Guild Userbox ImageEITC Co. Black Guard is a EITC Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.


The Co. Black Guard is a military guild under rule of 2nd Lord Governor Jonathan Goldtimbers
Black Officers seal

The seal of the Co. Black Guard guild.


The Co. Black Guard was not always led by Samuel. The Co. Black Guard was the first guild to have the words Black Guard in it. So, with the help of many friends, Samuel took it from Captain Leon. Now the guild is under the control of Johnny Goldtimbers.


This guild is the main EITC guild. It currently is maxed. Many famous EITC Officers have been or are currently in this guild, such as: 2nd Lord Governor, Lord Marhsall Caddius Bane, 3rd Lord Governor John Waysmythe, 4th Lord Govenor Andrew Mallace, High Lord Johnathan Coaleaston, Lord Admiral Maxamillion, Lord Admiral Sven Daggersteeel, Lord Roger Decksteel, Strategic Admiral Davy Helmhound and Jack Rogers.The guild motto in latin is :"Una nos increbresco obvius sapentia nos fides!". That's latin for "Together we prevail, in the wisdoms we trust."

EITC/Guild Ranking System

The EITC Navy

  1. Recruit
  2. Cadet
  3. Able Seaman
  4. Leading Seaman
  5. Petty Officer
  6. Chief Petty Officer
  7. Warrant Officer
  8. Midshipman
  9. Ensign
  10. Guard
  11. Marine
  12. Commando
  13. Officer
  14. Sub - Lieutenant
  15. Lieutenant
  16. Lieutenant - Commander
  17. Captain
  18. Commodore
  19. Rear - Admiral
  20. Vice - Admiral
  21. Admiral
  22. Admiral of the Fleet
  23. Stratigic Admiral
  24. Lord Admiral
  25. Grand Admiral
  26. Warlord/War-Chief

NOTE: Ranks 1 through 9 are Enlisted Members within the EITC Navy.

NOTE: Ranks 10 through 17 are for Veterans within the EITC Navy.

NOTE: Ranks 18 through 25 are for Officers within the EITC Navy.

The EITC Army

  1. Recruit
  2. Cadet
  3. Thug
  4. Private
  5. Grunt
  6. Lance Corporal
  7. Corporal
  8. Sergeant
  9. Staff Sergeant
  10. Warrant Officer
  11. Chief Warrant Officer
  12. Sergeant Major
  13. Second Lieutenant
  14. Lieutenant
  15. Captain
  16. Major
  17. Lieutenant Colonel
  18. Colonel
  19. Assassin
  20. Elite Assassin
  21. Major General
  22. Lieutenant General
  23. General
  24. Field Marshall
  25. Marshall of the Army
  26. Lord Marshall

NOTE: Ranks 1 through 10 are Enlisted Members within the EITC Army.

NOTE: Ranks 11 through 19 are for Veterans within the EITC Army.

NOTE: Ranks 20 through 26 are for Officers within the EITC Army.


  • Order of Nautillus
  • The French Royalty
  • The Irish Royalty
  • Navy Empire
  • Boss Buster Club

Notable Members


Lord Governor Jonathan Goldtimbers

Lord Marshall Caddius Archibald Bane

Lord Andrew Mallace

Marshall John Warsmythe

Marshall Roger Decksteel

Marshall Ryan Blademonk

El Lord Giratina Origine Forme


Grand Admiral Eric Machawk

Strategic Admiral Davy Helmhound

Brigadier Jason

Enemies or Enemy Guilds

  • The Paradox
  • Pearson Wright
  • Hippie
  • George Sailward
  • I N F E R N O
  • Laws Brigade
  • O U T LA W S
  • Lord Lawrence Dagger
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