vent open and crawled inside. As he looked around inside the vent, a mutilated hand seized him and pulled him in.
Meanwhile, Chris stood on a platform, and approached the gargantuan rock in the center of Padres Del Fuego. He tapped it with his hand, and it started rising out of the lava. It rose out of the volcano, breaking the barrier keeping the top closed. It started glowing, and Chris felt a surge of energy. He took out the World Eater Blade, and found it was almost covered in dark flames.
"It's complete…"
Suddenly, a shot hit Chris on the shoulder, and he turned. He saw Clemente, pointing a pistol at him.
John was being dragged through the vent system by a zombified corpse. Soon, he found himself face-to-face with the beastie dragging him. It snarled, ready to sink its teeth into him, only to have its head blown clean off by a pistol shot. John pushed the body aside, and continued crawling through the vents. After exiting the vents, he found himself in a room with a map. According to the map, he only had a few more rooms until he gets to Chris. John entered the door next to him. As soon as he entered, red eyes lit up in the corner. He looked to see the Anubis Chief looking at him. It snarled, and raised a longsword. It swung at John, who dodged the attack and punched the Chief in the face, then cut off its arm. The arm turned into dust, which flew back to the arm socket and reformed. John sighed angrily, and made a mad dash away from the Anubis Chief. He ran from room-to-room, and found himself looking out a window, where he found Chris dueling Clemente, who had multiple burn marks on him. John reached towards the crystal next to one of the doors to open it, but the Anubis Chief burst out of a vent and grabbed him. It slammed him against the wall multiple times, but John stabbed it in the head. The wound healed up, but John had enough time to tap the crystal and open the door behind him. John dashed out of the room, and found that the only thing separating him from Chris's location was a long bridge. As he took a step forward, the Chief grabbed him by the throat.
Meanwhile, Samuel, limping through the hallways of the fortress, managed to get to a safe location. He climbed a little bit of Padres and found himself looking into the gap at the top of Padres. He walked across a damaged platform, and looked a bit into the pit to see Clemente fighting Chris.
Samuel turned around to see the Pharaoh holding a sword with blades on both ends.
"So, I assume you are Chris's big second-in-command?"
The Pharaoh couldn't understand what Samuel was saying.
The Pharaoh raised his sword, and charged at Samuel, who quickly unsheathed his own sword. They started dueling, with the Pharaoh starting to gain the upper hand. Soon, the Pharaoh kicked Samuel towards the edge of the broken platform. Samuel managed to get up and dodge another kick from the Pharaoh, and cut him across the back. The Pharaoh blocked Samuel's next slash, before proceeding to punch him. Samuel, dazed, narrowly blocked the Pharaoh's slash.
John was thrown against a wall, and the Chief started charging at him. John jumped to his feet, sword ready, and stabbed the Chief in the hand, which disintegrated, then reformed. The Chief slashed at John multiple times, jumped into the air, and came back down, kicking him against a wall. It charged at him again, and slashed at John, who narrowly avoided being decapitated. He slashed the Chief on the chest, and pushed him over the ledge.
The Pharaoh slashed at Samuel, who blocked the attack and punched the former in the face. The Pharaoh yelled in pain before proceeding to bite into Samuel's neck. Samuel shook the Pharaoh off, picked his sword back up, and stabbed the Pharaoh in the gut.
"Go to hell," yelled Samuel, "and TAKE YOUR FRIENDS WITH YOU!"
Samuel pulled his sword backwards, sending the Pharaoh over the edge and into the deep pit.
John slowly got to his feet, and started walking across the bridge. When he reached the platform Clemente was on, a spear came out of the cloud emitted by the giant rock. The spear soared through the air, and impaled John in the shoulder.
"The power of that ghost… is worth… EVERY LIFE WE JUST LOST!" yelled Clemente, who was holding a Paradoxian spear gun. Clemente aimed again at John, who just pulled the spear out of his shoulder. Clemente fired another spear, this time hitting John in the hand, causing him to yell in pain.
"I intend on harvesting his power," Clemente said, loading two more spears into the gun, "and I won't let you throw it all away."
Clemente aimed at John's head. John, who just pulled the second spear out of his hand, dodged the third spear narrowly, and ran into Clemente. John put his hand on the spear gun, and slowly forced Clemente's hand to aim at his own head. John finally fit his fingers around the trigger, and pulled, blowing Clemente's head clean off. John put a vial to Clemente's neck, and his spirit, which tried to escape into John's body, was trapped in the vial. John shut the vial, and walked into the cloud to find Chris, who was holding the World Eater Blade in the rock, absorbing its power. John raised his sword at Chris, who tore the World Eater Blade out of the rock. Chris dodged John's slash attack, and body-slammed him. Chris attempted to stab John, who quickly rolled out of the way and kicked Chris in the face. They dueled for several minutes, mostly with Chris on the offensive. Chris picked John up with his powers, and flung him out of Padres Del Fuego's pit, and made a tremendous leap after him. John found himself next to Samuel, who was unconscious. As he motioned to wake him up, Chris landed in front of him. He kicked John away, and slashed at him several more times. John kept trying to get up, only to be knocked back down by Chris. Samuel finally woke up to see what was going on.
"Samuel," John yelled, "the idol!"
John threw the vial with Clemente's soul to Samuel, who caught it and got out the other ingredients gathered from earlier. He put the vials containing the souls of Clemente and Chiphawk into the Gacim idol's mouth. He then pulled a chunk of ectoplasm from Chris while he was attacking John, then jabbed his own hand with a dagger. Blood trickled into the Gacim idol's mouth. Now one last thing was needed; the World Eater Blade. Samuel tried to restrain Chris, giving John the chance to get up and help, but their attempts were in vain. Finally, O'malley showed himself, and proceeded to shoot Chris. Chris rolled over in pain, giving Samuel his chance. He took the World Eater Blade, and stabbed it into the back of the idol's skull. The eyes didn't light up. Samuel started to remember a last step he saw; he quickly forced the bottom of the idol into Chris's chest, then inserted the sword into the skull. Its eyes lit up. Perfect. Chris started to feel weakened.

