The cursed gun is a weapon like cursed swords but heres the twist it has a special extra skills and a special bullet that when you fire it you see a voodoo trail from the gun to the enemy in the air.


  1. Barbossa wants you to help kill off some of Davy jones crew.
  2. Go to tormenta.
  3. Kill 30 of every Kind of Davy Jones crew in the Cursed caverns on tormenta.
  4. Return to barbossa and he gives you 500 bullets and now to the gun.
  5. Sink 20 cursed undead ships for cursed wood and 10 Navy man o' wars for steel.
  6. Take the materials to a gunsmith to make the gun.
  7. Go see Calopso for her to put a spell on the gun.
  8. Test the gun out for calopso and see if it works


  • 20% more damage
  • 20% more accuracy
  • The voodoo trail
  • The cool looking gun
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