Dagger of the Dark Abyss is a very powerful dagger. It has an attack of an amazing 647. It can destroy almost any enemy with one shot of Vipers Nest. The creator of this weapon is unknown, what we do know is that he or she is a very skilled weapon maker.

200px-Dagger E Attack: 647

Evil Spirit - Rank 1

(Weapon Skill)

Protects user from all damage for 60 seconds!

Burning Dagger - Rank 9

(Weapon Skill)

Throws a burning dagger at the enemy! Deals damage over time.

Drain Health - Rank 12

(Passive Skill)

Steals health from the enemy!

Other stats

After every strike on an enemy, it deals 800 damage and heals the user 800 as well. When it is drawn by the user, it will turn black with a white cloud around it. When Evil Spirit activates, it turns you into a black ghost.

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