Commonwealth of America

"E Pluribus Unum"

Political Information

Non-partisan syndicalist union democracy

Head of State

General Secretary

Head of Government

Trade Union Congress


May 1, 1921

Capital Chicago, Il
Official Language


Official Religion


Official Religion


National Anthem

Solidarity Forever


Anarcho-syndicalism/union socialism

The Commonwealth of America is a confederation of socialist republics based in North America. Founded in the wake of the events of May Day 1921 and the subsequent Second American Civil War, the Commonwealth is a free association of worker syndicates in the continent governed by a central Trade Union Congress which convenes in Chicago, Illinois, the capital of the commune and heart of the Revolution.

The state had its roots in the nascent socialist and anarchist movements of the late 19th century United States when mass direct action was favored by the working class over participation in reformist American democracy, which was seen as antiquated and unable to adequately adapt to modern internal issues. The Socialist Party of America, supported by the numerous increasingly militant trade unions of the country, continued to grow in power in the early 20th century under its fathers, namely Eugene V. Debs, John Silas Reed, and Mary Jones, until the 1920 presidential election was canceled by the military on the eve of their ticket's projected victory, prompting several months of turmoil before the outbreak of violence in May of the following year.


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