"No… no… don't you do that!" Chris yelled, trying to take the idol from Samuel, who made a mad dash away. Chris chased Samuel, who took the World Eater Blade out of the idol. John and O'malley restrained Chris.
"What now?" asked O'malley.
"Chris will be himself in a few minutes. Just one last thing to do: to destroy that rock."
Samuel walked up to the rock, and forced the World Eater Blade into it. He suddenly fell unconscious. Chris knew what Samuel was doing, so he used his powers to allow his mind to enter the rock as well. Samuel found himself on a platform.
"Where am I?
"You're in your mind," Chris replied, "but if I can defeat you, I may just be able to possess and kill you, destroy the idol, and stop the process."
Chris raised a shadowy version of the World Eater Blade, while Samuel raised the actual blade. They started dueling, with Chris on the offensive, and Samuel on the defensive side.
"A little under a minute, and you'll be cured, Chris," said Samuel.
Chris head-butted Samuel, who was forced to slash at Chris in self-defense. After several more slashes, the mysterious rock appeared.
"Attack it," Samuel heard his mind whisper.
Samuel obliged. He pointed the blade at the rock, and fired a beam. Outside of his mind, the rock started to crack and fall apart. Samuel repeated the process- attack Chris, attack the rock, and repeat. Soon, the imaginary rock finally exploded; Samuel overloaded the rock with his mind. He suddenly found himself being pulled out of his mind, and back in reality. The rock was covered in cracks, and exploded, blinding everyone.
December 17, 1753. Chris awoke in El Sudoron; John was in a medical station at Fort Charles; O'malley woke up next to John to find his wife standing over him, smiling. John turned his head to O'malley.
"We did it. We ended it…"
"Wait," said O'malley, "where are Samuel and Chris, anyways?"
Grace spoke up, "a couple guys said they saw him wandering around El Sudoron. He seems a bit confused. Samuel is going through a medical process to get that... problem with his eye fixed."
One of the medics opened a curtain to show Bane slowly being healed, and Coaleaston with a bandage on his head.
"Hey guys," Coaleaston sighed.

