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Guild Userbox ImageEITC Co. Black Guard is a EITC Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.


The Co. Black Guard is an E.I.T.C. military guild under rule of Johnny Goldtimbers.
Black Officers seal

The seal of the Co. Black Guard guild.


The Co. Black Guard was not always led by Samuel. The Co. Black Guard was the first guild to have the words Black Guard in it. So, with the help of many friends, Samuel took it from Captain Leon. Now the guild is under the control of Johnny Goldtimbers


This guild is the main EITC guild. It currently is in a whole. 187 members and most of them are basic. Currently Samuel is working to get the Co. Black Guard back to its old days again as a powerful guild.

EITC/Guild Ranking System

The EITC Navy

  1. Recruit
  2. Cadet
  3. Able Seaman
  4. Leading Seaman
  5. Petty Officer
  6. Chief Petty Officer
  7. Warrant Officer
  8. Midshipman
  9. Ensign
  10. Guard
  11. Marine
  12. Commando
  13. Officer
  14. Sub - Lieutenant
  15. Lieutenant
  16. Lieutenant - Commander
  17. Captain
  18. Commodore
  19. Rear - Admiral
  20. Vice - Admiral
  21. Admiral
  22. Admiral of the Fleet
  23. Stratigic Admiral
  24. Lord Admiral
  25. Grand Admiral
  26. Warlord/War-Chief

NOTE: Ranks 1 through 9 are Enlisted Members within the EITC Navy.

NOTE: Ranks 10 through 17 are for Veterans within the EITC Navy.

NOTE: Ranks 18 through 25 are for Officers within the EITC Navy.

The EITC Army

  1. Recruit
  2. Cadet
  3. Thug
  4. Private
  5. Grunt
  6. Lance Corporal
  7. Corporal
  8. Sergeant
  9. Staff Sergeant
  10. Warrant Officer
  11. Chief Warrant Officer
  12. Sergeant Major
  13. Second Lieutenant
  14. Lieutenant
  15. Captain
  16. Major
  17. Lieutenant Colonel
  18. Colonel
  19. Assassin
  20. Elite Assassin
  21. Major General
  22. Lieutenant General
  23. General
  24. Field Marshall
  25. Marshall of the Army
  26. Lord Marshall

NOTE: Ranks 1 through 10 are Enlisted Members within the EITC Army.

NOTE: Ranks 11 through 19 are for Veterans within the EITC Army.

NOTE: Ranks 20 through 26 are for Officers within the EITC Army.

Notable Members

  • GM - Johnny Goldtimbers - The final leader of the EITC on POTCO, Goldtimbers previously led the EITC during Spring-Summer 2012, until Sven Daggersteel's Administration became the Head of the EITC, until in Spring 2013, Daggersteel retired and Lord Goldtimbers resumed command of the EITC. He previously served as a high ranking member of the previous Administrations, and is one of the oldest and most loyal EITC members. He also serves as Prime Minister of Great Britain. 
  • Officer - Nate Crestbreaker - The second-in-command to Lord Goldtimbers, General Crestbreaker is a distinguished member of both the EITC and Britain, serving as Master-General of the Ordinance, professional head of the Board of Ordinance for many years. 
  • Officer - William Seasteel - Lord Goldtimbers secretary & protege, Seasteel was a leading member of both the Daggersteel Administration and Lord Goldtimbers' second Administration. He previously served as a Sergeant and later Lieutenant in Lord Goldtimbers' first Administration. He was the guild scribe during Daggersteel's term. 
  • Officer - Charles Salisbury - A distinguished Admiral, Salisbury was First Sea Lord at the time of Lord Goldtimbers' second Administration & First Administration, and an Admiral Five Stars during Daggersteel's Administration. 
  • Officer - 


Enemies or Enemy Guilds

  • Imperio de Espana - Carlos Da Vinci Clemente - 500 Members 

Allies or Allied Guilds 

  • Co. Black Watch - General James Warshot - 60 members 
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