Early life

Darksilver was a an assassin, he lived in England. Darksilver was working for The Spaniard which was called Capitan Juan Diego Fierre. Juan blackmailed him that if he shall not join him, he will be killed as soon as spotted. In those days Darksilver was known as Johnny Black, the entire city of London feared his name.

Darksilver's Job was to kill those that do not deserve life. He had not found many friends in his life, but there always was someone for him. His best friend was Jack the Scoundrel. A hated thief in London. Together they were in the Assassin Brotherhood. They tried to escape many times, but the officers always found them. Johnny always wondered were was his family...

Life in the Caribbean

When Darksilver arrived to the Caribbean, he was very weak and sick. He was dieing. But his friend Jack the Scoundrel was a studying the arts of Voodoo for years now, he healed Darksilver and made him powerful and strong. Soon Darksilver met a familiar man, it was Juan Diego Fierre, he invited Darksilver and Jack to his army. Darksilver become the captain of The Dark Raider.

Darksilver became a Pirate Lord in those years, he was a very famous pirate captain. He later was wanted by the EITC and Spanish Bounty Hunter, so he was forced to join the Co. or Spain. Darksilver decided to join Spain.

Dark was a a privateer for Spain for 6 years, then the king found out that he is out there fighting the French and Co.

Carlos, the king of Spain invited him to a meeting. This was the Spanish Royale Armada meeting, where all the high ranking officers came. Darksilver was quickly promoted and become the Grand Field Marshal of the armada.

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