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Consigilere "Sal", otherwise known as Nicholas De Salisbury, is one of the slyest, most murderous criminal in the Caribbean. Born in an English manor, Sal often seen as the goody-two-shoes. After his father was killed by Spanish bounty hunters, Sal ran to the Caribbean, enlisted in the Black Guard, and started his own private brigade. His brigade causes harm across the Caribbean, killing off pirates, disliked Naval officers, and EITC members alike.

He is known as the "Sal" because of his last name. It carries a Lords' title, and having it written on the body of a dead man could cause problems.

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The Sal's Crime Family, a group of Black Guard outcasts, is lead by the infamous Consigilere Sal. He banded them together shortly after the disappearance of King Louis I, and has lead them silently since. His top officer, Jason Shiprat, is constantly around him, backing him up, and causing mischief of his own.

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The consigilere needs his signatures nice and pretty, see? He signs his own way...

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