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The end has come to pass once more.

The small world that quelled the fury of the dark cosmos in antiquity has been returned to its primordial state.

Where its enormous, ingenious and sprawling metropoles once stood lay nothing but undisturbed, verdant pasture.

Its sun shines, rays blessing the land without obstacle.

Its cool, cerulean seas are once again calm and untamed.

Its air has regained its clarity and purity.

It is the world I had envisioned over half a million of its years ago.

But this is far from a pleasant dream.

A brewing terror belies this aetherly facade.

A ravenous darkness blossoms in the bosom of the universe.

Enthroned in my creation.

Intent on transforming this universe into a dead dimension.

I am sapped of my former strength.

This voracious flame is one I cannot extinguish...

I call upon you.

Warriors of antiquity.

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