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Spanish 1




1720; was resurrected by Nitidus


Nitidus's crew


35 (first encounter outside Waterfall Skull)

40 (During boss battle with Nitidus)

     Cucaracha, during his life, was a pirate and member of Nitidus's crew. Other than this, not much is known about him.


Cucaracha can be found at the entrance to the Waterfall Skull, which is accessed after the Village Elder of the Outlands has received most of the items necessary to open the Waterfall Chamber.

In the first battle, Cucaracha is found at level 35 and has 14,250 health. This battle takes place at the entrance to the Waterfall Skull after the player has retrieved the items requested of the Village Elder.

In the second battle, Cucaracha is found at level 40 and has 17,000 health. This battle takes place before the player's main battle with Nitidus takes place. Nitidus revives Cucaracha and Cafard before him and the player can battle in hopes that they will handle the player before he has to.

Cucaracha's only weapon is a cutlass. These are his attacks:

Combo Damage Description
Hack 65-95 A quick opening attack
Slash 100-130 A broad back-slash
Cleave 120-165 A mighty overhead strike
Flourish 150-190 Three upward slashes
Thrust 185-220

A fancy finishing thrust

Special Attacks Damage Description
Hurricane Slash 400-650 All nearby enemies are knocked down
Flaming Bladestorm 750-900 (plus 350 damage overtime) The regular Bladestorm ability, but with fire; gives the recipient "burned" status (damages overtime)
Gradual Heal 0 Uses voodoo and heals the user for 50% of their base health over a period of one minute


  • The only times you can battle Cucaracha are to fulfil goals in The Outlands Main Story Quest: once at level 35 outside the Waterfall Skull and once at level 40 inside Nitidus's Chamber during a Treasure Map
    • After the quest is completed, you can still do the Treasure Map again to fight Cucaracha. However, you can only repeat the battle inside Nitidus's Chamber
  • Cucaracha is Spanish for "roach."
  • Cucaracha and Cafard's names have the same meaning, but are in different languages
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