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How to play: User blog: Jeremiah Garland/Conqueror

The Current Season, is Season 1.


As established by multiple users in accordance with the League commissioner, the official scoring guide (with the type of game and maximum alloting points for winning) are as follows:

  • Each of these is with NO AI players, and assume free-for-all if not stated differently. 

For 1 v 1 games : The winner recieves 2 points, the loser recieves points.

For FFA matches consisting of more than 2 players: The winner recieves 3 points, second place recieves point, the rest recieve points.

For Team games (2 v 2 or more): Each player on the winning team recieves points, while each player on the losing team recieves point.

Season 1 Standings


Playoffs: How they work in the Conqueror league

In the playoffs, Forfeitting is not an option.

To be revamped

Round 1: 6 players will play. The players will go 45 turns to avoid the game going too long. The Top 4 players will go on. Assuming the overseer of the game is not in the game, at the end of the game, or if a player is eliminated before the game is over, said overseer will enter the game to either spectate, or mark the scores at the end of the game to legitimize that the final scores are real, and are not photo shopped, or anything of the sorts. 

Round 2: 4 players will play. The players will go 65 turns to avoid the game going too long. The top 2 players will go to the final game. If the overseer is not in the game, said overseer will have the same responsibilities as above.

Final Game: 2 players will play. The only way to win is to eliminate your opponent entirely. If the Overseer is not in the game, said Overseer will will have the same responsibilities as above


  • Longest match recorded: 162 Turns, 4 hours 41 minutes (Battle of Marrace/Lord Bobicus v. Cannonwalker/Dracula, Marrace/Bobicus win.)
  • Most soldiers in one city: Lord Andrew Mallace - 1223 soldiers
  • Most soldiers lost in one turn: TheNextMaster - 700 Soldiers

Conqueror Teams

As per the need to have team matches in the league, some users have decided to establish permanent teams in hopes of clinching more victories. They are as follows: