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A total redo was in order for this game as the story lost its motiviation, so I'm redoing this again as a original part of the Assassins creed's games. Enjoy what I've done so far.


(Main Protagonist) Constantijn de Jockheer -  A Dutch boy who grows up to become a young assassin, doing his service, while trying to get into a relationship

(Side Protagonist)  Aleid Van Vos - A German Assassin, who is transfered to the Dutch branch of Assassins, and is the lover of Ákos the Hungarian, and Constantijn wishes he could have her as a soulmate.

(Side Protagonist) Ákos Arkony - A Hungarian Assassin who is the lover of Aleid, and often is protective of Aleid and their relationship together.

Chapter 1: The Event

Constantijn walked past the market, not eyeing the wares, since his father already had plenty of money and  manor. Consantijn could hear a scream of a lady near the port. Constantijn ran inbetween most of the men and women to see horror to Constantijn: His father dead with a sword sutck inside him. Constantijn could see a man in robes running off as he took off a set of bloody gloves. "Hey you!" Constantijn said over the gasps of the crouds. 

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