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Daggerpaine Industries was a weapons manufacturing and invention factory, founded by Lawrence Daggerpaine and co-operated by Bill Plunderbones.

It is now a non-profit entertainment company, making graphics, videos, and games, mainly run by Lawrence Daggerpaine

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Daggerpaine Industries started off as a small weapons maker. The weapons themselves were forged by hand by Lawrence himself. The main shop was Edgar Shipcrash Weaponry, Port Royal. One of, if not the most, finest weapons made by Daggerpaine Industries was the Peace Keeper Blade. After Bill

The Original Store

joined, it expanded from just conventional weapons, to experimental ones.....


Today, Daggerpaine Industries is a multi-trillion dollar organization, creating brand new devices.

As of May 5th 2011 all main islands have been added with something from Daggerpaine Industries

  • Port Royal - White House, City of Fire
  • Tortuga - City Of Water
  • Padres Del Fuego - XLIGHT

    The Newer Official Logo

  • Cuba - Daggerpaine industries Factory
  • Ravens Cove - Dimmensional technology for studing the Realm.

The Factory

The factory itself is located in Pantano River, Cuba, Cortevos server(owned by Bill Plunderbones)


  • Cuba - contains the storgae facility under the jail The
  • Airfield - The area behind The trees contains ship building area and where the airal and warships r stored.
  • Cortevos observatory - near the 3 main alligators on the beach
  • Pantano River- main factory- contains Bill's workshop, weapon testing area,
  • operated by ROBOBs ( robot alligators )
  • powered by XLIGHT
  • mini XLIGHT reactor powers main factory

The Different Divisions

  • Research and Development- the inventors division the people here create the different items the industry manufactures.
  • Weapons Development- another group of inventors who make the weapons in the industry.
  • Weapons testing- the ppl in this group test the weapons of course they make sure the weapons work right and do wat they are programed to do.
  • Sword Making - newest division anyone in weapons division is offered this job. makes blades for people(see User:Tama63/Daggerpaine_Industries/Divisions )
  • Shipping and development- head of Simon Redskull ship building department newest division.
  • Financial Holdings- lead by Jeremiah Stormwash, will keep holdings on the companies stock market levels and revenue Daggerpaine Industries Stock Holders
  • Movie Delvopment-Run by Law himself, filming, video editing, and sepcial effects

Research and Development

his division is the inventors of the industry under Bill Plunderbones and Bounty Hunter Bill the researhers find information and ideas for inventions and the devolpmenters make them so they spend a long time in the factory. Also XLIGHT is the mnost studied thing there due to its many uses. As of May 1st 2011 during the comet collision they may have discovered a new source of energy that can tap the vast powers of The Realm

inventions made:

  • Arc Reactor - reactor that kept the magma of padres from erupting into the mountain - Now Destroyed
  • XLIGHT reactor - current reactor replaced arc reactor and an unlimited source for the Society of Light members.
  • XLIGHT Converter- another version of the XLIGHT reactor it converts any subsatnce into XLIGHT making it a very sufficient energy source and safe too located in the Gen Of Peace secret bunker but also used in the Construction Team.
  • HydroLight Generator - a new type of reactor made by combining water and light - it powers the City Of Fire with a waterfall as a conductor and supplier another one was placed in City Of Water with an Underground River to power it.
  • XLIGHT Bulbs - a lightbulb made to use Light energy but Mobile and sometimes small for placing in buildings and ships an unlimited energy source- used in City Of FIre and more used in City Of Water.
  • Comet Cosmic energy - being Studied
  • Time Machine DeLoreon
  • Inter Dimensionalizer - the realm gateway and portal creator held on Ravens Cove.
  • many factory safe guards like cloak device and XLIGHT shield.
  • City Of Fire - secret underground town in use for times of peril -loaction Royal Caverns, Cortevos
  • City Of Water - a second secret undeground town in use of peril and if Fire is in danger or seiged located in Thieves Den, corteovs
  • Balanieron - At a top secret-super classified-special 24/7 guarded by special ops and taped secret room chamber at the industries. Literally bends the darkness inside someone... only prototyped so far, only tested on a light side subject. Makes balance in a dark person. Does nothing to already balanced, and makes light siders feel quite spirited.
  • Secret Bunker of Lost Island of El Patron
DI Sword.png

Weapons and Defense Development

this divison head by Bill Plunderbones and Bounty Hunter Bill create the weapons of the industry

  • SAM rockets - SAm rockets r a type of SMART missile system idea from Capt. skull X they can destroy any target u point them to.
  • SCUD artillery - a sort of drone like thing perfect for training combatants idea from Capt. Skull X
  • DEC missile launcher- Destroys Everything Completely- misslies that when inputed a target they will not stop until that target is gone. idea from Michael
  • SKYNET defense system- CLASSIFIED
  • more to come...
  • Supplies Gadgets to the CIA
  • Gen Of Peace Secret Bunker - for use in times of peril - location CLASSIFIED
  • ROBOBs- robotic alligators that work the factory and the construction team.
  • ROBOT Navy and EITC - they r robotic guards that are stationed around City Of Fire.
  • XL Leviathan Gunship-newest weapon vehicle created by Bill Plunderbones.
  • XL Valiant Escort Ship - newest weapon/escort vehilce created by Bill Plunderbones and Simon Redskull
  • The Great Leviathan - Not a Tech weapon but under Property of The industry
  • Divisional Realmlight Shield - A machine that harnesses the realm into a shield. It sucks away hostile matter that is not permitted but won't harm humans or animals. Made to better protect underground cities, the Light Sanctuary and other things. Nothing hostile or explosive, nothing can pierce it.

