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The Co. Black Guard was the official EITC guild for two Administrations of EITC Lord Governors. Lord Governor Samuel Redbeard (who later changed his title to Lord Marshal to show his dominance of the British Military) ruled the EITC from this guild during the Paradoxian War (1739-1745) during a major hostile time for the Company. Lord Governor Johnny Goldtimbers later restored this guild and used it for his Administration for the duration of his second term as Lord Governor during 1747. 


The Co. Black Guard was created by Leon Goldtimbers, the EITC Lord Governor at the time. It was given to Samuel Redbeard upon his ascension to the position of Lord Governor. During the Paradoxian War, Samuel operated out of this guild, regulating EITC trade, commanding and moving his forces, and creating new ideas to be put into affect with his Administration. 

Present day

This guild is the main guild after the Abandonment of British Co. Elites. It held 500 members and was led by Lord Johnny Goldtimbers & his Administration. 

EITC/Guild Ranking System

The EITC Armada 

  1. Able Seaman
  2. Leading Seaman
  3. Petty Officer
  4. Chief Petty Officer
  5. Midshipman
  6. Ensign
  7. Sub - Lieutenant
  8. Lieutenant - Commander
  9. Captain
  10. Commodore
  11. Rear - Admiral
  12. Vice - Admiral
  13. Admiral

The EITC Black Guard 

  1. Private
  2. Lance Corporal
  3. Corporal
  4. Sergeant
  5. Second Lieutenant
  6. Lieutenant
  7. Captain
  8. Major
  9. Lieutenant Colonel
  10. Colonel
  11. Major General
  12. Lieutenant General
  13. General

Notable Members

  • GM - Johnny Goldtimbers - The final leader of the EITC on POTCO, Goldtimbers previously led the EITC during Spring-Summer 2012, until Sven Daggersteel's Administration became the Head of the EITC, until in Spring 2013, Daggersteel retired and Lord Goldtimbers resumed command of the EITC. He previously served as a high ranking member of the previous Administrations, and is one of the oldest and most loyal EITC members. He also serves as Prime Minister of Great Britain. 
  • Officer/Second in Command - Nate Crestbreaker - The second-in-command to Lord Goldtimbers, General Crestbreaker is a distinguished member of both the EITC and Britain, serving as Master-General of the Ordinance, professional head of the Board of Ordinance for many years. He was also a distinguished British General, as well as a Knight, for the country of Britain.
  • Officer/Third-in-Command - Blake Stewart - The distinguished Minister of Warfare at the time of Daggersteel's resignation, Stewart served as the Minister of Warfare until the end of POTCO and is a distinguished officer, having served as Third-in-Command during Lord Goldtimbers' first Administration, and First Sea Lord/Second-in-Command during Daggersteel's Administration. During Lord Goldtimbers' first term, Blake served as a Lord Commissioner of the Board of Admiralty's Quorum, along with Fourth-in-Command, John Wildhayes and Secretary Christopher. 
  • Officer/Fourth-in-Command- Charles Salisbury- A distinguished Admiral, Salisbury was First Sea Lord at the time of Lord Goldtimber's second administration & First Administration, and an Admiral Five Stars during the Daggersteel Administration. He served alongside the Board of Admirality Quorum members, including two Lord Commisioners, Blake Stweart & John Wildhayes, and the Secretary, Christopher Roland.
  • Officer/Fifth-in-Command - William Seasteel - Lord Goldtimbers secretary & protege, Seasteel was a leading member of both the Daggersteel Administration and Lord Goldtimbers' second Administration. He previously served as a Sergeant and later Lieutenant in Lord Goldtimbers' first Administration. He was the guild scribe during Daggersteel's term. 
  • Officer/Sixth-in-Command - James Goldtimbers/Christopher Roland - A leading member of the Post-Paradoxian War era, Christopher Roland at first served as Secretary in the Board of Admiralty's Quorum until he resigned from England to pursue his career as the first President of the Swiss Trading Company, until the post was taken over by Minister of Finance Blau Wolfe XIII when he merged the Swiss Trading Company with the Kohlesmied Weapons Co. in 1745. Roland returned to the EITC, and was made Third Sea Lord, he later changed his name to James Goldtimbers. Originally he served as Second-in-Command of Co. Black Watch, until he joined Co. Black Guard and served as an Officer.
  • Officer - Sven Daggersteel - A leading member in Britain, Sven Daggersteel begun his service as a Lieutenant in the EITC First Division, and later Royal Marines during the Paradoxian War. During the Post-Paradoxian War, he was made First Sea Lord, and he led Britain to victory. After the Post-Paradoxian War ended, Daggersteel became Minister of Warfare, and began his term as Lord of the EITC. He resigns in early 1747, and is replaced by Johnny Goldtimbers. He rejoins Co. Black Guard towards the end of POTCO, as a veteran of the Royal Military.  


Enemies or Enemy Guilds

  • Imperio de Espana - Carlos Da Vinci Clemente - 500 Members 

Allies or Allied Guilds 

  • Co. Black Watch - General James Warshot - 60 members 
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