This a Fan Guild made for the Isla Inferno Histories. Creator of this guild is Edgar Wildrat.
Collacks Conquerers United is in Isla Inferno Histories

Collacks Conqueror's United Seal

Collacks Conquerers United

This is a military guild and fought the EITC and the undead on Isla Inferno. Made up of the people on Isla Inferno to fight back against the EITC. Guildmaster, Colonel Charles Collack made it to fight back against the EITC when they took over the island. It was peace at first after the First Civil War then the EITC started to impose taxes onto the people and these taxes were crazy. Charles then started to form this rebellion to fight back the EITC. They trained for months until the Weapons War broke out of Isla Inferno. They fought the EITC but lost in the end and had to retreat. After that the EITC were looking for members of the Collacks Conquerers United guild. Then when the backstabber, Aeolus taught them voodoo they became strong enough to take back the island. Aeolus left and then after they thought were finally going to be in peace the Invasion of Isla Inferno occurred and there were too many undead soliders. Many people were lost and Chales Collacks survived the invasion but lost many fine officers in the process. Many guild members can be found on Isla Inferno fighting back the undead. They also warn you about a curse that happens when you do the Story Quest: Isla Inferno

They are a GM guild much like the EITC Black Guard, Marceline and Casa de Muertos.

List of Guild Members

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