The Rangers

December 31, 1753. Chris has formed a guild known as Hermit Rangers, a mercenary guild inspired by Skull's Marines. He has left Rockhopper in charge of Skull's Marines temporarily, and both guilds began working together often to complete their duties. He managed to recruit multiple people, but continued to work on it.
January 2, 1754. Chris watched several new members of Hermit Rangers practice their weapons on various targets in El Sudoron. As he watched, two people, one an English messenger, and one who was under the command of Matthew Anthony Faye, came up to him. Chris told the recruits to continue practicing, and led the messengers to his tent. They sat down at the nearby table, and Chris stood in front of a box inside the tent.
"So," said Chris, "what is it that you want?"
"Well", started both the messengers. Chris raised his hand for them to stop, then turned to Matthew Faye's messenger.
"You were saying?"
"Well," started Faye's messenger, "Lord Matthew Anthony Faye would requests the service of the guild known as 'Hermit Rangers'. He would like said guild to participate in the War for Bohemia. He wishes for your guild to serve in his side to destroy the power-hungry king of England, John Breasly."
"I see," replied Hermit, turning to the English messenger, "and you?"
"King John Breasly would like the aforementioned mercenary guild to take part in the war on his side. He would like you to aide England in the fight for Bohemia to return it to its original rulers of the Holy Roman Empire."
"Uh huh," said Chris, opening the box, "and what will each side pay me?"
Faye's messenger got out a bag of coins and dropped it on the table, "10,000 gold. He has heard the legends about you, so he'll do whatever it takes to get services from such a person as yourself."
Chris turned to the messengers while hiding one of his hands behind his back. He gave a curious look to Breasly's messenger.
"10,000 gold," replied the English messenger.
"I see. So, I have two possible clients, each offering me the same amount of gold. I will choose a side; the side that I haven't chosen will have their gold sent back. I'm a man of my word."
"Very well," replied Faye's messenger, "I guess we will wait."
"Indeed," said Chris, "return to your leaders and inform them of this."
Chris gave both messengers a box.
"By the way," Chris continued, "You, English guy. Why does Breasly want my services? I'm surprised, considering that attempt to take over the world."
"He has forgiven you. By the way, what's this for?" asked the English messenger.
"Just some gifts to both your kings. Don't open them until they can see what is inside; I don't want the surprise ruined."
Both messengers nodded and left the base with their boxes. They met up with several rangers, who escorted them away.
"What are those things really for?" asked Kumar, one of the first rangers.
"Well, they know the location of our home-base. I cannot let them know this when I take a side. Those were a few objects I found that, when shaken, will emit a bright light, which will erase a particular memory in a person's mind; I have tampered with those items so the memories particularly erased are the locations of this base."
"Do you have more of them? We might need them later."
"Yes, I have plenty."
January 3. Hermit stood at a top-secret location on Padres Del Fuego, overseeing the reconstruction of the Black Demon. Its pieces were salvaged from the ocean floor, and the pieces have been brought here for the ship to be rebuilt.
"Sir!" exclaimed a ranger, "You have been requested by one of your clients."
Chris nodded, and the ranger escorted him to the other side of Padres. There, a figure in dark clothing was awaiting him. He peered out from under his Ostrich Hat to see Chris standing in front of him.
"Good evening, Hermit," greeted the man.
"Hello, Drolrevo," replied Hermit, "what is it?"
"Your guild has captured a member of my guild. I want him back."
"He was intruding on our property and causing problems. He was getting upset about Clemente's recent passing. He will remain where he is until his execution."
"If Sam is not freed, there will be severe consequences. I will bring this to the rest of the guild, and-"
"The rest of the guild?" Chris asked, "What is that, 5 more of you guys? I am not scared now that your master is gone forever. Hell, I wasn't scared of you guys when your guildmaster was alive."
"If he isn't freed now, you will see what I can do," replied Drolrevo.
"Want to keep threatening me? You hired my guild to capture Ben Squidskull for your guild. We have almost succeeded. Continue the threats, and we will cancel the operation."
"Go ahead," replied Drolrevo, "we'll have him in a day."
