Ghost Sword

The Ghost Sword

Nobody knows much about the Ghost Sword except it was made by a Blacksmith, who studied the dark arts of Voodoo. The sword was so powerful, it was feared even by its own creator and Jolly Roger himself. When Jolly Roger sent his four Generals to steal the sword, the blade's builder impaled himself with the sword and cursed it to become a ghost with his soul in it, thus the sword was eventually named, The Ghost Sword.

The Curse

When the creator of the Ghost Sword stabbed himself and cursed it, the sword ending up transforming into a ghostly form, permanently. Along with its transformation, the blade was given an evil cursed power: the power to drain away other weapons' powers if they were to come into contact with the sword. This evil curse can even effect the legendary golden Legend Sword. Thus the powers of the sword that the Ghost Sword drained away, will be nothing more than just a plain sword. The curse is powerful but there is a way counter it. The Ghost Sword cannot drain away other evil cursed weapons like the Darfire Cutlass or the Lost Sword of El Patron, for they were cursed as well by someone.


The Ghost Sword has the shape of any other cutlass. But the whole entire weapon itself takes the form of a green ghost. The blade also gives off a glowing green aura. The signs of a evil weapon.


The Ghost Sword's location remains thus far unknown. But it is rumored that Jolly Roger keeps the blade in his personal quarters on his ship the Harkaway after his Four Generals stole it for him.


  • The Ghost Sword is a unlockable Sword within the POTC At World's End Video Game, which is gained by performing a a certain numbered hit-combo in the level, Isla Cruces.
  • The picture of the Ghost Sword is a picture of the actual sword in the game.
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