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This is Crazy People United, if you want to join just ask in the comments below. If you want to join as a Co. Founder then ask a month or so after you have joined.

Guild List

  • Guildmaster (President and Founder) ~ Jason Yelloweagle ~ Reason: Well for one... I MADE THE BLOODY PAGE.
  • House of Officers (Co Founders) (9 needed) ~ Edgar Wildrat ~ Reason: (put reason here),
  • Co Guildmaster (Co President) ~ John Macbatten ~ Reason: (put reason here),
  • Officers ~ Caboost ~ Reason: (put reason here), LeClerc Sharpe ~ Reason: (put reason here),
  • Veterans ~
  • Members ~


This is the list of people in our army

  • Sergeant (Guildmaster) ~ Jason Yelloweagle
  • Master Sergeant (House of Officers) ~ Edgar Wildrat,
  • Sergeant (Co Guildmaster) ~ John Macbattan
  • Corporal (Officers) ~ Caboost, LeClerc Sharpe,
  • Private First Class (Veterans) ~
  • Private (Members) ~


Why I have created this page. For crazy people to be united and show people that we can DESTROY :)

The body of the poor person who question Crazy People United's power.


Crazy People United is scheduled to become a real guild in POTCO today or tomorrow!