"Very well. That will be 50 gold as compensation for the progress we made before."
"There will be no pay."
"Very well."
Chris unsheathed his sword and impaled Drolrevo through the gut.
"I guess I'll just take all your possessions then," Chris said as he took Drolrevo's money pouch away from him. Drolrevo fell to the ground, watching helplessly as Chris stripped him of all his valuable possessions.
"Curse you, Hermit."
"Unless you damn Paradoxians learn some respect," Chris said as he ripped his sword out of Drolrevo, "this will be the fate for all of you."
Chris walked away from the dead Drolrevo.
"Lets see… 50 gold, have to divide it into thirds for the officers and myself… I'll give Jimmy 14 of the gold… 18 will go to the infiltrator… and the remaining 18 will go to me…"
Chris split the gold up with one of the officer and himself and resumed watching his ship's reconstruction. He turned to a ranger.
"Send word to our infiltrator. The operation is cancelled. I will give him his fair share."
January 6, 3:18 PM. Hermit paced around the guild's cargo room, flipping a coin. His two officers were sitting on crates in the room. They were having a meeting concerning the War for Bohemia.
"So," Hermit said, still flipping his Aztec coin, "as you know, there is a war between England and a man named Matthew Anthony Faye. Mr. Faye was thought of as a son by Mr. Breasly, but it turns out that he went off and took Bohemia from the Holy Roman Empire. Mr. Faye was captured and given one last chance, in this case he became Viceroy of Bohemia. He is leading another rebellion to take Bohemia once more. As you are aware, both Breasly and Faye are willing to pay the same amount of gold to us for our services. We have several options. The first one is to join England's side. The second is to support the rebellion. The third is to not intervene at all, but whoever votes on that will be used as target practice. The last option is this; help both of them. Several guild members help the rebellion, the others aide England. In total, we'll have 20,000 gold. Your votes?"
Jimmy Pistol raised his hand. Chris called on him.
"I say we support England in this."
"The rebels," said the other officer, "I hate Breasly."
"Hmm," replied Chris, "supports for both sides… very well; we'll support both sides."
Chris walked out of the room and tapped two rangers on the shoulder.
"Send a letter to Matthew Faye and John Breasly. Inform them that we're working for both of them, but do not tell them we're helping the other."
March 24, 10:21 AM. England won Bohemia, which once again belongs to the Holy Roman Empire. Hermit was waiting at the camp again for new employers. In time, he was hired by England to serve in a war concerning France. Grace Goldtimbers, daughter of Johnny Goldtimbers and self-proclaimed leader of France, was forced to leave a League of Independent Nations meeting. As a result, she attempted to take back the throne of France, starting a large war. Hermit was tasked with capturing the Duchess for interrogation and negotiation. First, however, he needed allies. After seeing the recent activity of "The Looters"— a guild that has been making many enemies due to the members' arrogance—Hermit figured he could make allies by helping the guild's enemies.
April 1, Tortuga. Hermit searched for as much information as he could for the location of Will Greasecarlett—the Guildmaster of The Looters—but his attempts were unsuccessful. He then ordered the Rangers to write up requests for Will's location all around the Caribbean, offering compensation for any information that can be provided. In time, a woman came to Hermit.
"Name?" Hermit asked.
"Emily Cannonmenace."
"That's a strange last name," said Hermit, "so, you have information on Mr. Greasescarlett?"
"Yes," replied Emily, "he is on the beaches of Tortuga right now, recruiting members for his guild."
"Thank you for the information, miss," said Hermit as he gave a bag of money to Emily and walked out the door. Emily immediately went to buy a drink. Hermit went down to the beaches and asked around; everyone was too afraid to lie, and all the answers given were that Will was never there, nor did they see anyone resembling Will. Hermit's Gossip Stone suddenly vibrated, and he held it up to his face.
"What is it?"
"It's Emily, sir," replied one of the members, "she lied to you."
Hermit was furious. He stormed back to the tavern, fist clenched, and punched the door down in order to get everyone's attention.
"Evening," said a grinning Hermit, who held Emily up by her shirt and tossed her into a wall.
"What is it?" asked Emily.
"You lied."
"It's April Fool's Day!"
"Do I look like I give a damn?"

