Darklets are small creatures created by Darknesse. They stand about three feet high. While these beasts may look like not much they travel in packs and people who dare confront one often end up as bone dust, for Darklets will eat you and your body clean. They have but one master:Darknesse itself.


Darklets stand three feet tall, but they crouch so they look about two feet. There heads are oval shaped and they have one needle sharp tooth coming out of there mouth which is coated with poison. Inside there mouth are 2 rows of razor sharp teeth. Darklets are extremely agile creatures and packs can be found moving through trees like monkeys. Sometimes, The Dark will send these people as hunters, for a Darklet has the ability to pinpoint on any location. However, Darklets can only be controlled by Edgar Wildrat, Slappy, and Bobby Moon.

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