The DPI Financial Headquarters are located in Flatts & Flatts, Importers on Tortuga. This base is where all cash is kept and is guarded by the most advanced and top secret technology of Daggerpaine Industries. Some of this technology is so beyond its time that for the safety of all persons shall not be revealed. Revealing this can be punished by death.

Codename: Skull Chest

Entrance Hall

The Entrance Hall is the Flatts & Flatts, Importers office. Inside that office is a secret door leading to the DPI Financial Headquarters. On the way inside, at the other end of the secret door, all personell are forced to give up all weapons, unless without written permission from Lawrence Daggerpaine himself.


There are 7 underground floors inside the HQ, and all have a different responsobility. The 7th Floor is so secret only 10 persons and th top security guards have access to it.

First Floor

Department of HQ Security - Security takes all weapons and lethal items from all ingoing personell. They get everything back once they leave.

Second Floor

Department of Transport Security - Provides guards, and other security technology for the transportation of all Daggerpaine Industries property.

Third Floor

Department of Incoming Welath - Monitors all wealth of the company. Makes sure purchases are delivered, and maks sure they are paid for.

Fourth Floor

Department of Exporting Wealth - Monitors all outgoing wealth and products are going to correct place and at the correct time.

Fifth Floor

Department of Wealth Control - Offices of all important personell including Jeremiah Stormwash (Chief Financial Officer), and his top advisors and section chiefs.

Sixth Floor

Department of Guest Housing - Houses all important personell of Daggerpaine Industries who are visiting from other islands.

Seventh Floor

Department of Wealth Containment - Contains all the wealth of the company and can only be accessed by 10 persons, and the tp security guards who have been entrusted with the duty of protecting such a treausre.

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