Dante Corvus is a notorious assassin for hire and leader of the assassin clan, the Infaustus. Dante has one sister, Delilah, who is an apprentice to Tia Dalma.

Early life

Though his date of birth is unknown, some is known about his early days. He was born and raised in Padres Del Fuego in Los Palgas, where the streets were mean and the people even meaner. His father was an outlaw whose fate caught up with him when Dante was just old enough to speak a simple sentence. When his mother was inevitably killed by the Royal Navy for the suspicion of witchcraft, Dante had to learn to fend for himself. He wandered the streets of Palgas, scavenging for food when he could and avoiding the other orphan boys.

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Dante's parents, Ben and Lilith

Dante's only friend was Corvo, a raven that took a particular liking to the young man. No matter what happened, they stayed together and looked out for eachother. One day, however, their friendship truly stood out.

Beaten and bruised by a group of older boys, Dante found himself in a dark alley on the brink of death. Just when he thought his life had come to a quick end, a mysterious figure came into focus. It was a black shadow that faded in and out of existence as time bended along with him. The figure had a pair of wings sprouting from his back, and Dante couldn't tell if he wwas laying eyes on an angel, coming to carry him to heaven, or a demon sent by Satan to drag him into the depth of Hell.

"My dear boy Dante. What a sad hand fate has dealt you... come, I will show you the way."

To be continued. Soon. Maybe.

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