Weapons Testing

one of the most important parts of the weapons industry the people here test the weapons manufactured to make sure they function correctly, recieve orders correctly before distribution. When you test a weapon you get to use the Virtual Simulation area where you can upload virtual images,settings,people and retailations to make it more realistic.

Shipping and Development

Shipping Routes



Luxury/Private Ships We also build Luxury Private Ships for our more wealthier customers!

EITC Ship Building Done by the EITCSI,

&nbsp newly bought by Daggerpaine Industries.

Junior CEO: Captain Robert.

Notice: Daggerpaine Industries has sold the EITCSI to King George II, and he has reinstated everyone, and sold the company for free to Lord Robert.

Movie Development

The movie Development part of Daggerpaine Industries is run by Law personally. It is the newest section of the Industries, and focuses on fliming, video editing, and Specail Effects.300px|left It is located in Piratewood.


  • Lawrence Daggerpaine-Head of Branch

Current Prodjects:

Pirates of the Caribbean Online: On Stranger Tides-Progress

Jack sparrow pistol flash.jpg





thumb|300px|left|An Interveiw with Blackbeard


thumb|left|300px|On Stranger Tides Title Sequence thumb|300px|left

Book Publishing Daggerpaine Industries also publishes books.

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Daggerpaine Industries also has a sector for Modeling and Animations.


Lawrence, opening the newly built factory.

Current Members


If you wanna join, please say so in the comments and we'll send you a resume.

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  • The Peace Keeper Blade/Duelist Blades (New type of swords)
  • Cloak device (protects light reactor and the factory from prying eyes)
  • XLIGHT SHIELD - barier shield generator on cuba uses light energy to create force fields
  • A Time Travel Machine (In the form of a DeLorean)
  • Factory Time Machine now in storasge and ready fro use if other one breaks or malfunctions.
  • A Arc Reactor (It kept the magma from reaching the core on padres causing a eruption. before it went into meltdown after a large blast)
  • Dimmensionalizer( a dimmensional portal device )
  • A XLIGHT Reactor (Made to be a clean sorce after the Arc Reactor one failed)
  • LIght Converter - a version of the reactor that can turn any substance into XLIGHT energy
  • an unknown invention(possibly the secret weapon system bill is working on)
  • The XL Satellite cannon- brings beams of power from the sky

  • Sword of Triton ( powered by Gem Of Triton)
  • Blessing blades ( newest weapon created by Bounty Hunter Bill )
  • Mood Doll ( newest weapon created by Michael )
  • The Gen. Of Peace Rapid Transport (G.P.R.T.)
  • Padres Sharkwrecker cannon ( cannon on padres volcano made by rose sharkwrecker )
  • multiple new weapons swords guns staves dolls etc.ImagesCA3UYKDO.jpg|Blessing Blade - given to the guild by the LIght itself - created by Bounty Hunter Bill]]
  • Leviathan Blade: supposedly the only thing that can kill the leviathan or seriously hurt it due to it being forged from its darkness.
  • new weapon systems
  • SAM rockets
  • SCUD artillery system

    A unknown blade

  • DEC missile launcher
  • S.S. Peace
  • Davy Jones Doll
  • Music Box Bomb
  • The Light's Blade
  • The XL Leviathan Gunship
  • Divisional Realmlight Shield
  • Eco Soldiers
  • Bluebonnet's Broadsword
  • Gen Of Peace QAR Tracker
  • Balanieron
  • Creature Controller Device - Newest invention used to control newest weapon/monster King Ghidorah-also a Mind voodoo crystal.
  • DI Heli-cannon - a modified version of the prized Satellite cannon but for use in this time and age.

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jays order2

these are the swords the User:Tama63/Daggerpaine_Industries/Divisions/Sword_Making have made

hunters order 1

hunters order 2

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Construction and Order Forms and Blueprints

As a multi dollar corrporation there have been construction projects here are some of the main forms that have been documented. The Official Form and order for the Factory






200px-Potc skull color.png
Lawrence Daggerpaine, GM of the Gen. Of Peace {{{1}}}px

SIGNATURE...... Bill Plunderbones, Head of the Society of Light. Co-GM of the Gen. Of Peace, Emperor of Japan Ceo of DI,






200px-Potc skull color.png
Lawrence Daggerpaine, GM of the Gen. Of Peace {{{1}}}px

SIGNATURE..... Bill Plunderbones, Head of the Society of Light. Co-GM of the Gen. Of Peace, Emperor of Japan Ceo of DI,

To see more forms see.. The XL Satellite cannon,City Of Fire , City Of Water



Blueprints for leviathan gunship

blueprints for QAR tracker


So Far the only alliance we have is with The Holy City where the High Priestess Keira Kinover-Mar has agreed to let us study her Eco power and other things in return we will do something for them.

Also we have an ailliance with Skulls Bootcamp as we supply weapons for them.

We also are allied with Fuego Importing to import and export supplies, and get supplies from them.

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Please Note:
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Daggerpaine Industries is Under Construction by Jerry!

Please do not edit unless it's a spelling or grammar issue.

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Who are we?

We are the mining service for Daggerpaine Industries, overseen by Jeremiah Stormwash who is the Chief Financial Officer for Daggerpaine Industries. We mine for valuables so that the company can have more recoursed. Common finds are gold, silver, and bronze. More rare finds include platinum.

These are the companies Daggerpaine Industries is partners with.

Screenshot 2011-01-16 19-45-091.jpg Daggerpaine Industries is partners with Shadow and Co.!

If you are accepted, use this userbox:

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Working Themes

The theme of DI in Sheet Music Form

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GenLawrence's YouTube Channel is the offical Daggerpaine Industries channel!