The Dark Rebel Legion is a guild headed by Matt, it is a fairly new guild to the caribbean. It is currently allied with the Co. Republic.

Screenshot 2011-03-08 15-55-24

The Dark Rebel Legion's GM, Matt.

The ranks are; Private,Corporal,Sergeant,Staff Sergeant,Warrent Officer,Warrent officer first class,Captain,Captain First class,Major,Major First class,Commander,Warlord,general. Note From General Matt. Hello thouse who are reading i assure you we will not harm anyone in the Caribbean,unless they are to mess with us...... we are not friendly were a army of mercs,rebels,cast aways,bounty hunters.... our new mission is to serve and protect those......who agree with the powers of the eitc...and those who dont ought to be impriosoned... Motto And Oath For Guild: Serve,Protect,Destory,Demolish. Guild Theme Song: Citizen Solider. Rules- 1) Respect Commanding officer (2) Never Back down (3) Do NOT ask for promotions. (4) Demolish those who destory and harm others (5) STAND YOUR GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Second in command is currently Red Robber lvl 14 i found him on abassa and took him in as my apperentice.
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