Basic Info

This guild has been deleted and Robert has moved to another guild.

Backround Info.

Robert was a formal EITC. He joined the Legendary Masters, EITC guild made by Giratina Origin Forme. No longer used but EITC living got tiresome. Robert joined the United Outlaws, guild that rules the Antilk server. Well Robert missed the EITC experience. Robert missed the Kingshead EITC meetings. So Robert created the Co. Empire United!


The Co. Empire United is an EITC within the Caribbean. They operate on the Abassa and Antik servers. They hang out on Tormenta. As long as pirates don't make Robert mad then he's cool with them. Robert will help out pirates and fellow EITC members as long as they don't make me mad. There are ranks within the guild and various uniforms that can be found at the link - EITC Outfits. Ranks will be established based on other rules.

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