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A Dagon'Hai Monk.

The Dagon'Hai order is a group of VERY elite and powerful mages learned in the art of Chaos Magic. Their leader is known as the Elder, and the Second in Command is known as the Hyperaph.

A Dagon'Hai Elite

Who We Are

The Dagon'Hai Order is an ancient organization specializing in Chaos Magics. It is lead by Elder Samuel Redbeard, and its for very elite mages. There are certain titles you earn when joining, and some of those are: Member, Monk, Elite. There is a uniform, as portrayed in the image. The Dagon'Hai specializes in Chaos Magic, a very powerful type of magic revolving around Chaos and Destruction. These mages are very learned in this special art of magic, and are not to be underestimated.

Notable Members

Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard ~ Elder

King John Breasly ~ Hyperaph

James "Usman" Strider ~ Monk

Benjamin Macmorgan ~ Monk

Edgar Wildrat ~ Elite