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Cold Blood is a weapon of Ebon Slicin's Hoard. It was one of the first weapons he found on his travels. It is currently found in Slicin's Caverns.


Cold Blood was forged by a group Japanese ronin who where often hired as assassins. It was always considered a weapon of mass destruction in ancient Japan.

After several hundred years, the blade was shipped to Singapore, then thrown into the ocean, hoping never to be seen again. For some reason, it never rusted, no matter how much sea bilge and barnacles attached to it.

Sometime in the late 1600s, it washed up on a less-visited beach in Singapore. There, Ebon Slicin recovered it, and added it to his hoard.


Type/Rarity Legendary Ronin Blade
Resale Value N/A 1,200 gold
Attack N/A 102
Combos Rank Description
Chop +3 A basic swing
Spin Cut +3 The player whips their whole body around to strike
Slice & Dice +3 A flurry of cuts
Thrust +3 A finishing stab
Skill Rank Description
Shadow Curse Weapon Skill) Rank 4 Turn into a shadowy form for 48 seconds! Enemies can't see you!
Blessing of the Ronin (Break Attack) Rank 4 There is a 100% chance to hit any target for 60 seconds! You also take half damage!
Critical Strike Rank 3 Chance to deal critical damage!
Drain Health Rank 3 Every time you attack, you take a little of your opponents health!