Co Rangers is a guild founded by Pearson Wright. It currently has 64 members in the guild and is against Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard and his guild, the Black Officers. This guild is a EITC guild in The EITC Board of Directors.

Important Members and Ranks

  • Davy Gunfish- Ex Guildmaster
  • Rick Cardinal-Second in command
  • Admiral Riven-Third in command
  • John Breasly (honorary)-Third in command (sometimes)
  • Jack Redsilver-Unknown
  • Baron Munchousin-Unknown

All other known Files

Although Captain Leon is a notorious criminal of the EITC there is, in truth very little known about this menace. His guild is the fourth one of its kind. Captain Leon is highly eclaimed as the most dangerous man in the Caribbean.


The uniforms are simple, a dark colored coat, boots, a dark colored shirt, a dark colored hat, and dark colored pants. AKA. - The Ranger Outfit.


Always listen to guildmaster, some don't seem to get it. WE DO NOT REPORT EACHOTHER!!

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