Due to the increase in fan plays, Lawrence Daggerpaine, Founder and Chairman of Daggerpaine Industries, has decided to make a theater if those people would like to have their fan plays turned into a production. "We shall not film said play, but shall get a large and organized gathering to watch them." Lawrence comments when asked about the theater. It is being built by Daggerpaine Industries at Fort Charles, Cortevos.

Productions and Times

At this time, there are no productions, ask in the comments to have your fan play to be put into production.


Rules of the Theater

  • Free to enter
  • Anyone is welcome
  • Do not make fun of the actors
  • Do not interrupt the actors (IE: Getting on stage, killing random NPCs in the middle of the performance, yelling out)
  • Do not fight with anyone in the audience.

Failure to follow these rules will result in being escorted out of the theater.

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