Cydonia is a town on the CivWars Minecraft server. It was founded on October 27th, 2016, and is led by Cannonwalker. It is the only town in a nation called Andalusia, which is also led by Cannonwalker.


After not playing on a Minecraft server actively for over a month, Cannonwalker felt the desire to play once more. Civcraft, during its third iteration, had shut down permanently about a month prior. With no chance of his desire in Civcraft reigniting, Cannonwalker set forth to try and find a new server that would be as enjoyable to him as Civcraft's second iteration.

Cannonwalker learned the details of a plugin known as "Towny", which he believed would provide him with an experience not entirely unlike Civcraft. He searched a few Towny servers, failing to find one that would allow for griefing and war. However, Cannonwalker eventually came across CivWars and immediately began his trek into the wilderness to find a place to settle.

Eventually, Cannonwalker found a spot and invited Benthamic and MC_Zoomer to begin building. Within a week, the town had animal pens for pigs, cows, sheep and rabbits, and automatic farms for sugar cane, pumpkins and melons. After the town's main infrastructure was set up, the inhabitants began their quest for enchanted diamond armor and weaponry.

Sometime after Cydonia became sufficiently-armed and activity in the town began to wane slightly, talks began of another mechanism intended for the defense of the town: a giant wall. Cannonwalker was heavily in favor of this idea and began construction in mid-November, gathering massive amounts of cobblestone and wood logs with the other townspeople in order to complete the project.

The prospect of creating such a large project caused many to lose interest in the server, eventually rendering Cydonia devoid of active players. It wasn't until Cannonwalker said they could build it more slowly that they agreed to return; this return took place on the eve of February 5th the next year. Despite a slow start, by the 11th business continued as it did before the original inactivity period began; various townspeople began working on projects, while Cannonwalker resumed work on the wall.


Timeline of Major Events

  • 2016
    • ​October 27th: Town is founded
    • Mid-November: Construction on the wall begins
    • Early December: People of the town lose interest because of the overwhelmingly ambitious nature of the wall project.
  • 2017
    • February 5th: Cannonwalker and a few others return to CivWars after Cannon promises that the wall doesn't have to be built quickly.
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