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Cloning was created by Jim Logan.

Cloning is owned by

Gunfish Adubrate!


Not much is known about cloning in terms of who made it possible and who discovered it but by 1775 Cloning was used frequently by The Worlds Goverment and The British Colonies during the American Revolution.


In 1742 an unknown scientist in France discovered how to clone random things such as animals, food even people with very few side effects. By 1775 The Worlds Goverment ordered over 1,000,000 clones from an elite soldier's DNA for a war against Piracy and England. Later in November 1775 American leaders ordered over 1,000 soldiers from a special DNA Sample for the war effort. In 1777 The 8th Brethren Court had purchased an estimated 200,000 soldiers to help in their war effort against the Worlds Goverment and the EITC.


Although the creator of cloning is unknown he is said to hold 51% of rights to cloning while the Worlds Goverment owns 49%. Today it is owned completely by Gunfish Adubrate.

Betray of the Pirates and The New Great Pirate Purge

In 1781 An order was sent by the Worlds Goverment to turn on the Pirates that lead them, and they complied and the Worlds Goverment lead a very unseccesful attack on the pirates due to they started a civial war over leadership.

The End of Cloning?

In 1786 The Inventor of Cloning was in his warehouse when The Spaniards attacked and burned the warehouse down with the inventor inside. It is unknown if the directions to create more clones were made/exist.


Prices of clones depends on nationality, career, etc.

1 Clone - $1

10 Clones - $15

100 Clones - $100

1,000 Clones - $1,050

10,000 Clones - $10,550

100,000 Clones - $100,550

1,000,000 Clones - $1,000,550

10,000,000 Clones - $10,000,550

100,000,000 Clones - 100,000,550

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