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Court Martial is a special type of court. Where people are tried for war crimes, and people that are in the military. The Court Martial will be the official court of the Skull's Marines. If you would like to be tried in Court Martial you will have to contact a Judge, or Capt. Skull X. If you would like to be Judge, send Capt. Skull X a


message. Unlike traditional Court Martial, this Court Martial also has a Jury, which will assist in decisions in SOME cases, and on the rare occasion a Jury member may be selected to act as a justice in a case. Jury members are also available for a promotion to be a Justice.

NOTE: You don't have to be in the Skull's Marines to be judge, nor do you have to be a Marine to be tried in Court Martial, you just have to have permission, since the Skull's Marines own the Court.



The jury may help decide on punishments, or if the defendant is innocent or guilty. They will not be involved in every case though.

  • Captain Robert


Past Cases

So far there hasn't been any trials in this court

Current Cases

There isn't a trial going on currently

Upcoming Cases

Trial of Samuel Redbeard; Co. Black Officers

There has been a compilation of proof against the Co. Black Officers, that they have been threatening Captain Leon followers, even though Leon has resigned from the EITC, and has left Sam alone. He has also invaded the Telltale HQ. Many people are being outraged with his guild, especially when the Co. Black Guard attempted to assassinate his grandson. Therefore Samuel Redbeard and his guild, are being tried for several reasons:

  1. War Crimes - Meaning he has attacked, and threatened Non-combatants
  2. Assassination Attempts - There was an assassination attempt against Jack Swordmenace's grandson
  3. Invading Neutral Zones - Attacked the Telltale HQ.

Status: Potential Case


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