The Covenant Empire is both a guild, and a religious pact between many cursed, undead, ghost, mutant, and just plain old feared pirates along the seven seas. It is small, but soon it will grow.


Formed on Sept. 21, 2010, by Arbiter James Warhawk

Declared war on British Parliament on Sept. 21, 2010

The Covenant Empire was formed between Arbiter Warhawk, Prophet Isiah Gunskull, Prophet Mack Olen, and Arbiter Snoopensnob, who all share a hatred for non-cursed men and seek to destroy all human life from the Caribbean, and possibly the Earth.

The guild has since been disbanded.


Prophet-Religious Leader and Figurehead Must be lvl 40 or over

Arbiter-Military Leader must be lvl 35 or over

Spec Ops-A special group of soldiers, with cool powers, must be lvl 30 or over

Elites-A powerful group of men must be lvl 25 or over

Brute-Big, tank-like men, must be lvl 20 or over

More Coming Soon.....

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