Caribbean Mafia

October 6, 1754. The Caribbean was peaceful at last. Hermit dedicated his time to service in the organization known as "La Mafia", serving as one of the multiple Godfathers. With his new job, Hermit took on a secondary title as La Mafia's chief enforcer and made Padres Del Fuego and Tortuga his main territories due to his influence in both areas.

Personality and traits

Physically, Crane stood at a towering 7'8", making him one of the tallest people of his time, if not the tallest. His skin was dark, which normally would've invoked severe discrimination due to the time period, but his reputation, size, and the constant death-stare he gave through his light green eyes intimidated others into thinking twice. In addition to the unusual respect and fear he commanded from those around him, Crane was rather agile for his size and possessed impressive reflexes, combining his speed with his own physical superiority to make him a formidable opponent and a force to be reckoned with. In addition, the Aztec curse he carried made him near-unkillable; his constant exposure to cursed weapons caused them to become his only weakness, though the difficulty in obtaining them made him even harder to kill.

To further add to his frightening reputation and appearance, Hermit tattooed his body with various markings. His most notable of these was the skull on his face, reflecting his dark personality, pseudo-immortality, and the danger he posed. Though he enjoyed the mental effect the tattoos had on others, he was forced to surgically remove them over time to adapt to the ever-changing world.

Crane was highly intelligent for his time and primary profession, using his wits to outsmart his enemies or manipulate others into doing his bidding. He was sophisticated and possessed a cultural side, capable of speaking multiple tongues and fancying exotic foods and art. This helped him blend into his environment prior to his rise to prominence and later when he returned to a less famous lifestyle. He was a charismatic individual, and could charm those that he was otherwise unable to intimidate, likewise helping him blend in when he abandoned a life of infamy.

In addition to his intellectual and physical prowess, Hermit was often calm, being able to keep his cool in situations that would break the average human being. This calmness was not a result of his near-immortality, as he was seen retaining his composure even in the face of situations that could kill him. Some found his calmness unsettling, especially when he emotionlessly absorbed shocking events without reacting; others—especially his followers—found comfort in it, feeling assured that Crane knew what he was doing.

Crane's darker side included traits such as ruthlessness, a dark sense of humor, and a lack of empathy, disregarding the personal safety of others or taking lives if it meant achieving a goal. This, combined with his charm, manipulative behavior, fearlessness, and confidence, would've normally labeled him a psychopath, but his more positive traits—such as his ability to love and control impulsive behavior—would invalidate this. Examples of his apathy towards others can be seen in In Too Deep, where he coldly executes his clients for failure; he even tries to kill his own son and friends for failing to meet his expectations.

Skills and abilities

Over his incredibly long lifespan, Crane was able to develop new abilities and learn various techniques. For example, he was a highly-accomplished swordsman, using various methods of swordplay and physical strength to overpower his enemies. He dueled with a brutal yet fluid style, and his decades of knowledge in swordplay made him difficult to best. This, when combined with his intelligence and immortality, turned Crane into a dangerous foe and legendary fighter; as a result, most who heard of him often surrendered immediately, but Crane usually would execute them anyways in cold blood, not wishing to risk them getting in the way. He was an expert in both one handed styles and dual-wielding, occasionally wielding two swords—normally his personal sword and any other intimidating-looking weapon—to cast a terrifying image in the eyes of his victims.

Crane was also an excellent marksman, being capable of firing accurate shots over long distances. This was assisted greatly by the modifications he made to his personal guns, making the shots extremely accurate. This made him very deadly with ranged weapons, as he could more easily outgun his opponents and fight more efficiently when melee combat and voodoo were not options.

In addition, Crane possessed remarkable voodoo powers, though he didn't rely on them unless absolutely necessary, preferring to use bladed weapons. Examples of his usage of these mysterious abilities include causing natural disasters, as seen in The Indubitable Romans, and performing various rituals, such as binding the various undead in his underground lair to his will. He was also capable of harnessing the magic for teleportation and forms of combat, showing delight in torching his enemies with flaming skulls. He could even drain the life energy of people around him, though he only saw a need to do so if he was wounded with a cursed weapon, his only weakness. Crane was even seen using voodoo to control his ship with his mind, making him less dependable on gunners. However, he preferred having the cannons manned instead of mind-controlled, as the latter method often distracted him and could leave him vulnerable.


Chris has multiple pets that he often uses to complete objectives or simply for keeping company.

  • One trained monkey, Timreh
  • Trained hawk, Tallon
  • A team of trained dogs:
    • Wolf
    • Spike
    • Fang
    • Buck
    • Max


