Foggy Island

Cursed Fog protecting Ile de la Maudite

Cursed Fog is a very dangerous type of voodoo.


Cursed Fog was used originally by the Aztecs to hide their city of Tenochtitlan. Unfortunately, Cortez got ahold of several Medallions of Sight, and invaded the city to steal the rest.

It was later used by Tia Dalma to hide the Pillagers Pass. Unfortunately, the curse backfired, and now the only way to find the Pillagers Pass is through a secret tunnel in PVP.

Jolly Roger next used it to hide Ile de la Maudite from prying eyes. That served well, so he placed it on several other islands.

Many pirates have used it on islands to keep their treasures hidden.

Lastly, Lord Samuel Redbeard, Lord Cutler Beckett, and Mercer placed it on Fort Righteous to hide it from all pirates.

Cursed Fog Atributes

Cursed Fog is only penetrable with a Medallion of Sight, which gives the seer the ability to see anything through the dense fog.

Other ways to counter Cursed Fog have been tried with Aztec gold and visibility coins, but neither seem to work very well.

Cursed Fog is castable by only the most skilled voodoo masters.

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