Chris uses a variety of weapons, but is rarely seen without his Hermit Blade. He is extremely dangerous in combat with this sword, and has rarely lost a duel with it. When forced into long-range combat, he often throws the sword at his foes to kill them, or he will resort to other long-distance weapons, like throwing knives, pistols, bayonets, blunderbusses, and grenades. These weapons make him very dangerous in combat, and many people have fallen victim to them. He also has a seemingly endless supply of rats, which he often throws at his enemies. Some of these rats are explosive, which has caused a lot of people to become very afraid of rats. Chris also takes advantage of the curse of an Aztec coin he stole from Isla de Muerta. However, ever since he first touched a cursed blade, it modified the curse so that all cursed weapons can kill him. Chris is aware of this, and as such he is extra careful when dealing with enemies with cursed weapons. His weapons have made him feared throughout the Caribbean, though some people will often make use of Chris's weapons and limited immortality to employ him as a bounty hunter, assassin, and many other jobs that others fear. He is also skilled with various types of magic, such as staves, dolls, and his own sword, where he can make its blade catch fire or freeze his opponents or even electrocute them. This is used on multiple occasions, such as setting enemies on fire if a flammable liquid is on the foe, having the sword serve as a torch should Chris be in a dark area and require use of light, or keeping an enemy frozen to be taken prisoner. Chris also uses his own body as weapons, most notably his teeth, which he has sharpened slightly to harm his enemies. Another weapon is Chris's staff, which is magic, and has a retractable blade in the head. He tends to use it in close combat, or as a walking stick.

Memorable quotes




"Moon, prepare the Rat Gun!"

"THE MAGIC PIECES OF EIGHT BALL HAS SPOKEN! LOOLOOLOOLOOLOO!" *shoots someone*-Hermit, after going to his "Magic Pieces of Eight Ball" for advice.

"Jack, I have to introduce you to the wonders of scented soap."-Hermit, while talking to Jack Sparrow.

"Go to hell!"

"I haven't tasted human flesh in years!"-Hermit, about to clamp down on an English soldier at the Fountain of Youth.

"Cursed weapons, genius."-Hermit after being shot.

"Comes mis shorts y vas al infierno."-Hermit, insulting Clemente in The Mystery of The Stolen Design.

"Unleash the rats!"

"Aww… balls!"-Hermit, whether being shot at or left hanging upside-down.

"*groan* Mortals…"-Hermit talking to Gunner when Scrum is ranting about mermaids.

"Crap."-Hermit, after a mermaid starts staring at him at Whitecap Bay.

"Well, look at Lizzy making a speech. -chuckle-"-Hermit, when Elizabeth Swann gives her speech in the end of At World's End.

"Lizzy, I know you're a big girl now, but you're almost as bloodthirsty as me now."-Hermit, when Elizabeth leads the pirates.

"I got trained to kill as a child. I served Spain for years, lost my title, conquered half the Caribbean, and got burned to death. I fought for INFERNO, betrayed it and killed countless members, became second-in-command of Skull's Marines, battled the Red Resistance in the Imperial War, and became an assassin and bounty hunter. I have killed countless people and stolen their edible organs. I killed Mary Lash, fought Captain Leon, freed the Black Pearl, and fought Samuel Harrington. I killed one of King George's sons. I fought Davy Jones and Cutler Beckett. I brutalized Carlos Clemente and his son. I fought for Blackbeard. I killed Clemente several more times, then destroyed his base and half of his army. I freed an island from a corrupt tyrant before burning her alive. I died and came back from the dead. I took over the Caribbean as a ghost with an undead Pharaoh, set England and Spain on fire, raised an army of ghosts, got blown up, and survived. I served in the Caribbean Mafia, ruled a group of mercs, and am now Arch-Duke of Darkness. You cannot kill me, for I died a long time ago. Come. At. Me. Bro."-Hermit monologuing.



  • Though immortal due to his Aztec coin, he has been interacting with cursed blades. Ever since he first touched a cursed sword, his Aztec Curse was weakened. As a result, he can be killed by cursed weapons.
  • Hermit has the odd habit of collecting the hats of his best kills.
  • Hermit has been confirmed to be a cannibal. According to him, he began this—as he called it—"hobby" when he was in his 160s.
  • Hermit is a very formidable opponent; if you fight him, bring your strongest weapons.
  • Hermit is known to be experienced in psychology.
  • Hermit's cannibalistic nature and experience in psychology was inspired by the popular character Hannibal Lecter.
  • Some time before Hermit's life as a pirate, he had been a Spanish Lord. He was seen in this position in the Black Buccaneer Trilogy. After losing his position due to a loss to Black Buccaneer, he ended up as pirate, finally reclaiming his cursed coin.
  • Contrary to what one may believe, Hermit actually is very intelligent. He received a good education when he was younger and later improved his cognitive abilities after he escaped the authorities with his siblings.
  • Also contrary to what one may believe, Hermit has very good hygiene, and has an odd liking to scented soap. This interest in personal hygiene borders on obsession, as he is occasionally seen forcing others to bathe to meet his expectations.

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